Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuesday Twaddle with Kim

twad·dle Noun /ˈtwädl/ listen
o verb: prate, chatter, waffle, babble, jabber, piffle
o noun: piffle, gab, nonsense, poppycock
Trivial or foolish speech or writing; nonsense

he dismissed the novel as self-indulgent twaddle
twad·dle Verb /ˈtwädl/ listen

twaddled past participle; twaddles 3rd person singular present; twaddling present participle; twaddled past tense

Talk or write in a trivial or foolish way
what is that old fellow twaddling about?

Today I was walking outside in the wind and I thought, all I think about
is twaddle. I then thought I should look it up and make sure I know what it is.
It had such a good meaning that I just had to post it first.

One of the things I want to talk about is blogger. Have any of you had problems
leaving a comments? I have had a terrible time and I want you to know I visit and I
write a comment and then I get a notice from blogger that my cookies have been disabled.
I just thought you should know. Then I forget what I wrote in my window of time
for fooling around on the computer and I have to go. I just didn't want you to
think I was being a creep about comments.

Chicken Problems
These two hens are two of my best layers. Not to mention
just sweetie pies. They talk to me all of the time and visit and I
would be sad if something happens to one of them. She
is the one with her head down pecking the ground. But she isn't
eating. She just wants you to think she is eating. It is sort of like
watching a Anorexic Teenager. She pecks around but like she is
busy tasting everything I give her but she isn't.
She did this last year, I isolated her and gave her antibiotics. She never
really got okay, she is doing the same thing now, she gets really pale in her
face and she sits on the ground like she is in pain. I keep wondering if she
is egg bound but it doesn't look like it. I am afraid I might loose her.
I let her outside in the yard in hopes that exercise will help.

I just though I would show you a picture of a place I would
like to go visit. I would like to wade in that water and go through
that cleft in the rock to see what is on the other side. I am just
keeping up with the twaddle title of this post.

I have a secret. Some one I know in my family went to work in a
pizza place. For 30 years I have tried to make good pizza dough.
He told me a secret. I always make my crust myself.
But he told me to roll it out and put it on the pizza pan and then
refrigerated it for 1 hour and 35 minutes. I happen to like thin crust.
(Just do it your regular way if you like thick crust.)

Then take it out and put on all of your toppings the regular way. He taught
me to make what is my favorite pizza now.
Use Garlic Alfredo sauce,
Use fresh leaves of spinach to cover the Alfredo sauce,
Then put Parmesan cheese
Since I BBQ chicken for this from the night before use that
then take artichoke hearts, I rinse mine first, and sprinkle with bacon bits and then
a bit more Parmesan cheese.
Then bake at 500 for 15 minutes. Again the time depends on the pan
watch it very close, because I have some pans that will burn after 9 minutes.

He kept telling me how this is such a good seller and I kept asking about it
and then one night I had him cook dinner for us and I watched like a hawk. He
still makes better pizza than me so I didn't watch close enough.
But the crust is perfect.

I just thought I would share a bit. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.


Miss Debbie said...

My girl and I go to Marco's Pizza occasionally. They have a "whitey cheesey" pizza It is alfredo sauce,mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes, onions (we order it w/o the onions), and bacon. It is wonderful. I have been debating about whether to try and make it or not. Wanted you to know that I made the Baked Ziti...we had it for dinner tonight and it was delish!! So, you hit another home run with my family! I hope your hen gets well....I can tell how much you love her.

TexWisGirl said...

Blogger has been very fickle lately. Getting errors on "This service not available" and the like when trying to leave comments, access blogs, etc. It goes thru these fits every so often it seems (based on other bloggers' venting).

The pizza sounds yummy!

I sure hope your little hen is okay... I know you are worried...

Leontien said...

so far i had no problems with blogger, but then again i'm very new and i don't know what is standart and what is odd...

I like your twaddeling though!

Leontien said...

I haven't had problems with leaving comments...I am so sorry, I am so non-tech that I can even help. I did have one person write they can't get to my I have no clue what is going on, and this was my first post in days!

Oh loved the chickens...Benjamin and I studied on chickens today and he colored one so I brought him in to see your chickens...he also loved the river going through the huge rocks!
Have a great I should get off and finish my pillow like yours!

Kim said...

Twaddling?? You?? NEVER. That pizza sounds really good. I love artichoke hearts and alfredo sauce. I hope your chicken feels better. Maybe she has Spring Fever?

Donna said...

Twaddle all you want, you know we love to hear it! Hope the chicken will be better hate to see them not eat.
We went to Pizza Hut today and I need a change! The garlic alfredo sounds marvelous!

Patrice said...

The pizza sounds wonderful! I'd eat the whole thing and waddle-not twaddle! tee-hee-hee :)

Sue said...

I always seem to have some kind of problem with blogger.
I hope your hen gets better, I hate losing any of my chickens, we chicken farmers really are finicky about our chicks.
Reading about this pizza tonight just made me even more hungry for some, as I have had a craving for one this week end, and told dh that until I get one I will keep this craving. lol Now when will you be making one, so I can come? LOL Beautiful photo of the Rock.

Julia said...

Sorry about your chicken being out of sort. Is she getting old? How long do chicken live?

Twaddle??? Never heard that word before. I heard of Twedelly Dee and Twedelly Dum.

Your Pizza sound great. JB

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I just tonight, had the same problem with blogger and then tried a second time and it went through.....I think! Sometimes I can't upload photos for an entire day....frustrating!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Hey, I love your twaddle! (I also love that word....!)

We're thinking of getting chickens soon, so I was interested to read about your poorly one :( I wonder what could be wrong? I've so much to learn before we go ahead and get some. What would be your first piece of advice? I'm all ears..... and twaddle all you like! x

Debbie said...

Good morning! Sometimes the whole computer just drives me wild, haha...I don't have problems leaving comments, but I hate how the pictures work...or don't work. Sometimes it is just TOO much work to get something posted. Your pizza sounds I wish I could eat a piece of that right now...yes, I'd even eat it for breakfast, haha...Have a wonderful day Kim, and I sure hope your chicken gets better. HUGS

Dawn said...

Love the twaddle...and the pictures...and now I want pizza!
(After we walk through the rock walls :))

Kessie said...

When Blogger tells me I don't have cookies turned on, usually it's a problem with my browser. I just close it and open it again, and the problem goes away. (When I have cookie problems, it's not usually Blogger giving me fits, it's every other website, too, wanting me to log in.)

I like your twaddle. I understand the worries about the one hen who won't eat, too. I don't know why they get like that, but they won't necessarily die on you unless you notice them noticeably losing weight. I could never save one once it had the 'wasting disease'. It never seemed to be contagious, so I always thought maybe it was cancer.

myletterstoemily said...

yum. you can twaddle all day long about pizza,
as far as i'm concerned! i also like 'putzing' and

and yes, blogger is trying to frustrate my
comments, too. i thought they thought i was
twaddling too much!