June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, July 29, 2011

Regarding Bats

I wrote this post this morning and Debbie at It's All About Purple,
has some really nice pictures of bats. http://itsallaboutpurple-debbie.blogspot.com/2011/07/going-batty.html

I don't have any pictures of bats. This summer though,
I feel like I have become acquainted with them.
This summer bats have made me feel like I was batty. I take the dog
outside at night right before bed. I always take her out by this tree.
I noticed that I was starting to get dive bombed by bats. Just like the
birds do in the day time when you can see them. I quit taking her
to that tree and went to another spot in the yard. It was worse.
That night, I turned and ran in the house, because even though I couldn't
see them because they are so fast, they still make that high pitched sound above
my head.

I ran in the house and my husband looked up at me and asked me what was wrong.
I told him, but you could see just a bit of disbelief in his eyes. The next night he went
with me and I had him stand next to the tree and he got dive bombed. Then we
both ran in the house. Then it was his turn to tell the kids who looked at him with
just a tad disbelief.

The next night, I thought I would go back to the old tree and while I was waiting,
I could hear the bats making a noise like when a bird falls out of a tree. My husband
was on the driveway, when he took a step, something started running straight at my feet
very fast. I was barefooted. The dog ran to it and sniffed it but it wasn't interesting.
The baby bat war more interested in chasing me down. I yelled and jumped over
that little thing and ran full speed into the house.
I had shivers for days when I thought about it.

This week since I have been washing windows I have been on a ladder. I was
spraying off the outside of the house with water and getting every thing clean.
I must of dislodged a bat family. One fell in the flower bed outside my office.

All day the family, was yelling encouragement to the one in the flowerbed. They
do this motion of flying back and fourth and making a high pitched sound. It looks
creepy and they are little, maybe the size of a sparrow. With bigger wings.
They must have rescued it because after about two hours it stopped.

In the twilight I see them flying out of the trees next to the house. I have stood
under where I see them fly out of and looked and looked to see if I can see how
they spend the day. I wonder if it is like seeing a hummingbird nest, I really never knew
what one looked like until I saw it in person. I never noticed them before because they
just look like a knot on the tree.
I wonder if because I don't know what a place where bats live look like I might be
staring at one and not see it.

It has been really hard this summer to go outside at dark. Even when I go to watch the moon
rise, the bats find me. I can hear them all around. It must be because we have had
such a wet winter and spring. When we first moved here we had a huge population of bats.
This year has been like that. I have noticed that we don't have flies like in years past. So
I will put up with bats.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. i know they eat buckets of mosquitos, but yeah, they're kinda creepy. :)

  2. kim....you missed my "dedicated to bats" post!!

    feel free to use my pictures, we are encountering them as well, in the daytime. kinda scarey but at least i can see them!!!


  3. One was on the outside of the house? How weird! I wonder where they're hiding? Do you think they're up in those air vents on the sides of the house?

  4. OMGoodness! I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about BATS!



  5. Hope you have a great weekend, too!!!

  6. We have some bats around too, but it doesn't sound like we have as many as you do. I do appreciate critters that eat bugs.


  7. I have never heard about bats doing that. We had a bat house in Austin to encourage the bats to come live on our property. Austin also has one of the largest bat colonies in the US...everyone gathers with their blankets each night to see the bats fly out from the bridge. So dive bombing you is really new to me...oh my!!

    Well Kim I can say...you never have a dull moment at your house...and always something happening that will go down in the family history story book.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Would love to have some bats,
    hear they eat mosquitos, a problem I have

  9. I would not like bats dive bombing at me either! It is one adventure after another at your house! :-)

  10. Bats make me crazy. We had them in our last house. In fact, we'd be watching TV and a bat would swoop into the TV room scaring us half to death. Or, worse, when you're sleeping, one would flutter over your head! Then, Hubby and I would try to get it into one room, but we always lost sight of it. We'd sleep with the lights on all night, freaked out! This happened at least 3 times while we lived there. Sometimes we wonder how the new owner is doing! LOL
    I like them outside, please!

  11. Well, at least it's not October--you know, Halloween and all that. LOL

  12. Got any garlic you could weave into a necklace and hang around your necks when you go out?
    Just wondering!
    Seriously, I would never go outside if there were bats diving at me.
    We had two get in through the fireplace. Well that is a very long story so I won't go there.
    Stay safe and have a great weekend.

  13. Lots of people build bat houses in there trees. They eat all the mosquitoes and pests. I'm like you as far as getting creeped out by them.

  14. Ewwww, not a fan of winged rodents! Creepy. No evening walks for you. I always think they are going to get caught in my hair.

  15. That's crazy Kim! I've never had an experience like that. Anytime I've seen bats, they are just swooping over the yard or over water looking for bugs. I've never been dive bombed and I think I'd rather not have that experience. I hear you about the flies though! I would put up with just about anything that takes care of flies!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. When I think of bats, I cringe! Living in an old farm house, they sometimes get into our living space. Usually we have 1 or 2 a summer, but this year already we've had close to 10!! The kids love to see me scream...I can handle mice, spiders, etc, but bats...UGH! But I AM thankful for all the insects that they eat!


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