June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, July 8, 2011


Today, I was tired, mainly because I think being out in the
heat working in the flowerbeds was a bit much. I am not
telling you this by way of complaining but to tell you a story
of what I saw when I was laying down on my bed looking
out my french doors and my windows this afternoon.

It is hot as I said, so I let my chickens out in the back yard
so they take dust baths and come up and get in my flowerbeds
and stay under the trees closest to my bedroom. I can
lay on my bed and watch the wind in the trees and watch
the chickens stroll across the grass and just be chickens.
I love watching it.

Today as I was watching, a big group of sparrows landed on the railing
of the porch. It was I believe the Mama, Daddy, kids and cousins.
It was a big flock. As I watched the kids were lined up all in a row.
I could tell that they were younger than the Mama and Daddy as they
weren't as big nor were they as experienced. So as I watched, it was
like catching bugs on the wall of the house was being explained. The kids
would cock their heads one way and then another as they looked up and all
around. As I watched this I wanted to get my camera but I wanted to see
what else was going to happen, I was afraid if I moved they would all fly away.

After verbal instructions, the mama sparrow flew up to the top
of the wall under the porch and grabbed a bug. The kids though
started flapping their wings and making that sound that says, "
feed me, feed me!" They were ignored as mama went deaf and she
did it again.
The baby birds flew down to the cement and began looking for bugs
on the ground but that wasn't what mama and dad wanted. Dad barks
some command and they all flew up to the railing again.
So they go through verbal instructions again.

One of the brave sparrows decided to try it for himself, and goes
flying into my window and slides all the way down hitting the cement.
My cat has been watching with me so he jumps down and goes to the window
to watch with very flat ears. They don't seem to mind the cat in the window.

They keep this up for a bit longer until the cat can't take another minute birds
everywhere on the porch, and hits the blinds with his paw and makes a huge
noise. Then I watch as all of the bird fly like specks of golden sun back into the
trees and once again, my porch is quiet and I go back to it being just me.
No longer an observer of secret things.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. oh, i love their little school hour!

  2. "They were ignored as mama went deaf." Hey this happens at my house when I snatch some food to eat too! ;)

    What a cool little scenario to watch. I love to watch birds in our yard too. It's so relaxing and simple.

  3. You have such a beautiful way with narrative. I love reading your posts. Birds are fascinating. I have watched fledglings and I always want to catch them before they "fall". But they flutter down to the grass, none the worse for the wear, taking refuge in the bushes. After that, I really don't know.
    Keep noticing these small pleasures and sharing them with us!

  4. Hello! Hello! Hello! Kim, this chicken has come home to roost, ~lol~I am just now finding some time to catch up on my visiting, and I am one happy camper.
    Loved this post as always, and how wonderful that the Lord sends us so many beautiful surprises every day. Two days ago as I was standing at the kitchen sink, I saw to squirrels come close to the house climb a sunflower and bite it off, and try to carry it back to the woods, dropping it ever so often because it was so heavy. And would you believe, no working camera, any how it was the funniest thing to see, just got such a good laugh at them.
    Your photos of your flowers are always so beautiful.
    I have and am still so busy, our field peas, corn, tomatoes, and berries are all ready this week, and I have been working so hard to get them preserved. Our goal is to have every thing finished by the middle of next week.
    I have so missed you, Hoping to get the garlic taken care of in a few days,
    Much love and many blessings,

  5. Sweet story...I could picture it all!

  6. Isn't it the best pleasure to watch a family of birds teach their young? You tell the story so well.

  7. I love your stories. Your real life.

  8. I love watching birds, but I've never seen anything like this. How wonderful to get to observe their little world like this. I hope the little one wasn't hurt.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love this, Kim! Modeling. Teachers figure out how to model new skills. Practice. Few people pick things up after just one version of instruction. They must practice. Your birds send an important and mystical lesson. Happy weekend!

  10. You are such an observant woman Kim, and what I like about you is that you take the time to share these observations with us. Every details is important.

    I remember of observing a family of squirrels on my deck once when I was too weak to work while on chemo and I even noticed that squirrels have noticeable differences in their fur and tails that I could distinguish one from the other. Also I learned that the male was dominant and would not let the poor female eat until he was full of sunflower seeds.

    I've watch a squirrel swinging from a piece of frayed rope hanging from a tree swing , much like a kid would. It was funny to watch and another was trying to carry an ear of corn and he kept tripping over the ear of corn but he wasn't giving up. Animals are very interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing. A lovely reminder. JB

  11. Oh I so enjoyed this...it just quieted my busy mind and hands...how peaceful
    Have a great weekend...gotta go unpack some more...oh my, we are going to purge more!!

  12. Ok, so blogger is being a pain...I'll try this again.

    What a fascinating sight to behold! And you wrote it so beautifully, that I felt as though I was there watching with you!

  13. what a darling chicken, sparrow, and cat story!
    you have such an entertaining way of telling us
    the fun details of your rich life.

  14. kim....i get tired reading & following along!!

    i hope you have a restful weekend!!!


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