June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Days

I wanted to show you a picture of how my yogurt turned out.
I got the recipe from here, A Year Of Slow cooking. It was so easy
and who would have ever dreamed you could do it in a crock pot
and it smells heavenly and it makes a simple smoothie into a meal.
It makes me shudder how much I spend on the little containers.

I worked on some signs. I am tired of the other Fourth of July
signs I have had on the outside of my house for at least 15 years.
So I thought I would do some different ones. This flag one is okay.

This one was a piece of wood I have had hanging on my fence
for years and years. I decided I was tired of it and took it down
and reused it for this. Now it looks older than it did before I started. :)

I have wanted a fresh eggs sign forever. I am thinking of hanging
it on the outside of my chicken coop. Maybe the hens will learn to read
and remember that they are supposed to be working for their food,
instead of wanting to lay around the yard taking dust baths and
acting like they are on vacation.

This is my little beach sign. I had a tiny little board
left over and for some reason this just tickled me to have
a beach sign pointing to the pool. So I am thinking of getting
a little board and making a sign post point it towards the pool.
This was my kids favorite sign.

It really is handy sending kids to college. My son came in and
I needed some different fonts for words and I was stuck. I have
watched my husband do it over and over for me, but I was missing
a step. I called my son in and he showed me. But unlike my husband
who likes to do things for me my son is different. He makes me do it
myself and then makes me show him the steps how to do it again.

I wonder where he learned that. :)

Blessings from me to you,


  1. Very nice. So you make the BIG amounts in crock pot. I heard of making it in electric blankets, a slow oven and now the crock. I bought a YOLIFE maker to do mine. It does 7 jars, and came with two lids, so you can do a taller bigger jar instead of the little ones. I must admitt it took me a few times to get it down. It is all about temperature. I agree with you it is really cheaper, and rewarding. THANKS for posting your bowl to show bloggers how easy it can be. You gave me an idea to update my progress.

  2. oh that's too cute! the tables have turned. the teached becomes the teacher. :) i love your woodwork. you have a true talent - and i really like the flag one!

  3. isn't that why we had them.....to teach us these things!!!

    mine are never around when i need them!!! ha

    i love all the wood signs

  4. Your signs turned out really great! The yogurt sure looks delicious :)

  5. I think you should definatly hang that sign of fresh eggs by your chickens! I'm sure they will lay more eggs that way!!!

    thanks for making me laugh!

  6. I like the three star sign - and you have indeed taught your son well -- how to be a good follow through teacher -- hugs

  7. I love your signs, especially the three stars. It looks like it came from the Country Sampler magazine.

    I think that your son must have learned how to teach from you. It's not teaching until the student has learned what was taught. Well done.

    I make yogurt in the oven with the light on. I put 100 ℉ water in the roasting pan and put my bottles of yogurt in and put it in the oven until the yogurt is set. I haven't made it in a while. I should make some, it's so good. JB

  8. Goodness, you are a busy woman! So productive! So, are you going to share the yogurt recipe? I might like to give that a try!

  9. Love the beach sign! It really does point to the beach too, just way way far off... hehe.

  10. Oh I have the yogurt on my list to do when we get settled, I have been meaning to try the slow cooker type.
    Your signs are just great...now how do you blog and get all this done?
    As for college...yes it is fun to see what they learn...we now have four that have been in college and it is always exciting to see what come from their time there...and if it helps me, then that is even better.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  11. Kim, those signs are totally awesome! Nice work! Love it when our children teach us.

  12. I too make my own yogurt and love it.Though I just boil it and set it up on the fridge,I'm going to try your recipe.Lovin all your signs they are darling`Cheers Kim

  13. I love the flag! And all the rest...

    I make yogurt using jars of hot water, towels and a cooler. Yours sounds so much simpler, I'm going to look for a tutorial when I'm finished here!

    Blessings, Debbie


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