Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Thinking

I had to put a nice blue sky, puffy cloud picture.
The picture I am going to show you was just too weird
for a beginning picture.

Today when we went my( husband and I) to drop my son
off at work. He suggested that we drive down and see if that sign
really did say Cannibals or I have since learned since it is
legal in California to buy medicinal Marijuana maybe the sign
read, "Cannabis." So with him I felt safe. I think though
going down the street in this part of town is just like leaving
town and going to a different universe. Maybe a different dimension.

My husband even remarked on the amount of tattoos that people had
and the lack of teeth. Remember the antique store and the weird man?
Gone. Closed up. You can imagine how weird that made me feel.

They are doing road work on this road and there were pylon's in the middle
of the street so you couldn't drive down this road. I told my husband I would
move the pylon so we could go down it. I mean the area was filled with parked
cars. I did feel like a extreme law breaker just so you know.

We drove down and there was the sign. All I had was my phone so I took a picture.

I wanted to go inside and ask what kind of place it was, but
that part about "new members welcome"
might mean, A. Would I be the eat-ee? or B. The eater.
Not being a fan of Zombies or Vampires or anything else that
has to do with scary stuff, I got back in the car.

I think it also has the pharmacy thing on the sign so what could it sell?
I might go back on another day just because now I want to know, or
there is a phone number maybe I will just call.

I saw some other weird sights so I have to take more pictures. There
is I think a reason why Hollywood always makes fun of where I live.

Have a great rest of the weekend,


Kim said...

OMG, you are so cute! And what a rebel law breaker - moving the pylon. I actually snorted out loud reading this. The creepy guy vanishing is a little disturbing. Maybe he went into the cannibal store??

Jacque. said...

ohmygosh, Kim! That is weird! I think you should just call and not visit in person. Please.

Dawn said...

hahaha....oh boy! Too funny. It really is...if you don't think too hard about everything;)
Love your photo...the FIRST one...the 2nd is creepy:))

Julia said...

Kim, I just check Cannibals RX and found a Youtube video by that name. Go check it out. I'm not sure that you are ready to be a new member of the fan club thought.

You are so brave, but be careful girl... JB

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Well that has peaked my interest! I must know what inside at 'Cannibals'

Julia said...

I mean though JB

Donna said...

So funny....thanks for my giggle for the day!!

TexWisGirl said...

You're too funny! Just can't let sleeping cannibals lie... Have to go stir the pot (o' boiling stew)... :)

Leontien said...

hmmm wonder what kind of "group"/organization that is....

The sign doesn't seem tooo friendly...


Kessie said...

Gee, do you think the cannibals got the antique store guy? Or maybe HE was a cannibal! Good thing you got out of there that day! :-) :-)

I'm glad you guys went back there. I had to read that sign two or three times before I was sure it actually said Cannibals. I think the apostrophe threw me off. "Cannibal's" is like "a cannibal's house, this way". And you'd go in and it'd be a bunch of headhunters around a big bubbling pot. :-D

Meg said...

LOL! Oh my gosh I can't believe it actually says Cannibals.

The green plus sign means it's a pot joint. All the green pluses you see around that part of town are all "legal" medicinal marijuana stores.

Patrice said...

Strange adventure!I tried to Google it, but I got more than I wanted to know and nothing about your sign. I'd let sleeping pylons lie so you don't disappear like the old man!:( Thank you for going down there with your hubby. You'd have scared the tar out of me if you'd gone alone!

Gail said...

Cannibal's cannibis! Maybe it's a pot bar.

Debbie said...

Oh My....the sign IS downright bizzare...what is that?? And the shop and the weird guy vanishing...also really weird...haha...Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. HUGS

Verde Farm said...

Ok My friend Kim--no more going near a place called Cannibal’s. I have visions of vampires and monsters coming out of caskets and saying “we got us one.” I envision an old 50’s horror flick kind of thing with weird music.
I have to check this out on google.
I am proud of you for living on the wild side--I bet it was exciting :) LOL You rule breaker you!!!
Hugs, Amy

Sue said...

All I have to say is You are one adventuresome lady, and I am so glad that your dh was with you. However my curiosity is up, so if you find out please let me know.