Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today On Saturday

It is hard to write about my life, when I see the pictures of
total devastation that I keep seeing. It makes me look at my own
life differently. It makes me see that living in California,
it could just as easily have been us, yesterday.
I think why it gives me a weird feeling in my head, and the last
few weeks we have been looking at Catastrophes and ancient
Civilizations. Of looking at ancient documents that describe things
so bad we can't picture it into our minds then yesterday happens.
Then we understand that life can change in a instant. Now as in times
past and we are not so very different from ancient man.

I haven't sewed much this week. I only have one tiny project to show
you and it isn't even close to being finished. I am so behind in my quilt
blocks. I really did mean to get caught up but then this has been a
crazy week.

I need to sit and just work on it but today I think I will
be outside fooling around in the garden. I have pictures
of layout of how I want my garden to look and it is hard
for me to stay in the house.

Here is a bit of red work I need to finish up for
this block.

Here is it with Sasha helping me to keep it straight.
She isn't a big fan of sewing. When I get my sewing machine
she plops down and lets out the heaviest sigh.
Since she spends so much of her time laying across my feet,
she would really be outside. She is a garden dog and not
a house dog.

I hope you have a lovely Saturday. Our riding lawnmower broke
down last week. So our yard looks about like the the yard of an
abandoned house.
I kid you not, when the UPS guy delivered the part, he said,
"Now you can mow your lawn."

It will be nice to get things back to normal. Is there normal?

Have a great weekend,


Dawn said...

Haha.."Now you can mow your lawn":)))))

Normal? What IS that?:)

Have a wonderful day Kim!

TexWisGirl said...

Wow! That's some UPS guy! Did you offer to let him do it!? :)

I agree with Sasha. I vote for dirt over sewing needles any day! said...

Too funny about the yard...been there also. I love the red work, I want to do some, I might carry it in the car for baseball practice and games.
Have a wonderful weekend, as we all count our blessings.

Meg said...

Couldn't convince the boys to use a push mower? :)

Julia said...

Kim, I know what you mean with all the terrible groaning that Mother Earth is doing and the devastation that is left behind lately, it makes us look at our own lives and think that we are very powerless indeed. But the power that be in some nations don't get that message.

I think that there is so much unrest in the world and it all about power over other people... They too leave a path of destruction and it is so unnecessary. The only one with real power is our Creator.

Your quilt is lovely but it can wait. I'm looking forward to digging my fingers in the soil some day soon, I hope.

Have a lovely weekend and spread your joy around. It is much needed... JB

Kessie said...

I know, I keep hearing news from Japan and it's just terribly awful. They already have a no-replacement birthrate, and now so many more are dead. One thing I worry about is the earthquake California will have now that the plates are jumping around. I'm very tempted to start stockpiling canned goods and bottles of water.

Anyway, I'm glad you're getting to work out in the garden! It's a gorgeous day. I wish I had some dirt to play in ... but then, I'd have to bend over to reach it. Naaaaaaw. :-)

myletterstoemily said...

i love the colors you have chosen for your quilt and look
forward to its completion, but how can blame you for
wanting to be outside?

especially after the tragedy. it has made our world
seem so fragile.

have a lovely weekend, sweet friend.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

You either have a very bold UPS man or you've been on his route a very long time and he considers you a friend:) Too funny. Have a great Saturday.

Kim said...

I think "normal" is a relative term. I watched the news yesterday hoping that California would not be affected. It is hard to imagine all that devastation in Japan.

Sue said...

I too am concerned about things that are happening around the world! Much to pray about!
Your Ups man's statement just cracked me up I wonder what his lawn looks like? lol.
I have had a crazy sorta week too Kim.
Enjoy your weekend.

Patrice said...

The news reports are so scary. I can't believe what is happening in Japan. All we can do is pray.