June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rain Drops and Roses

This morning we woke up to the nicest rain storm.
It was nice to sit and drink hot coffee and watch the rain.
Then the clouds moved on and the day became bright and sunny,
though now it looks more like a puffy cloud day.
Rain in June this time of year as my grandmother would say,
"Scarce as hen's teeth." Rain left my flowers looking fresh, and clean
and like paintings, if I painted.

I am still obsessed with raindrops. I love taking pictures
of them because looking at life through a rain drop just tickles me.
I love seeing the different colors reflected in the drop.
I love seeing the drop as it changes and shifts if there is a
tiny breeze, or a dog walking by, trying to see what I am
staring at so closely with that thing in front of my face.

I love the way the drops just sit there, yet looking for all the
world like diamonds that would decorate any beautiful woman.

I love how the drops just hang off the leaves,
suspended in time.

Today I am happy for the rain, I am glad I can wear shorts
because it is not cold. Last night I was walking and even though
the wind was blowing and the clouds were dark. I could feel the
warmth of summer hidden in the cool. I know that soon, it
will be warm all of the time and I will wish for these cool days.

Now, real life happens, my laundry baskets are filled to overflowing,
my house needs to be vacuumed, the furniture dusted and floors mopped.
Such is life on Monday, but I just had to stop and photograph,
rain drops on roses,
Have a lovely Monday,



  1. Those flowers are so pretty, their Roses? I am so sick of the rain here in Oregon and ready for some summer weather.Though after a long summer I am ready to see a lil rain here and there just not 6 months worth.~Cheers Kim

  2. I love your pictures of raindrops too. They're so pretty, they really are like diamonds. This weather is so weird. It's left my wardrobe very confused! Ben and I think we're going to have a very nasty, hot and humid summer though.

  3. oh, those are beautiful shots as always, dear kim. i think you are the flower and rain drop whisperer. :)

    wish i could have shared some of your rain. we are hot and crisping up here...

  4. I could feel the warmth of summer hidden in the cool... You are a poet Kim! Between that and taking time for pictures of raindrops on roses I now know that our brain patterns must be almost identical.

    I always love visiting you!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Great photos today! I don't get quite so excited about the rain because it makes my hair fuzzy. LOL Your header photo should be enlarged and framed!

  6. My kind of day too Kim!

    The pics of the raindrops are so good... as we are already sweltering in the high 90's in Texas!

    And as for the dust and laundry... I'm just not in a hurry to go there today either... it'll be there tomorrow, just more of it!

  7. What beautiful photos....and sentiments :)

    (I am struggling to imagine myself loving the rain that much! I may have similar feelings for sunshine though!)

  8. You are so poetic! Beautiful pictures and lovely thoughts. The way you find such joy in the little things blesses me and prompts me to pay more attention. :-)

  9. after it rains I love it when I go walking to find Rain drops hanging around on different objects and plants.. lovely photos..

  10. ALL your photos look like paintings!!! So beautiful. I love the raindrops.
    Thanks for your comment on my post today. What you wrote is so true.
    Have a wonderful new week!

  11. Kim, I love your gorgeous roses. I love flowers so much. I also love to look at water drops on spider webs. It's so beautiful to see how mother nature makes even little pearls of water look like diamonds in the sun. JB

  12. I love your pictures. I missed the rain. I got up early (I thought) and everything was wet, but I didn't even know that it had rained. I am LOVING this weather. It's almost perfect. A beautiful 72 - 74 degrees, breezes...just lovely. I KNOW the heat is coming, but in the meantime, how wonderful is this? Hope you had a good day.. HUGS

  13. Beautiful pictures...oh so peaceful the raindrops...we are needing rain and I so enjoy the smell of rain. We are hitting the 100's...enjoy your day.

  14. Beautiful photos, Kim, and roses are one of my favorite flowers, especially fragrant ones I was on the porch yesterday working on my hanging baskets and I could smell their aroma from thirty feet away such a treat.It would be so wonderful if you could send some rain our way, we are irrigating again today.
    Enjoy your day.

  15. Is was such a nice rainstorm! It made all your flowers look so nice. Did the calla lilies get pools of water in them or did it run out? I've always wondered if they would fill up, since they're a cup shape.


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