Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Days

This morning I could hear crows. I was still in my nightgown. I should have been dressed.
I went outside in the back yard and walked around and looked in all of the trees. No crows.
I could still hear them cawing is that a word? So I went out my side gate which is on the side
of the yard. I started walking towards the big tree in the front yard, when it dawned on me,
I am in the front yard in my night gown, what am I thinking. I turned around and ran back into
the side gate. I thought I was loosing my mind because the crows were so loud and my hens
were yelling like something was after them. I walked out a little further into the yard and on my
roof were 5 crows. The were very offended I was in my nightgown and started yelling
like crazy.

I ran back in the house to get my camera, and they took offense at being photographed.
As soon as they saw my camera two of them flew off and then as you can see the others
started flying away. They scolded me severely though. They are thugs. They fly around
looking for baby birds and eggs. A couple of them wanted to build a nest in our pine tree.
I threw rocks at them until they left. My little pointy heads (Phoebes) live in the tree next
to the pine tree. I could tell Mr. and Mrs. Crow thought they would just settle in and eat
the Phoebes babies.

This is not the direction this post was going, but it is where it is ending up. Thanks for watching
my hula-hoe video. I have loved your comments and I have laughed and enjoyed myself.
Who knew?

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.
I wish you a lovely day,



TexWisGirl said...

i love these kinds of posts from you. they always make me laugh. in the front yard in your nighgown. too cute!

Bonnie K said...

Great post. Crows can be unnerving. I watched the hula hoe. I may get one for my orchard. Thanks for the video. I appreciate your humor.

Debbie said...

you sure have a way of telling stories....i always smile as i read!!!

Miss Debbie said...

You made me laugh! I can see you running around in your gown and I can picture you throwing rocks at the crows. Thugs...that is the perfect name for crows! ha! ha!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Crows can be wretched creatures -smile-. I do my morning chores in my mean that's not acceptable???

Sue said...

Kim, this is so funny I have done the same thing around here in my night clothes. Crows are so annoying, and they do like to rob other birds nest. It is fun to watch our Mocking birds chase them. You and I are so blessed to be able to see the things we do, God knew what it would take to make you and I happy and He certainly gives it to us. W are not furs and diamonds kind of girls just give us our chickens, a garden, and a place full of His creations and we are so content. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

Julia said...

Kim, being outside in your night cloths is perfectly acceptable to me. But if you were outside in your front yard naked, now that would be another thing. lol. The crows would really have something to crow about.

Crows are annoying birds but they can be amazing just the same. They are very intelligent. When my mother was alive, she fed them left over on a big rock in the back yard and then she would observe them and she learned a lot about their interesting behaviors. Well she had nothing else to do. JB

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Crows are loud!! They seem to take over the whole bird neighborhood. I like decorating with crow folk art though!

no spring chicken said...

Yes, they are thugs! We have the same problem. We've created for ourselves a nice little bird santuary complete with dense plantings, feeding stations and birdhouses. We are able to protect the birdhouses as we learned 2 years ago to put squares of cut, metal screen on top. We just lay it there so that if a crow tries to land it's all wobbly and he flies away. But the nests in the trees are out of our control. I totally laughed at the image of you out there in your nightgown because I've done the same thing!!

Blessings, Debbie said...

Oh I will always visit because I can come and get my fill of nature..which will be downsizing again...oh Lord what are you doing? I just rest in your stories, I hear the sounds, see the beauty of nature and even enjoying the thought of walking outside in your gown...something I could never do with as close as we are. God is faithful to us all and I will learn to find refreshing in other ways....well I can always come here to read!

I love your courage to make the video...I too live in a house of performers... someone is always trying to be center stage! LOL I love how God is expanding you through the creative our God is.
Have a great weekend...gotta go box up things!

Kim said...

Haha, I bet the neighbors were all talking this morning. The crows at the cottage are terrible. It always sounded like they had huge rubber boots on running around the roof. I spent more than a few early mornings on the lawn in a nightie yelling at them. But around here, being outside in jammies at the beach isn't strange. Nova scotia cottage people are pretty casual!