June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have another confession to make. I love weather.
I love reading about it and looking at forecasts.
We are having huge storm coming.

I know it will be one of the last so I will enjoy it.
The ground will be soft again so it will be easier to keep
chopping weeds.
I thought I would show you a pile of wet weeds that I didn't
get picked up and maybe won't until after the storm. It might
not be until next weekend.

You can't really tell how high it is but it is up to my knees.

That is how what I need to chop looks. The weeds
in some places are up to the second rail of the fence.
I tell myself I will never let it get away from me again,
and it does so then I spend spring chopping weeds.
One of the things I love when I am working out in the garden
in the summer is looking all around and seeing no weeds.

I took a picture of the little almonds that might be
blown off after the storm. We never get a very big
almond crop because they just get about this size and the
wind comes and then the ground will be littered with tiny
little green almonds.

These might be gone too, but I still like weather and
I still like storms. Like any storm I have found. The fruit
that remains will be tastier and larger and the tree will
be stronger for the wind, and the rain. It causes the roots
to go deeper.

I like weather and I like storms and I know the reason that I
do is my eyes are never on the storm but on the One who
controls the storm.
Have a lovely Saturday!



  1. I am not one much for storms, but I do admire your perspective. And, my gosh, those weeds! That'd be enough to put me off gardening, for sure. Love the photos!

  2. What a lovely illustration of how our life storms can strengthen our roots if we are trusting in - as you say - the God who controls each and every storm x

  3. It was so nice and stormy last night. And now the sun's coming out! I bet the rain does make it easier for weed-chopping. :)

  4. A storm is also headed our way in northern CA. T-Ball games have been cancelled, but one last stormy weekend to hang indoors with the kids will be perfect:) Enjoy yours!

  5. Once again, you're so descriptive with your love of soil, greens, fruits. Do you roast the almonds? Dry them? I've never seen an almond tree before!!!

  6. That almond tree is really neat. I love almonds.

  7. Beautiful almonds, wow, I have never seen an almond tree. I think people who depend on the fruit of their land watch the weather more than I do. We do watch for tornadoes and hail.
    Beautiful weather here 76 degrees, windows open and cleaning...working off those calories. Now to go whistle while I work...school starts back on Monday.

  8. i love weather, too. one of my favorite things to watch
    are boiling clouds working up a temper and LOUD,
    rumbling thunder.

    i hope your storms are too bad, just big enough to
    satisfy your longing.

  9. I hope your storm is not too bad. I've never seen an almond tree. Very cool. I hope the storm leaves your trees alone so we can see more pictures. That is a lot of weeds. You need a big power weed-wacker.
    Stay dry.

  10. I hope this storm doesn't damage the almonds and fruit blossoms too much, but it wouldn't be the first time. We're not having any wind at all right now, about 1:30 in the afternoon. How about you? I'm sure it'll pick up now that I've said something. :-p

    It's a good day to stay inside and bake pound cake! And have it rip into pieces as it comes out of the bundt cake pan. Ah well, live and learn.

  11. Kim, I LOVE storms too! But only when I'm home and I can feel all cozy and snug inside. Driving in the rain isn't fun, and I'm terrified to be outside when it's lightening. Windy, blustery weather is my favorite.

  12. Wonderful post...and such a good analogy for life.

  13. I love the way you word this post. The one who controls the storm I really like that. Take care B

  14. I like storms too...hope yours isn't too bad!! Amazing your wonderful garden growth already...can't wait for ours!! We are supposed to have more snow at the end of the week...yuck!

  15. Kim, I admire you positive attitude about storms. I think that storms were created for a special reason and not just to annoy us but to spread vegetation from one area to the next. A sort of survival mode for the plant species. Just my thoughts. Happy Spring Day.. JB


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