June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pumpkin Blossoms

I just had to take a picture of a pumpkin blossom.
They are the one thing in the garden that is going to town.
They just make me smile when I go out first thing in the morning
to water the garden. All of these blooms. I am afraid of counting
my chickens before they hatch, and get excited about all of the pumpkins
I might have this fall.

Can you see the heart design in the pumpkin plant?
I love heart design in nature.

They always make me happy, just little signs that
make me happy every morning.

Going off on a rabbit trail from here on down.

July 1st is just around the corner. In July I plan
my school year, and finish all of my paper work and clean
my school room and pack away my old school books and get out
the new ones for this following year.
This year, I only plan for one student. It should be a piece of cake.
I am thinking we will start with the Pilgrims and go to the beginning
of the 20th Century. Then his senior year study that.

It makes me sad and my favorite subject to teach has been Ancient History.
I won't teach it anymore. I guess I will have to teach my grandsons and my grand
daughters because I just don't know how I would be live without teaching
about the Trojan War or the the ancient Greeks or Roman or Celts or any of the
cultures that have gone.
Heck, I might have to start a ancient history blog. In a couple of years. :)

Have a lovely Friday.



  1. Once a teacher, always a teacher! ;)

  2. I never noticed the leaves as hearts. Wow!

  3. Beautiful heart foliage. Isn't nature grand? I think that all we learned, we learn first through nature. What will you do with all the pumpkins?

    I never was good about remembering history dates and what happened at a certain date in time. I like geography much more, but have forgotten a lot of what I've learned. JB

  4. You'll have to give us ancient history workshops! Also, I just love the heart-shaped morning glory leaves. They're so perfect.

  5. Hi Kim:
    I have to say you are the sweetest person....You never miss putting a nice comment on my blog...I think you are the best blogger out there in blog land...And I wish my pumpkins looked like yours...
    Thanks for being so kind, Nancy

  6. Sounds like your pumpkins and my canteloupe are along the same paths. If I get as many canteloupe as flowers, we're going to be drowning.

    You can teach our kids all the ancient history you want! It was something I never really got into, sadly.

  7. i did not know that pumpkin plants had blooms!!

    you should share those beautiful hearts here:


  8. Oh how I wish for blossoms on my pumpkins. Let the weather really stay warm to get things going around here. Florence

  9. Oh they are soo pretty! I have never seen a pumpkin flower...(in fact, I didn't know they had them!) Pumpkin anything is just about my favorite, so I'd be REALLY excited too. I just know the Lord has someone who will be blessed with all of your love of history! Have a wonderful 4th of July week-end! HUGS

  10. How lovely these leaves are :) No wonder they make you smile when you go out in the morning.

    And yes, all being well, you'll be busy teaching your History to the grandchildren very soon - wont that be wonderful :)

  11. Hello and greetings from Southern California...I just saw mention of your blog on PomPom's post so came over for a visit. Oh, how I love your eye for hearts...only this morning I was thinking how many hearts God has placed in his creation for us to find, if only we open our eyes. You found some beauties here.


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