Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

Today is Wednesday Words for Weight Loss.
I admit to being depressed that the scale hasn't moved more.
I have never found the balance
of working around here like I do and eating like a farm hand.
Or looking good and not having the energy to do the simplest of
When I am dieting, I feel good for awhile but then when I get to a point
in how much I weigh, my body goes into this mode of I am hungry
all of the time, and cold, and to just do my normal housework,
means I have to sit down and rest as my heart beats out of my chest.

Then if I just start eating and not thinking about it all of the time,
my energy returns and I am happy and I can get everything done
that needs to get done. So in a way I feel like I have to come to terms
sometime with being skinny/or feeling good. I don't think unless I move
to a smaller house with a full time housekeeper and cook and washerwoman,
and gardener and groundskeeper and a chauffeur I think I just need to learn
to be content. :)
So without further ado lets get to Patrice's lovely questions. Patrice has a very
nice blog that I love to visit and see her beautiful photography and her animals.
Go by for a visit. She is at Everyday Rurality

1. Do you ever buy clothes in the size you hope to wear after weight loss?
No, I don't buy clothes very often, and if I do it is something for what
I am going to, like a wedding. The last thing I bought was a dress, because
my daughter told me all my clothes looked like I had escaped from a nunnery.

2. Is there a color of clothing that makes you feel good when you wear it? No, not really. What is it? I like my clothes that I have pretty much, I don't buy anything
I like until I have worn out my other clothes or I have ruined them. I am very hard on clothes. I just buy shirts that are comfortable.
3. Do you keep up your fluid intake? Yes, I have too. I have a enlarged liver and my kidneys are wonky as well as my pancreas.I was poisoned by an exterminator when I was young and ever since then I have to keep myself hydrated or I get very, very sick.
4. Have you tried Stevia? Would you like to? Stevia is natural and I suppose if I used any kind of sweetners I might try it but due to my health problems I have found it just better to say away from all kinds of sweetners. If I use a sweenter it is honey, but that is all I use. (If you answered yes to wanting to try it, I will give you 1 entry into my NuNaturals giveaway that ends Friday. To get more entries click here.)
5. Can you do something this week that will make you make you smile, relax, or feel pampered? Well, lets see, nope this week isn't one of those kinds of weeks.
This week is more like a horse out of the starting gates. My chicken just died so I need to go take care of that and there are birthday parties to go to this week.
So I am doing my best Scarlett routine, " I will just think about it tomorrow."

Thanks to Patrice for hosting this linky party.

Have a great Wednesday!


TexWisGirl said...

Oh, I'm sorry you lost your dear little "talking" chicken!!! Hugs to you!

I'm also sorry to hear about the internal organ issues you have! Jeepers, chemicals can certainly harm us more than help sometimes!

Escaped from a nunnery... LOL!

Julia said...

Kim, I'm sorry about the lost of your chicken. I was wondering how old it was. I looked up on the web and depending on the breed they can live from 8 to 13 years it says depending on the breed and conditions.

I hope that she the only one, I would be so fearful that the others got sick too. I pray that they all will be OK.

I hope that your health issues will get better. The body has the capacity to heal itself when the offending chemicals are eliminated. There should be something available to detoxify the liver. I hope that you soon feel better. Just do what absolutely has to be done. Take care of yourself and for heaven sake, don't climb trees even if you have crates to climb on.

I hope that you don't give up just yet on loosing weight. Even if you loose a quarter pounds a week, it will soon add up. Use a smaller plate and don't go back for second.

One good trick hat had worked for me to loose weight painlessly has been to cut out starchy food like potatoes, bread, pasta and anything with flour, like cookies after the noon meal. If I'm going to eat it, it has to be either in the morning or at lunch time.

For the last meal you can have something satisfying like a steak and a nice salad or vegetables and a nice fruit instead of a sweet desert.

Anything eaten later in the day has a tendency to stay on as fat because our body metabolism slows down and for some reason, for us poor women creatures, we have a harder time loosing weight than men.
I hope that you have a good day. HUGS... JB

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I'm sorry you lost the little chick....
I'm siding for stay strong and healthy, eat real food and moderate everything....eating, exercise, drinking, etc.
Have a great day:)

Kessie said...

Aww, too bad about the chicken. It's always the nice ones who die off, ever notice that?

As for the eating thing, I remember both stages, of you having no energy verses you being able to do things, and I totally prefer the being able to do things. Plus when you're on those dang diets, your cooking really falls off. :-p

Patrice said...

I'm in the same boat you are. I work outside this time of year and eat like a farm hand! If I cut back, I don't have the energy to work for most of the day.

I'm sorry you were poisoned. I am SO sensitive to chemicals. I try to use only natural things.

I don't have anything to brag about with weight.I've been working up a huge hunger lately. I really need to get some of this off my middle. My activity has increased, but my appetite is doing the same thing. This would be miserable if I was in this by myself.

Sorry about the chicken. We had a possum in the house with my daughter's pet chickens last night. It's a good thing she heard all the commotion. Farmer got the possum before he hurt and chickens. They were scared for quite a while afterwards!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh Kim, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Winslow Homer and I are sending you hugs. As far as weight loss is concerned, I vote to stay off the scales. Eat healthy, get in enough exercise, (as a farm girl I know you get enough exercise) and eat well. In the evening when I crave something sweet, I opt for a cup of berries, seems to do the trick. My downfall, I love to BAKE! and I am a very good taste tester! Hugs from Maine.

Meg said...

Maybe you're just not supposed to be skinny. I mean, you always say fluffy grandmas are better than skinny ones! :)

Debbie said...

I am sorry to hear about your chicken...As far as the dieting goes, I can soo relate. But I think for you it is all a matter of "how much" you think you need to lose. If you are only talking about 15 pounds or so that takes you from a category of looking average and OK (or even just "kind of" plump) and feeling wonderful, verses REALLY thin and looking super but feeling lousy and weak, then it is a no brainer. Who needs skinny but weak?? For me, I have A LOT of weight to lose. We are talking about some real health issues as a result so I really have no choice in the matter. I have lost a total of 15 pounds so far, but unfornately it remains a mere drop in the bucket. I guess it is better than no drop or better than the faucet is still on and running freely, haha, but that is about it. The whole issue is just hard. If I were you and it's really not much, I just eat healthy food, and enough of it that I had the energy I needed and forget about what you weigh. Your other health issues don't sound much fun either. Your daughter's remark sounds like my daughter, haha. Hope you are having a good day. HUGS

Michaele said...

Have you tried cutting carbs? After the first couple of days, when your body stops screaming for them, things even out and there is no more craving and eating rollercoaster. It has to be a life long change though. The great thing is that you never have to be hungry.
Sorry about your chicken : (

Janice Grinyer said...

Oh my, you lost a "friend" :( Even though they are our animals, they still steal a piece of our heart each time...

And I wish I lived in your neighborhood because I would take you for a girls day out and we would shop for non-baptist, non-nunnery clothes that have some color, and then we would embrace our beyonce behinds by going out to eat at a chic eating place and order some fabulous dish thats healthy for us and then we would talk about what we DO, not on what we cant do.

then we would hug and make plans to go out again next month ;)