June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today On Saturday

I did work in the garden and I did pick egg plant,
and tomatoes and some zucchini. So for dinner we
had Eggplant Parmesan I got my recipe here .
I didn't even know how to slice it to cook it. This is a step by
step tutorial to make it. It turned out so pretty.
When we were newly married, I made eggplant one night for dinner.
I know now I had let the egg plant get to big. I tried to feed
it to my kids and my husband and they all gagged so bad, I threw
it out and we went to McDonald's. I finally got up the nerve to grow
it again and fix it. So I am very excited about it now.

This morning, I decided that parrots or not I was going to pick
sunflowers and bring them in the house. I normally just use
my Black-eyed Susan's for my fresh flowers because
the parrots don't eat those. I liked having them in the house so much
the parrots can just eat peaches.

This is the cherry tomatoes I picked this morning.
See the real pretty orange ones? Well, I have been picking
the red ones but I kept wondering when the orange ones were
going to turn red. This morning we were tying up the vines and
I got the bright idea to taste one. They were yummy and ripe.
The light came on about the time I tasted the tomato. I then remembered
I had bought gold ones. Duh. I felt sheepish.

This is my peach cobbler. My peaches are all getting ripe at the same
time. I still have last year's peaches in my freezer. I am going to have to
use them up. I thought today I would fix a cobbler. I made homemade ice
cream the other day and I thought that would go really good with the peach
Yesterday, I made oatmeal cookies with cranberries and dried blueberries and I put
in some sunflower seeds. They were very nice cookies. The kids had friends over
to play Apples to Apples and when I got up this morning all of the cookies were gone.
So I thought that was such a nice recipe what if I start to make oatmeal cookies but
add sour cream so it is a bit creamy and that is what I used for the topping.
The peaches were very juicy so it worked perfectly.

Everyone says it is very yummy. I am okay if I don't take that first bite so I won't be
taking a bite.

When I got married, I found out this terrible fact about my husband. He hated tomatoes.
I mean hated how they look and smell. I had grew up where there is nothing better in the
whole world than a bacon and tomato sandwich. He has so many other really nice qualities
I looked past the tomato deal.

We had children. All six hate tomatoes. Hate tomatoes today. Then they got married. They married people who hate tomatoes. I have lived alone for 31 years eating tomatoes
all by myself. That is until yesterday. My two year old grand daughter asked to eat
"matoes." I gave her one she ate it. So I gave her two. She ate those. Then I gave her a cup.
She walked around eating them like candy. I felt like I had been crowned queen.

I do have to say that my grandson was very sweet. He took a tomato and popped it in his
mouth. About a hour later in the car ride home or maybe at home, he spit the tomato out.
He kept it in his mouth the whole time. I thought that was very sweet.

So I have been pretty happy. Though I do have to say, the girls are coming over to the
dark side and cooking with them. They do eat salsa.

I hope your weekend is very nice.



  1. Haha, the tomato story is hilarious. It skipped a generation is all! Your peach cobbler looks great. I'm pondering strawberry cobbler. Strawberries are 88 cents a pound at FoodMaxx so Ryan got me 4 pounds today. :-)

  2. I wish a parrot would fly into my garden and nibble the sunflowers! We are growing so many tomatoes! We'll have to make gallons of salsa! Ours are not ripe yet. I'm glad you had a happy day and that cobbler looks delicious! YUM!

  3. ha ha! laughing at 31 yrs of tomato solitude... God bless your granddaughter!

  4. Kim, I love the beautiful new header, how exotic it is to me to have parrots in trees in your backyard! How wonderful. Your vegetable gardens are so prolific and your flowers so lovely. Not only have you been crafting up a storm, but cooking too.You put me to shame. All the recipes you mentioned sound just delicious, how I wish I could visit and indulge in one of your cookies! The story of your granddaughter and the tomato is just delightful, grandson too! Hope you are enjoying the summer, sending blessings from Maine, Julie.

  5. Yep, we were all the way home and I still didn't know until I gave him a piece of bread. So he walked quietly over the trash can, spit out his tomato, and started eating his bread. It was the funniest thing and I had NO IDEA he'd had it in his mouth the whole time. I do too like tomatoes, just not raw usually. Although fresh garden ones are bringing me to the dark side for sure.

    I was wondering what crunchy bit you put in those cookies. Sunflower seeds! Good idea. They were such yummy cookies. :) Mmm, I need to use up the peaches in my freezer too. I could have sworn I smelled peaches in my kitchen the other day even though I haven't even seen a peach in a year. Maybe I'm craving them? Hahaha.

  6. Kim
    My gosh you've been a busy lady. All that baking and homemade ice cream making. It's making me wish California wasn't so...far away and I could just pop over. I'd especially like to meet those little darlings that like to copycat their grandma!
    It sounds like it was a fun day, Kim.
    Have a good Sunday now!

  7. hahahahaha..oh that's HILARIOUS!!!! I love the tomato story...so sweet. Hang on to that girl and keep growing tomatoes. Even if it is only for the 2 of you:)

  8. I'm on my way over to feast. You have me drooling, especially the peach cobbler...my favorite. I love the tomato story. I am a tomato convert. Wouldn't touch them until my late twenties...now I love them and can't wait for the good homegrown. I married a tomato-phobe, however. It is lonely. Glad you have a new tomato partner.

  9. Love the tomato story. I grew up hating tomatoes,(we never grew them just ate what came from the store) it wasn't until we started growing our own that I realized I actually liked them. Doesn't sound like that's your problem...at least you have your sweet granddaughter to share with

  10. I made a Tomato Zucchini bisque with tomatoes from our garden today and it was delish! There's just nothing better than homegrown 'maters! They were especially good on my grandmother's homemade biscuits when I was a kid.

  11. Peach cobbler is a dish my mom has always made for my birthday. It's the only thing I ask for each year :)
    I've made a squash/zucchini dish several times, and it's turned out pretty tasty. Even the twins like it. I layer it, and on top of each layer...lots of parmesan! I love parmesan on my veggies :)

  12. hahaha....that tomato story is hilarious and perfectly told. i am exhausted after reading your posts, bless you kim, how do you do it?!?!

  13. Oh Kim, Have I missed you and your posts.Yes i am alive and well, tired but well! I haven't been online since I posted, and decided today I was going to stop and blog. I am suppose to be making blueberry syrup from berries I picked this morning, i will do that tonight.
    I loved the tomato story. and am glad you have found someone to enjoy them with you. one of our favorites in the summer is BLT. I thought I was the only one who forgot where and what I planted a certain veggie.LOL. I now know I am in good company.
    The heat got our egg plants, I was so looking forward to fried eggplant. Oh well maybe next year.
    We are so cooking here, every day triple digit temps. and high humidity. with no relief in sight. Oh I am so looking forward to fall!, yes fall!
    I got the garlic ready to pack and send,.
    I will now go and see what you have been doing this week.

  14. Kim, that's so funny about your husband and kids (and their spouses!).
    Good that the grandkids are giving them a shot :)

  15. What a shame to have no one to share a love of tomatoes with for all those years! So glad your grand girl likes them. You are right about BLTs...nothing better! Your grandson was sweet...he didn't want to hurt your feelings! Our youngest grand girl loves them!


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