June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

I wanted to write this morning and tell you that the hen was
not eaten by the fox. When I went to feed she was waiting
ever so patiently well not that she did have a look on her
face like, " Really, you left me out all night." Then she
took one look at me and really freaked, she knew I was
not her owner and wanted to hide from me. I just grabbed
some cracked corn and threw some to her.

Later after I had fed and watered and did everything like
get the mail and feed the outside cats, I wanted to pen her up.
I never could. She just kept running from me.
I left and came home. Then last night when I went over to take
care of them she was already in the little house. She learned fast.

I am still very afraid of the rooster. I know that if I turn my back on him,
he will let me have it. His spurs are so long. At least two inches. The do look
like knives growing out of his feet.

I picked up a stick last night and backed around him and kept my eye on him.
I was so glad when he finally walked into the coop and I could inch my way around
the hens and cluck to them to get in the coop.

I have this nice cozy relationship with my hens. We visit and I talk to them and
they sing and talk and come and wait by my feet to be picked up. I can sit out
in my chair in the yard and they will all come up and scratch and even jump up
in my lap, then jump down after a few pets.

Taking care of someone Else's chickens the chickens don't know my language.
They have question mark looks on their faces. They are trying to figure out
if I am a friend or a foe. Even when I give them food, they just look at it,
instead of digging in like my chickens do.

So my thought is always, the only way I could make them understand would be
to know chicken. Then of course, it becomes clear why God had to become one
of us. That was the only way He could show us how to be what He wants us to be.
He gave us a book, but it isn't until it is lived out in front of you, that you can understand
what someone wants.

My chicken's know me because I have raised them from chicks. My SIL, chickens
don't know me because I am not their owner. They won't follow someone else.

So these are my thoughts from the chicken pen. I hope you have a wonderful


  1. oh, glad the hen is still alive (at least for now!) :)

  2. Haha, and here I was just reading that passage about "my sheep know my voice and they flee from strangers". I'm glad she's still alive. I wonder where she was? Off enjoying her own little bratty self?

  3. Thoughts From The Chicken Pen... Sounds like a weekly linky party to me!

    I love your farmy wisdom Kim. And I'm glad that you found the hen!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Like Kessie, I was just thinkin gof that verse :) Great minds, Kessie... ;) !

    And yes, our Saviour became man, and in the flesh went through all the trials and sufferings we can ever go through (and a whole lot more, of course), so now we 'have a High Priest that has been touched with the feeling of our infirmities'... What a Saviour !

  5. The chicken coop is such a joy for you and you hear God there...what a blessing, and I know a totally unexpected blessing.

    The beginning of this post reminded me of the Story of Ping....I just recently read it again with Benjamin.

  6. I enjoyed this...haha...I'd be terrified of that rooster, haha... You had a wonderful anaolgy...Hope you are having a good day! HUGS

  7. I love that God can speak to us through all kinds of things, even chickens.
    Glad the hen was OK

  8. Love your insights in the face of all things! Glad that girl got back in her coop. As for the rooster...well, handsome is as handsome does. He has to try too! LOL
    Good Luck with the rest of the chicken care!

  9. A chicken with attitude. I'm glad she wasn't fox food but I hope she warms up to you.

  10. Hi Kim! Oh, I love the image of your hens cuddling up on your lap. I did not know that chickens do that sort of thing. You are a nice sister-in-law.

  11. Kim, you are to be commended for a great job. Maybe you should wear some chaps to protect your legs from the rooster. I'm glad that all the hens are accounted for. Hugs. JB

  12. Wonderful analogy..."my sheep hear my voice and follow me". Cool picture of the parrot. Amazing that you have them! I can't imagine walking outside, looking up in a tree and seeing a parrot! :-)


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