June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Gloom

A friend of mine moved to the beach one year, and I asked her
how she loved waking up every morning to the sound and the feel of
the ocean. From my perspective, I see the beach always in sunshine and warm
She told me about June Gloom. I never had heard this term before. She explained
to me how it is cold and gray and you have to wear sweat shirts. I had never experienced
it until this year. Today is one of those beachy June Gloom days. It is lovely to walk in
and wonderful to work in but I need some sun just a bit. All of my chickens act like
they have colds. I broke down and put antibiotic in their water. They all look
like to me little old ladies bundled up in afghans and wraps against the cold.
All they need to look like perfect little old ladies is some knitting and a cup of
tea. I keep giving them blue berry muffins and spinach. You know to build them up.

This is our avocado tree. It has never looked better.
It loves this weather. I was so surprised to see how it is
thriving in this cool June weather. The orange and lemon trees
look just as pretty. The one thing I am really excited about is
this tree is just loaded with avocados.

That is what a tiny avocado looks like, the tree is just
covered in these little tiny things. I hope they stay
on the tree. For now though I am so excited. This tree
has never produced like that.

My flowers love it too. Just not my silly sunflowers.
They want some more sun to grow. I just had to show you
how big the Cinderella pumpkins are getting.

I have been outside and I now it is time for a bit of
rug hooking and some other sewing. That is what is
nice about June Gloom, outside doesn't call me quite so loud.
Have a lovely day,


  1. If I were a painter I would have to paint what you described. I have the perfect picture in my head. A hen in her afghan with a steaming cup of tea. It's kind of whimsical with swirly lines and water color. Darn I wish I could paint!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. June Gloom is a perfect description for today. It is cold and grey here too. I used to move out to the beach/cottage every year from late May to October. I loved it - even the gloomy days. Sometimes especially the gloomy days. The sounds and smells of the ocean still relax me no matter how stressed I am - It is my happy place.

  3. *puts away the knitting and tea* Old lady, huh? I do wish we had more sun. My sunflowers are sad too. Gosh I can't believe how big your plants are already. Everything around here is so short. I have blooms on my squash and cantaloupe, but the bushes are only 8 inches tall!

  4. I have never heard of that term either...I so enjoy hearing about your weather, it is sooooooooooooo different from ours. We have sunshine most of the year....but it also kills off things really fast, so not as much produce as you get to have. Oh the beach...I could use a trip there even if it is June Gloom.

  5. It definitely is June Gloom! But it won't last long. I can already see the sun through the clouds. :-)

  6. another blog out there mentioned june gloom yesterday! had never heard that term before! enjoy your cool weather! we're baking here...

  7. We use to live near a part of the West Coast that did not see sun most of the Summers we lived there. The sun always would show up in the Winter time. So, I can understand where they get the term from!

    We moved to the Valley almost 7 yrs ago, where the sun abounds, except for this year with the crazy weather we have been experiencing. I am trying to enjoy cool for awhile longer...:)

    How blessed you are to have an avocado tree. They are so very good...:)Your garden looks beautiful!

    Blessings for a wonderful Summer day!

  8. Here we're having June gloom, June gales, June downpours....! My poor veg!!

  9. So glad your trees are thriving. We are just trying to keep things alive here with our hot temps and no rain. We would be thrilled with a few cool, rainy days! The ocean is still beautiful and magnificent even when it is cloudy and stormy, but it isn't much fun. That's for sure!

  10. Oh! my I hope the chickens get better, your photos are always so pretty. I too have come in, the heat ran me in the house.LOL


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