June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

See this oriental poppy? It is just growing out all by itself
in the place we drive to when I need to unload chicken and rabbit feed, out by my shed. I just admire it every time I see it.
It just blooms where it is planted. :)

Can you believe it is June? I am so glad. May seemed long and
not at all like spring. I worked all day in the garden and I am a bit
loopy. Just me and my hula-hoe. The weeds are just loving all of the rain
and cool temperatures. Not my garden though. They keep yelling about wanting
some warm days.

The dog thinks that the pumpkin vines have a very special perfume and
I catch her out there rolling and rolling on my plants. I can't figure out what
would make a pumpkin plant smell so good.

I was reading a blog today Raspberry Corner and she talked about the little
bunny they found and when they caught it it screamed.

It made me think about when I heard a bird scream. Did you even know a bird
could scream?
When we finally got to move in after we built the house. All of the animals around
here had got used to this being empty and without people. The cement underneath
the tile has all kinds of prints from animals walking across the wet cement. I thought
it was cute the cement contractor did not.

Our first morning here was in December and we were still working out the bugs.
Like the shower had no water pressure. The heater ran but no heat came out,
you know things like that.

All of the windows have windows above them.

We were sitting in our bedroom looking out at all of the work
we still had to finish and I noticed up on the ledge a piece of wood
left there by the workman. I am too short to reach it so I told my husband
and he got up there about the same time a bird flew in to get a bug
I suppose. As the bird saw my husband's face and my husband saw the bird
they both made a sound, but the bird screamed really loud.
I thought we were going to laugh ourselves silly because we had no idea
a bird could scream.
Any way I have been thinking about that all day.

So this is the kind of post I write when I work all day.
I worked a bit on my rug and then I read a book I was trying to finish.
I cried all afternoon over that book. I still am undecided about it too.
I couldn't tell you if it was good, well written or what. What I can tell you
was it was about life and the people we meet along the way.

Time to stop for now. I need to cook dinner.
Have a wonderful Thursday,
Thanks for reading my ramblings.


  1. Kim,
    You are so funny! I know how you feel when you're a bit loopy after a good day's work! We just sat on the front porch...the sky was yellow...they're having tornado warnings west of us...but our mother robin was having a hissy fit because we were too close to her nest! So, we gathered the dog and went inside. Ten minutes later...she was happily roosting again!

  2. Yes, we heard a dove scream not too long ago when a Scrub Jay stole it's baby. It was a very heart wrenching scream. Made me want to shoot the Scrub Jay.

    I'm glad you got to work on your rug a bit. I'm so glad it's already Thursday.

  3. you are cute when you're loopy. you tell all sorts of fun things. :)

  4. With so muchbeautiful things growing around your property everyday it's hard to be bored. I too have been working in the yard all day. I've been deadheading my spent tulips and lepoard bane. Gee I hate that word "deadheadding" I've been doing the Marie Antoinette thing all morning. "Off with their heads" Lol.

    I heard birds scream when I got too close to their nest in the hedge. Also when the squirril stole the cardinal's egg out of their nest way up in a tree, the little bugger.

    Good for you working on or rug. You put me to shame. Hugs, JB

  5. sprinkle some coffee powder (i know that is not the right word but i can't think of the proper word right now..) on/around your plant. your dog surely will not like that and thus not roll in them no more!

    Hope that helps

  6. Any person that notices a poppy growing on its own is a true spirit. I adore your blog and do not think you are rambling. I like reading about what happens to people in their daily lives. Besides that I could spend all day outside if the RAIN would stop. Will definitely be back to visit very soon.

  7. we are dry as bones here. we are having to water twice a day to keep things alive. 103 degree days like today don't help! once i heard a mother bird screaming at a cat who was too close to her nest. amazing that such a large sound could come out of such a small bird!

  8. best loopy post ever.....

    that was a lot of super fun information...

    loved the poppy, love that you notice it more!!!

  9. Fun read...now I need to listen for a bird's scream.
    Have a great day

  10. I loved your ramblings. I'm thinking that the inside of your brain must look a lot like the inside of mine!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Yes, I have heard a bird scream, and it will scare you to bits, this is such a cute story,now what would have happened if you had got the board out and your eyes met the birds. I think I would have been so startled that I would have fallen backwards or fainted. ~LOL~


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