June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fridays At Grama's

Today I have had all of our grandchildren over. This morning
Megan came with her boys. They hung out and picked plums.
The boys ran around the garden and played in the dirt.
They drew on the porch with chalk. They played with toys
and I think when she got them home they took really good naps.

I had to take my son to piano lessons and when I got back,
I had a house full. My daughter and her family came and
my son had invited his friend over so they could play games.
So they played games until dinner time.
Today is my daughter and her husband's fifth anniversary,
So her kids are spending the night with gama and papa.

We played McDonald's in the fort. I watched my husband
play with them and it hit me how much I love that man.
I always fell in love with him over and over watching him
with our children but watching him with our grandchildren
is just beyond cool.
I just finished giving them a bath and getting them in their pajamas.
They are playing with Legos a bit and then I will put them to bed.
I made sure that I found out what time is their bedtime because last time
they told me they went to bed at 9:30. Their bedtime is 8:00 by the way.

I think I am the one who I hope makes it to 8:00 P.M.
They get up early so I imagine we will all have coffee together in the
morning. :)
I hope you have a lovely weekend.



  1. this made me chuckle. they're smart little goobers... 9:30. ha!

  2. Hahaha sneaky little butts. 9:30! Sounds like something J would do. "Oh no Gama, momma lets us stay up til 9:30..." I had so much fun this morning! I never get to see you guys anymore - it was really nice!

  3. Have fun! That's neat about watching your husband with the kids.

  4. Now that sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. They sound so sweet...and sneaky too! Funny about the bedtimes! Your place sounds like it is heaven to little ones!

  6. This sounds like an amazing day. Spending the day with with grandchildren is priceless.


  7. Having the grands is always an exciting wonderfully exhausting experience...enjoy

  8. Oh what a wonderful life you have!!! How precious..and I can't wait to see what a great grandfather my husband will be...I know the kids will want to come to just be with him.
    This is a precious post...God is good!

  9. Sounds like a fun...and exhausting day! You made some memories!

  10. Good morning! The best time is that spent with the grandkids isn't it? How blessed we are...And oh how I know what you are talking about watching your hubby with his grands. I love that too. My youngest grand daughter is sooo attached to her grandpa right now. Runs to him with her arms out stretched when she sees him, and crys when he is leaving. Sooo precious. Have a wonderful week-end, and Happy Anniversary to your kids! HUGS

  11. I hope you get them up real early and make them chop weeds! I'm glad Dad got to play with the munchkins, they just love their Papa so much and they hardly get to see him. :-)

  12. That is so sweet, watching your husband with the kiddies. It sounds like a great day. Laughing about the sneaky bedtimes. I think we have all pulled that trick when we were little.

  13. Kim, that's how kid move forward by stretching their boundaries. When they succeeds, it a victory for them. But sooner or later the truth catches up with them and they can't pull the wool over Gama eyes any more, lol..

    I'm so envious of your plum tree, so loaded.

    I love having my grandkids over and to them visiting Mamoo ( that's what they call me)... is time well spent.... They don't want to go home even now as they get older. They live right down town and here on the farm there is wide open spaces and lots to explore by the river bank and just being at a different house with different things to do.

    How nice that your husband is so family oriented. You are so blessed. Even my son in law when he came for a visit around Christmas, the kids just adore him as he go play out in the snow with them building snow forts on the front lawn. They just love their uncle Joe. Have a great weekend. Hugs JB

  14. no gradkids yet but this really made me smile!!

    i hope i have days like this in my future!!!

  15. *grandkids....why am i sooooo confident that i don't proof read!!!

  16. to me grand children are the hightlight and the delight in our lives -- you too have a wonderful weekend..


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