Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

Today is Wednesday Words for Weightloss. I am glad
that Patrice does this week to week, but I will admit,
to not doing much of the weight loss thing. I am scared
to death of the scale but oh so much happier.
I like having energy to work. To not be depressed, and
not sit and dream of eating whole cakes and pies with a fork.
Since I haven't been obsessing about stuff, I find I am not interested in
the goodies and no I wasn't interested in my peach cobbler I made
yesterday. I was content with yogurt.

So onto today's questions.
1. What's your favorite thing to do outside when spring arrives?
Go outside and breathe. I love walking through garden departments
I love standing and staring at seed things. I love being outside chopping
weeds or pulling weeds. I love putting music on my Ipod and just
singing and dancing outside. Where no one can see me of course.

2. What flower are you most looking forward to seeing this spring?
I love bulbs when they come up. My irises are getting ready to bloom.
I love Wisteria. I don't think I have any favorite really, I go crazy over any

3. Is there someone who encourages you to be healthy?
All of my family does. They are all a big source of encouragement.

4. Where would you go on vacation if money was no abject? Okay, this has nothing to do with weight, but it's a fun question!
If money was no object, I would have a motor home and I would go to Arizona and spend the spring there. I might even go to Utah and go through the state parks there. I love Arizona in the spring. I feel so good there and the air is fantastic. I love going to the Grand Canyon and I would love to take the train from Williams Arizona and then take donkey's down to the bottom of the canyon and then I would like to take a Helicopter ride and see the Canyon from the air.
Then I would go to the Petrified forest and Canyon De Chelle and do all of the things that they have to do.

5. Is there something nice you can do for someone else this week?
There is always so much to do for someone else. Right now, I am trying to
get weeds chopped so my husband doesn't have to on weekends and he can
do other things. I could always do more than I do. I
have been praying for people that I know who are in hard trials not to mention
for the people in Japan.

Thank you so much for doing another week Patrice!
So stop by and see Patrice and her lovely blog.
She is at Everyday Rurality


myletterstoemily said...

hey sweetie!

i' m glad you're feeling so much better! it's just
easier to live life with fewer pounds. your idea
of an RV vacation sounds like such fun, because
i hate to fly.

blessings and enjoy your beautiful spring!


TexWisGirl said...

You pay back the flowers you love so much with such wonderful photos of them you post here. I always am in awe of your blooms...

Kessie said...

I'm glad you're not off sugar anymore, because you need the energy. I'm reading all these blogs where people have given up sugar and stuff for Lent, and all the sneaky ways they have of getting around it. I don't think it's worth it, if it's just going to make you fantasize about the stuff you can't have, and generally make you miserable. It'd be different if it was something you physically couldn't eat, like being gluten-intolerant or something.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Hey! I linked to Patrice's blog today too!

I need my sugar burst every day around 4pm. Every. single. day. It would, of course be good were that the *only* sugar burst I consume in a day! Not so though....

Love your vacation (or holiday, as we'd call it here in the UK!) idea. Mine isn't too dissimilar x

Julia said...

Hey Kim, you are doing so well. Keep your energy up and be happy . It's so much better than living a life of misery feeling deprived of yummy food and feeling guilty when one cheat and also being depleted of energy.

That vacation sounds great. So much to see. I like the RV idea. It's nice to dream... Have a great Wednesday. JB

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

What a gorgeous photo! I love taking photos of flowers in bloom in the spring:)
And great for you to not crave sugar! That is a huge feat!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love the Flowers, that would be my fav. the blooms on the trees-and grass , as ours has died due to , too much rain..

Enjoy the sugar.. life it too short.

Patrice said...

The RV vacation sounds like fun! I think irises are so beautiful. There are quite a lot of us that like gardening (digging in the dirt).
Have a good rest of the week!