Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Projects This Week

I have griped and complained all this week about the time change.
I just don't like getting up at o'dark thirty.
Then today I was happy as I was outside messing around at 7:00 pm and
I remembered that is how I get my flowerbeds cleaned and all of the stuff
I never seem to get done in the winter.

While my husband was working on the lawn mower this weekend. I puttered
around. I just like hanging around him when he is working. I try not to give him too many
helpful hints but I do like to sit on the lawnmower seat and make him laugh when
he is trying to get a very tight bolt loose. I help him if he needs a extra pair
of hands but then I get side tracked. He has a old horse trough that he has
filled with mulch that he bought for his trees, we buy it by the truck load and
this was all that was left from the fall. I stood looking at it and decided
I would try my hand at a worm bed again. So I filled it up with mulch
and got it moist and went in and got my old coffee grinds and dug around
in the trash, trying to remember what worms like to eat.

Today I went to Wal Mart and bought 8 boxes of red-worms.
I am hoping they do real good then next time I want to go fishing
I can take my own worms who have been eating coffee grinds,
so they will be real lively, and then the fish will really bite.
That is the plan anyway.

While we were also at Wal Mart, I made the mistake
of going into the garden department. Their seeds are only
1.00 a packet well, corn is a dollar and fifty cents.
I kinda went crazy. I spent Saturday as I was taking a break
from helping my husband fix the lawnmower, I went through
all of the seeds I had and all I had saved. Which wasn't very much
because of those creepy stink bugs that killed my garden last year.

I am not going to be organic this year. Now I said it. I have my
pest control lady all set to put out bug poison this year. This year
it is war. So no more Mrs. Nice. She said she has
some stuff that she can put out and it won't bother anything else
except those stink bugs.

I am kind of excited to be holding a hula hoe and a rake and getting
my flowerbeds whipped into shape this week.
I hope your week is filled with sunshine and spring weather.



Dawn said...

Boy you keep busy!!!!:)
And yep...I hope spring comes my way this week too;)

TexWisGirl said...

You're so cute. Getting your worms all hopped up on caffeine so they're good and wiggly for fishing. :) Look out stink bugs!

Meg said...

Ugh. You're not helping my spring fever! I'm trying to be very patient waiting for my garden. :)

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I have the same problem with bugs in the garden! I think mine are earwigs though. Little buggers come out at night and I need to try something different this year but not sure what yet.

Verde Farm said...

I love the idea of a worm farm--you know your hens would love that too I bet. I may have to try it. I had no idea you could buy worms at Wal-Mart.
I can’t wait to buy my seeds--I need to get busy :)
Have a great week,
Hugs, Amy

Uncovered Ruby said...

You're giving me garden fever!
Lisa ;-)

Vintage Gal said...

Oh I long to get dirty in the garden. I can hardly wait ~ Happy Monday ;-)

Jacque. said...

Well, I gotta say that I am not into dirt and gardening and worms and such, but it sure is fun to read your excitement regarding those things.

Kim said...

You can buy worms at Walmart?? Seriously?

Debbie said...

This all sounds soo wonderful ENJOY every minute! HUGS

Kessie said...

"I got worms today!"
"... earthworms?"

Man, looks like your garden will be set this year. I'm sure looking forward to it, although this year I probably won't do much more than sit out in a chair and admire the growing things.

Patrice said...

"No more Mrs. Nice." LOL

Julia said...

I hope that you can give those darn stink bugs something to stink about.
It's always a battle with the bugs, and when it's not with the bugs it's with the bulge... lol

I'll have to check with WalMart here if they sell worms. I'd love to try raising worm to make some rich compost for my house plants. I could compost year round in my basement. I think that it's so neat of you to use worms to speed up your compost. Those little guys will chew up paper and cardboard too.

Have fun gardening and I hope that your husband is making head ways with fixing the lawnmower. JB

Sue said...

Loved this post Kim, as I can relate to being my dh's garden buddy!
Good luck with your worm bed, this reminded me of when my brother and brother-in-law were going to go into the worm business, and they had it going well, then one night the worms all left the bed. lol.Needless to say that was a short lived business.
I am so looking forward to spending more hours in my garden, just got my fingers crossed until the middle of April, when the threat of frost is gone.
Enjoy your gardening, I think of you often when I am outside.

Leontien said...

Well if you need some poo.... i got some if you want it!

Looks good by the way!

Leontien said...

I started laughing at the beginning...I have this whole book for the kids on raising worms! I have wanted to do it and never I might just try this year.
Love your seeds...and I am at war this year with my small garden..those grasshoppers ate tooooooooooooo much last year.
Go Girl....Happy Spring....still laughing about us having the same doll!