June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Date Night

Tonight is date night. My husband and I haven't went on
a date for awhile. First we were going to go out to dinner
then a movie. Then I made Mexican food that he was craving
and he said my food was better. :)

Then we decided that we enjoy watching Swamp People on the computer
and watching Dr. Who on instant more than we like going to see a movie.
So this morning I said, "I know what we can do for a date" . He said, "What?"
I said, " Lets go to Lowe's."
So we made our list and we are going to go on a date to Lowe's He needs a new
saw blade and I need some rope and a two by four and some paint and
maybe some drop cloths. You know to cut up and make pillows for outside.
The cloth kind of drop cloths and if I stencil them they look really cute.

These are last year's sunflowers by the way. I didn't want
anyone thinking I had any this tall yet.
Now I am posting a picture of my son who just turned 22 last
Monday. Yesterday, my daughter was over with her kids and
she had to jump up to take care of one of the little kids. So she
handed off the baby to my son.
I really liked this picture.

My daughter told him to look off in the distance.
I am so glad we have a home that has lots of babies
so everyone gets to practice.
So that is today from my front porch. I hope you have a lovely
Friday. We will be picking plums in the morning.
I love watching my grandson's eat plums.
Life is grand.


  1. It's the simple pleasures, isn't it? It doesn't matter where the dates are as long as you're doing things together!

    Your son has the most gorgeous eyes!

  2. Hey, you stole my picture! :-)

    That cracks me up that the only date you could think of was Lowe's. I think eventually we'll be that way, too. :-)

  3. love the little one in that photo! and happy date night to Lowes!!

  4. Your son is very handsome! I have a 22 year old...and he is handsome, as well! LOL What a great picture! Don't you think that when our teen/early 20 kids hit 22 or so, they change and become so mature...like they finally get the whole adult thing and think we're wonderful and smart again? LOL

    Your date night sounds like something we would do. I often think that eating out can be disappointing...lots of money and I could've done better cooking myself! And a trip to the hardware store...bliss!

  5. Kim, I hope that you put on some soft slow music so you two can have a slow dance with each others or one of your favorite when you were younger. I hope that yo enjoy your date and all it brings. I love that beautiful picture of your son and his baby. Very nice. Hugs. JB

  6. You are so cute, having a date at Lowe's. Mexican food sounds good - it's one of my favorites. The photo of your son and baby is precious. I love how she is clutching his finger.
    Did you mention those were last years sunflowers for my benefit? Lol. My little sprout I planted outside seems OK. He is lonely but still living.
    Kim :)

  7. very handsome 22 yr. old son - nearly as handsome as my twin who will be 29 this coming July. Seeing him with the baby looks like he is right easzzzzzzzzz..I had to laugh about your date night and about heading off to Lowes -- I've done that MANY times to funny -- can't wait to see the end project with the dropclothes - good idea!

  8. love the picture of your son and grandbaby, so precious!!!

    interesting date night...be sure and post pictures of those pillows once they are done. i admire your creative spirit!!!

  9. I hope you had fun at Lowe's! Sweet picture of your son and he happy....handsome guy! Enjoyed reading about your dad. This will be the first Father's Day without my dad....he died last July. Thankfully, I have a busy weekend planned, so I won't have much time to dwell on that.

  10. Your date to Lowes sounds like my husband and I when we start our week vacation at Menards:) The photos are great. Love the sunflowers and your son looks great with his niece. Glad your family is happy and healthy.

  11. We have to been to Lowe's a whole lot lately. I have bought my hubby a couple of gifts...for Father's Day and his birthday coming up in July. Of course the gifts have to do with wood: a work bench, and a router set. So I really do benefit from them too...:) He likes me to put orders in to give him ideas of things to make! If it works well for your date night, more power to you...:)

    Wonderful photo there too! It is cute about you liking to watch your grandsons eat plums. I can relate. My granddaughter Zoe loves to eat a lot! She loves meat! :) Life is grand!!!

    Blessings to you,


  12. Haha sounds like dates around here too. "Where you wanna go?" "I dunno, but I need weed killer and some screws." "Ok! Let's go to Lowe's!"

  13. I love it! Sounds like a good date to me. Your son is very handsome! Such a cute pic of him and your grandbaby...Glad you had a good day! HUGS

  14. That's how date nights here happen too Kim. It's hard to fork out the cash for food that you know you can prepare as well if not better and then go sit in a theater when you could curl up on your poofy couch with a bowl of popcorn with butter that cost you .15 cents to make!!

    Of course go to Lowe's. With all of that money you saved you can have a guilt free blast! And don't think I wasn't paying attention when you were talking about stenciled dropcloth pillows... Oh yes, I was taking note!

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. hahaha...you are so dang cute! And, by the way, so is that photo of your son and grandbaby. How'd the date go? Did you find romance at Lowe's?

  16. Love love love the picture! They both look rather content!


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