Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making Rugs

I hurt my back yesterday. But it was a good thing.
Really, I couldn't work. So I got to sit out by the pool and pretend
I was at a resort. Then I went swimming, which really did help ease
the pain. Then I did something I haven't done in a long time. I was
cleaning out my old magazines and I ran across my old rug hooking
magazines. They were from 2000 and earlier. I am so glad I have held
on to them. I have wanted to be a "hooker," for a long time. :)

Anyway, I ran across this pattern that I fell madly in love with, I found
myself catching my breath. Today my husband fooled around with the scanner
until he was able to enlarge it and I was able to get a pattern from it.

There was a column for beginners like me. I felt really like
I got to go to a class. She explained so much to me. In the magazine
it has the directions that you are supposed to hook to make it look like hers.
Here is her lovely rug, the lady's name by the way is Patti Patrick
This rug is called Pumpkin Moonshine she did it from a painting by
Van Gogh.

This is the picture from the magazine. She has directions for
dying your own wool with all of the measurements. Which I might
try some other time, she makes it sound so easy. I felt like
I spent the whole day at a rug hooking class.

I also wanted to ask if any of my rug hooking friends have ever seen
a rug hook like this. There is the regular rug hook at one end and I am not
sure but I think this is some kind of a proddy tool?? I don't know.
I decided to visit web sites to see if I could find one like it and I didn't find one.
I have other rug hooks but I always come back to this one. Maybe because it is
the one I learned on but I love the weight of it in my hands.

I have always wondered what you would use it for. I don't
even remember where I bought it from back in the day.

I have some other little mats I am going to make before I make this pretty
little rug, who will go on the wall.

So having a hurt back sometimes is good. It is sad though, my husband
and I were sitting out by the pool and all we could do was talk about work
and all of the things we still want to do.

It was a good day.

Happy Monday!


Kessie said...

Well, you know what they say--people who never take time off to rest eventually have to take time off to be sick. :-)

I'm curious about your "proddy tool", and I hope somebody can identify it for you!

We sat around today and watched the Veggietales spoof of Lord of the Rings. We laughed our heads off. It's about the level of Will's spoof movies back in the day. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

so much for relaxing! :)

Meg said...

Oooooh that is a very pretty rug! I would love to see you do it. Gosh that sucks about your back, but I know where Ben gets his "Don't stop working until you're broken" attitude from! ;)

Bonnie K said...

Wow! That was one of the most interesting posts I've read. I love that pattern! When I was a kid I did a rug from a kit. Now I'm wondering where that went. Anyway it sounds like a great project good luck. Please post your progress once in a while.

Debbie said...

many, many moons ago i hooked several rugs, i always hung them on the wall!!!

this one is beautiful and def belongs on a wall!!!

Campbell Kids said...

What a neat rug in that photo! Sorry you hurt your back...I'm going through Physical Therapy for the same reason right now. Trying not to overdo takes some thinking about it! I tried rug hooking once but never could seem to get the hang of it. Maybe I'll try it again now. said...

Oh hope you get to feeling better that you had a slower day and enjoyed just going through the rug looks great! Have fun.

Samantha said...

That rug is gorgeous! I would love to learn.

no spring chicken said...

So sorry about your back, but sometimes I'm just sure this is God's way of saying, "take a break!"
So, learning about 'hooking' poolside is I'm sure just what He had in mind! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Kim said...

Kim, That is a great pattern. I can't wait to see what you do with it. You will have lots of inspiration watching all your pumpkins grow this summer. That looks like some kind of proddy tool to me too. Very interesting - I've never seen one just like it. You always find the coolest things to share.
Sorry about your back. Too much weed whacking perhaps?? I hope you are still resting and spending another day lounging by the pool like a California celebrity!
Hugs, Kim

Julia said...

Hi Kim, I saw that same gorgeous rug on Rug Hooking Daily on Kerry Mac Phail's page. If you click on Members and then on Advanced Search you can see her rug. I think that she used a punch hook.

I never saw a hook like that either but I think that you are right about the proddy tool.

I'm sorry about your sore back but you have been working too hard. I hope that you didn't hurt yourself by over reaching for plums on that ladder while picking plums.

I hope that you heal real fast. I'll keep you in my prayers. In the mean time, be kind to yourself and rest and lounge around. The world will continue to turn until you return to whatever needs to be done.

Hugs, JB

Sue said...

Hi Kim, I am back online, and wanted to come by and say Hi, and see what you have been doing.,and why am I not surprised to find that you have been busy too. Hope your back is better today, I too have had some back strain, but am better. Love this design, because it reminds me of my favorite season.
I have enjoyed catching up, your beets look great. And was so touched by the incident at the grocers with the older lady and her daughter. Only God knows who, when, and what needs to be done to send some encouragement to someone. I am so glad that you made yourself available. It seems you are enjoying your summer. We have been so busy, and the only reason I am online is that the heat ran both of us inside for awhile.LOL. Dh is napping, and I opted not to, as I have been missing visiting.

Debbie said...

LOVE your new header picture!!!!

Patrice said...

Hope your back is better soon!