June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

It is Wednesday Words for Weight Loss day.

Do you remember Hobo kitty? She had three kittens
yesterday. She is a very sweet mother. Two yellow
ones and one three colored one like the momma.
So it brings my cat total to nine. Enough about that.
Just to say I will not get attached.

On to the questions.
1. What are you doing to go "green"?

Will you hate me if I say nothing? I think all of this green stuff is a load of hooey. Do I try and be careful with what I consume? Yes, I try and keep pesticides from the water table, I can my food so I am not adding to the land fill, but for the most part. I think going green is worse than things were before. I live in California, we are so penalized by everything. I see what in the end happens when we worship nature and not the creator. So on to another question.

2. If you could try a sport you've never tried before, what would it be?

Wow, I have tried lots and lots of sports, lets see, dog sledding. I haven't ever tried that but
I would love to be a musher and try a short dog race someday. Well if I moved that is where it had some snow.

3. What's your favorite vegetable and how do you like to prepare it?
I love salads, I can always eat more salad. My husband fixes the best salads. His salads always taste better than mine so he is our salad maker. My favorite is when we BBQ chicken and then slice it in strips and put it on top of spinach.

4. Do you enjoy thrift shops, consignment shops, or antique stores?

I do love antique stores but I don't go to them very much. I would like to I suppose but I just never have enough time. Not to mention, I am not much of a shopper. It isn't something I enjoy,
I am more of a conquer the shopping list type.

5. Who's the most positive person you know?
It has to be my husband. He is always positive and even in the hardest things he is always able
to see a silver lining. He laughs all of the time and he laughs at my jokes and it is always important to have someone who laughs at your jokes.

Thanks Patrice, I hope you will stop by and visit Patrice.


  1. Kim the 'musher'. I learn something new about you every time I visit! My daughter was obsessed with dog sled racing for a while when she was younger. She wrote a cute little story and illustrated it. We had them printed up (inexpensive at the copy shop) and she handed them out as her Christmas gifts when she was 8.

    The Atta Boy race is hosted here in central Oregon each year and she conned her dad into taking her there to watch. A local favorite/hero was participating and Erin got to go to the banquet beforehand and meet her and have her copy of Rachel's (the 16 year old, blind musher's) book signed.

    Maybe in a few years we'll be going to watch Kim. And we hope you won't be too snobby to sign our copy of your book! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Yeah, you know Ben said "don't get attached" to our kittens and he's already named the stripey and said it's the one he's keeping. I think you two have animal weakness. ;)

    Hehe dog sledding. That would be hilarious! And fun too, I think. How do you like this weather today? It's nice to get a breezy, cool break from the heat. :)

  3. Are you sure about not getting attached to the kitties? Really sure? LOL

    Dog sledding---I didn't even think of that one! That would be interesting...until the sled overturned on me. LOL

  4. Kim I linked up to Wednesday Words of Weight loss but I haven't had time to post my answers yet. I can picture you as a dog musher in the sub zero temperature with your breath smoking from the cold crisp air... using that whip and leaving a trail of snow dust behind.

    Your husband is very handy to have around. I always love other people's cooking too as long as they fix it healthy. I sometimes get tired of cooking because I have to. JB

  5. I guess we can choose to have different opinions on the "green" thing. There are people who worship the creation, not the Creator, but I also know that we should be good stewards of what is given to us. I feel a sense of responsibility to leave this place better for other generations.

    I want to come take pictures when you MUSH! I think it will be a drastic change of climate for you. I like huskies, but my vet said they aren't too smart. I came close to getting one years ago, but changed my mind when he told me that about them.

  6. MUSH -- A California girl wishes to race dog sleds in the freezing cold snow! LOL I'm giggling because now I am thinking of the Jamaican Bob Sled Team.
    You make me smile :)

  7. love these.....and #5, i could have written that!! ;)


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