June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Going Into the Weekend

Today the kids went to the show. They said I could go,
but I was still doing laundry and I wanted to get finished.
They pulled out of the driveway and then the house became silent.
Well, except for the drying clanging away, then that got finished and
it was quiet once again.

The cats were concerned. They all came and found me and sat and
stared at me. I guess I don't do anything fun, the look was like I needed
to perform some little dance.

I thought okay, before summer came one of my things I wanted to do is
sit down and watch Gilmore Girls. I thought it would be a perfect afternoon
to do that.
I thought, you know, I am going to sit in the living room and eat my lunch.
in front of the T.V. I felt a little reckless I don't eat in the living room. I always
sit at a table or in front of my computer.

I dug around and found the place where all of the Gilmore Girls boxed sets were.
We don't own the first season. I remembered we had borrowed it. Drat! I thought
oh well I will just watch season two, I dug that out put the first disk in and I am sorry
to say, I had to operate the VCR by standing next to it and pushing buttons. With my
fingers. I don't know how to operate the remote control.

You know how the music plays over and over until you hit the button that says,
episodes, play all, well I picked up the remote and I must have hit play all and it started

I started watching that first episode, and I started crying. I guess I have changed
a lot since I first watched it a long time ago. I found it to be so sad so very sad. I
couldn't stand the pain I was watching.
Finally it was over, I felt I had just had a tooth removed. I got up and ejected the movie
and put every thing away and turned it off and decided I liked the quiet house and
I sewed a bit and read a bit of a book and then it was time for everyone to be home

Now, the piano is being played a very loud, Fugue in D minor. The sound of voices
from upstairs, the knowing that my husband's keys will be jingling in a few moments,
and dinner will be on the table.

I am content. I know the sand is slipping faster and faster through my hands.
I know that change is coming, time will be that I will be more and more alone.
I know though that even in that season, God will be with me and then I am
content, because "The eternal God is my refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms."
(Duet. 33:27)

So glad that we are at the weekend again. My work is all done I think
for the week, so I think I will sew on Friday. I hope I can come up with
something to show you.


  1. i always love walking thru your days with you. you just have such a way about you...

  2. Is Gilmore Girls really sad, then? Gosh, I thought it was funny or something. Other than that, I'm glad you had a nice day.

  3. I used to just LOVE Gilmore girls. I wonder if it would have that effect on me now? I remember tons of laughter. I sob my way through Little House every once in a while though, haha....I remember thinking the same things as my kids were growing older and finally it was just Mel left at home. I am not going to lie, those first few months (even year I guess) were a tough adjustment. But now that I have settled in I love the quiet days (unless my grands are here) and the simple routine that's become my life. It's a whole different relationship with my husband too, which I REALLY love....Yes, the seasons in our life do change, but the Lord really does have a way of sweetening each one. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS


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