May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few Things I Worked On This Week.

This pattern has been in blog land I got my pattern from
here. It was super easy and nice to make. We had a couple
days of perfect weather so it was nice to sit on the patio
and paint blocks.
My other project has been a needle punch I have been working
on I have thought about it for so long that I just got a piece of my
burlap and drew a huge star on it and I have been hooking it all week.
I am almost finished and then I will turn it into a pillow. I might
make a couple more. I might try red and white for the next one.
Here it is:

As I was outside taking this picture, I could hear across the road,
that the fireworks booths must be open. People over there were
perfecting their bomb making skills.

Gosh, it is early too. It kind of scared me at first then I remembered what
day it was, July 1st. I hope none of them go into the field across from my house,
it is a tinder box.
Well, have a lovely day,


  1. The people around here have been letting off firecrackers and bombs for the last week. It makes us nervous because it sounds like gunfire, and then you see it explode way up in the sky. It'll be really nuts now that the fireworks stands are open. I've promised the kids some monster snaps. :-)

  2. i'm with you on the fireworks. we're really dry here this year too. yikes!

    love your wood-crafts!

  3. I love the little flag you made me, it's sitting on my table now. Driving home I saw all kinds of crazy people buying fireworks. I think it's going to be a fun weekend.

    You know, I brought all those plums in and set them on the table and they seem like a heck of a lot more now than they did at your house... LOL!

  4. You're so patriotic with your crafts. My big deal on the 4th may be a nap. The neighbors let off fireworks and our dog goes off the deep end. She's absolutely terrified. Poor "Baby Blue".
    Have a good weekend!

  5. nice crafty projects for the 4th.

    we have had lot's of fireworks here in central new jersey already. we watched beautiful ones last night right here in our town.

    happy, safe 4th to you!!!!

  6. Cute projects. I love them both but the painted blocks are really great. I picked up my hook last night for the first time in weeks.
    Tonight our town is having fireworks and Millie will have a nervous breakdown :)

  7. Hi Kim! I love your star! Love your blog, too!

  8. Wonderful finished pieces. I have been playing with denim lately.

  9. You are THE craft girl! Love the flag and the star. I packed our flag in the things that have gone to storage, so we don't have it to fly this year. Hope you have a fun and safe 4th!

  10. Hi Kim, Your patriotic blocks are just beautiful. You will be all set to decorate for the 4th of July. You are very patriotic. Your pillow will look great.

    Me, on the other hand just made a seafood chowder and put a small Canadian flag on our dinner table to to mark Canada Day. Well I also had a BBQ for supper.

    I hope that you will be safe from fires. Hugs. JB

    I love looking at fireworks but I think that they are probably a waste of our tax money as they are very expensive and the money could be used in a more positive way and they possibly release some harmful chemicals that pollutes our air, water and soil with the fallout as the city have fireworks at New Year's Eve and again on the 1st of July.

  11. Hi sweet Kim! (I love your name, one of my favorites!) Thank you for your dear comment. I thought of you last night as I was reading Anne of Windy Poplars before sleep. Smile. My heart grows bigger when I find a kindred spirit in blog land. I feel ultra-blessed.

  12. Love the star! Have a wonderful 4th of July friend! HUGS

  13. I love both!

    Fireworks are going off around here too. Especially at the crazy neighbor's house.

  14. I would like to place my toes on the rug they would like that..wink! Nicely done projects..likem all!


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