Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today on Tuesday

It is another beach day here on the ole farm. I am keeping
my fingers crossed that it will burn off in the afternoon and
be a nice sunny day. I wonder why gloomy mornings make
me feel well gloomy. I ran across words that Charles Dickens
made up and did you know gloomy is one of them. He made up
lots of words. I need to go back and find the list.

There is a blog I like to read sometimes. It is called Crap I have made.
When I am going to do a post that is what I always want to call my post.
So that is what today is, about a wall hanging I made.

Sorry it isn't a better picture but it is cloudy outside.
I bought a whole box of horse shoe nails. They are the best
things ever so I keep wanting to make things with horse shoe
nails in it. They feel so nice to my hands when I hold them and the
weight just feels good and they are shiny. I think the box has something like 500 in it so I will
have horse shoe nails the rest of my life.

Here is a close up of the chicken. She turned out okay.
I wish I hadn't put the polka dots so close to her eye.
I get carried away sometimes.

Here is a close up of my star. I really like the shape of that
star. I was going to hang something else from the nail on the
chicken but I liked the star.
You know sometimes I wish I could have a house that looks
like something in a magazine. I think though what I have come
to decide is this is it, I like old wood, and quilts and I like handmade
things. I have tried and tried to change me but I always come back
to it. I just like old looking things.

I like things that if my kids and grand kids touch them or say play football
in the house they won't get broke. When people come over I want them to
want to come back.
Well it will another day of weed chopping. I set an impossible goal for myself.
I would like to be finished by April first. I know if I could work 8 hours
a day I might get finished. I worked 3 hours yesterday and after I got dinner cooked
and cleaned up last night, I wanted to cry every time I had to do something else.
I hobbled around like I was 100 years old. I feel better today so I can do it again.

So have a wonderful day, today.

~Kim-hula-hoe hands. ( You know like Edward Scissors hands)


Kessie said...

I wish I could come over and help you hula-hoe, but I just can't do much these days. It sounds like a nice way to relieve tension.

Also, I like your tough old stuff. So much old stuff is delicate, but you like the tough, durable stuff, and I'm so glad. I don't have to have heart attacks whenever the kids touch something.

TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! i hope your hands don't have blisters on them by now! stay close to the aspirin bottle too!

i always love your woodcrafts. they are works of art. :)

myletterstoemily said...

your garden is a work of art! it brought me such relief
to see the straight lines and bounty growing. sorry you
are so sore from it. but look at the fruit of your labor! said...

I LOVE your garden!! I studied it. I can tell you one thing for sure... I WANT to come to your house, and maybe even play football in the den with your kids!! :)

xo said...

p.s... the polka dot by the chicken's eye made me laugh, no... what made me laugh was that you wish you hadn't put it so close to her eye! :)

Patrice said...

I'll come help you with chores and you can come help me. If only... Wouldn't it be fun to work with friends. The conversations would make the work seem easier- well, at least, more fun!

Meg said...

You can not chop weeds for 8 hours a day. Don't be crazy! :)

I like your new top picture.

Miss Debbie said...

I love your chicken. Like you, I like old things. I also tend to get things I like and keep them forever! The end table sand lamps we just replaced were 34 years old! Like your sign off, too...hula-hoe hands...funny!

Dog Trot Farm said...

I hope you are enjoying the the new header photo, your garden is amazing and from my point of view I DO NOT see any weeds! I also can not believe all the flowers you have in bloom, all so very pretty. How cute your hen and star came out. I have my little hen hanging on a peg in my kitchen, prompting me to think of the kind person who made her. Sending blessings, Julie

Debbie said...

I too love hand made things...and wooden things...and chickens! haha I did laugh about your noticing the dot near the eye...I didn't till you pointed it out. The work sounds hard, but I am sure it is satisfying...don't over do! HUGS

Sue said...

Kim you have just described a HOME, and I want a home rather than a house. I too want people especially family to want to come back. I know you have a beautiful home it is You filled with love.
This is what I feel when I visit my mother's home, I told her that recently and she just beamed from ear to ear.
I wish I lived near by I would help you with your hoeing, please don't work to hard. I can so relate to this kind of tired, and when it is behind I always feel so good. always love your photos.

no spring chicken said...

I so agree with you. Except that I really don't want the magazine house...ever. I used to, but it was one of the things that the Lord fully delivered me from along with; feminism, liberalism, materialism... you get the picture, I was riddled with isms! I love the chicken wall hanging that you made. In fact I have the perfect place for it. :) I like to think of my house as country primitive because how can you mess up country primitive? If you scratch it you just add 'character'. If you have to make do, it's 'farmhouse'. See!
Blessings, Debbie

Julia said...

Poor Kim, Chopping weeds... What kids of weeds are you chopping and why chop them? I pul weeds so they don't grow back if I can get to them before they go to seeds. I wish that you would show us some photos of your hard work in the garden. The before and after photos.

Did your ride- on lawn mower got fixed yet. Could you chop the weeds with the lawn mower or even with a small push lawn mower?

Grandmothers shouldn't be chopping weeds all day you poor thing.

I had tons of chickweeds that grew beside the hedge and the vegetable garden and I solved the problem by covering the area with cardboard boxes that I flatten and wet down to prevent the weeds from growing.I even used bricks and rocks to hold it down. I made sure that the soil was wet before adding the cardboard down and that all the slits were covered with more cardboard so the weeds couldn't grow in the slits.

I hope that you have somebody to help you. Hugs, JB

Uncovered Ruby said...

You're so funny. I love your little chickadee and the star hanging off of it! Hoping you get some sunny weather there too!! Lisa ;-)

Katie said...

I'm a follower and absolutely love your woodcrafts. Very rustic. Fun.
Look forward to connecting.