Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being Thankful on Thursday

I have a new friend, that I have met her blog is called She wanted to see
a picture of my hen's eggs. The picture below is of
a regular brown egg and one from a Cuckoo Maran.
I just love the dark color and they are tired so they aren't
as brown as they were in the spring.
Pom Pom has a really sweet site and she talks about such sweet
things and she is so lovely so if you get time stop by for a visit.

I am doing a re post from this day last year. I only had
one comment so I am pretty sure it will be new to you.
I still feel the same way or stronger about what I wrote.
People still want to be loved and if the people who come to
my door are any indication, they just want to be accepted, life in the world is
getting more and more wild. It still breaks my heart.
Thanks so much for reading. And visiting me. It still
amazes me every day.

Today as I was cleaning house, I was thinking about
hearing God's voice. It struck me that I always hear
Him when I am on my knees scrubbing the toilet or
mopping floors, as I pondered this it came to me,
that no one really comes around when I am doing that,
and my mind is very quiet when I am scrubbing.
There are really not any distractions. I think too that
it is when I am at that point serving in a way no one
ever notices but me and God. I am so glad He notices.

I was thinking about this quote, " Put each difficult thing in your
hands and offer it up to Jesus. You might be amazed
at how God can transform that thing that is so painful
to you into good for somebody else. "

I am a great believer in offering up those things that could
make me bitter, angry, discontent and having God transform
them into something for His glory. I have learned through life
that those times when I just didn't understand or even see,
why God would allow something like He does. Why if I can
be mature about it and say, Not my will Father but thine.
When I can bow my knees at His throne and give it all back
to Him and accept what He has done, then and only then
can I experience peace.

I was listening to some teachers today as I was cleaning and
one teacher talked about that Jesus is the God of second chances.
He is the only one who can say to everyone, you are not who you
are but what I am making you into, a new creation. After He then went
on to say that when Jesus told the disciples to come, Jesus said,
and tell Peter. It got to me, I have read that passage so many times
but today, I wondered how many times have I closed the door on someone that
God wanted me to say, " And bring Peter," I have decided that
God must be finished with them, when no one is ever beyond
repair. No one is ever a lost cause. If God chose to make Adam as
His greatest creation, knowing what was going to happen. God still
gave a second chance to us all through Jesus. How can I ever say,
that it is too late.

I kept thinking to myself, that my God is too small and I have too little
faith. What if I just let God be God and kept my mouth shut.
As James says, A man who can control his tongue, can control a small city."

These were just thoughts that were going on in my head as I cleaned.
I hope your Thursday is nice.
Mine will be, now onto my flowerbeds. :)

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog, by way of your comment to TexWisGirl on her Run*Around*Ranch blog! You have beautiful photos in this post -- happy, cheery flowers -- and wonderful thoughts.

I especially like your observations about your quiet time with God while doing your chores! I agree that those are times when no one else is around and it's easier for God to get our attention!...and I believe He always looks with favor on a servant heart!

I love the color of your eggs! I look forward to returning to your porch for another visit soon! =) said...

You said a real mouthful here Kim. Great thoughts, and I love the last lines about letting God be God and just keep my mouth shut! :)


Debbie said...

i too remember when i would post and have zero comments.....finding kind souls on here is such a gift!!!

i enjoyed your words today!!! xo

Homeschool on the Croft said...

There's no doubt that we can have great meditations while we're going about our chores... and I think you're right - it's because we are 'quiet'.
Be still and know that I am God

I love the eggs too.... I'm desperate to have chickens. Hubby is promising 'Soon'!!

Pom Pom said...

Hello, sweet friend! Thank you for your kind words and eggs! They are lovely, aren't they? I buy brown eggs at my suburban grocery store and when I am boiling them I always want to take ANOTHER picture. I have a lot of egg pictures featuring the grocery store eggs. I like farm eggs better! You are funny (and so right) when you say that while we do the chores, we usually snatch some alone time. It reminds me of a wise woman who said, "When you are having your quiet time, keep a wet washcloth nearby and every time a little one comes with a request, wash their face. They may not be so quick with the asks and you'll have more time with Jesus." Isn't that funny? I did not try it, but it sounded like it would work! Your zinnias are pretty. Mine are still green and when they bloom it'll be time for school to start again. Bittersweet. Look at me writing and writing to you. Kindred spirits.

no spring chicken said...

Beautiful Kim. And so true... I love getting this glimpse into the heart of the woman that only God notices when scrubbing a toilet. Keep doing the good work (loving people not scrubbing toilets), your encouragement will spur others to good works too!

Blessings, Debbie

Samantha said...

Lovely post...really enjoyed this one.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

You're so right about being quiet enough to hear God speaking to you. When I'm flailing around or letting my worried thoughts take over, I rarely hear anything. Finally, usually through sheer exhaustion, I stop and find some Grace.
Nice post!

Lynn said...

This is nice. I'm glad you reposted it. There is a Bible verse that says something about God preparing good works ahead of time for us to do; that always makes me nervous, because I figure I have probably passed up many good works He had planned for me to do, because I simply wasn't paying attention or asking Him what He had for me that day (or that moment). It is a convicting thought. I'd never thought about this passage you talk about in that light -- and bring Peter. Good stuff. Thank you.

Julia said...

Nice post Kim. Sorry, I'm running behind my blog hopping.

I too hear God's voice when on my knees but mostly in the garden weeding. It's where I feel close to God and nature. When I have no one to talk to, he speaks to my heart and it feels that I understand something more deeply.

Lovely home grown fresh eggs and pretty flowers.

Hugs my friend. JB

Gumbo Lily said...

Look at how nice and dark brown some of the eggs are. I ordered some Red Star chicks this spring and they usually lay big, red/brown eggs. I have never raised them before, but a friend did so I wanted to try them. Thanks for posting the eggs and for the meditation.