May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sewing Projects

Punch Needle
I finally finished my first punch needle project.
I found that if I buy a kit then I can see how it is
done and after many trials and errors, I did it.
I found that I really do enjoy punch needle and I
look forward to more projects. I had bought some
patterns from bird brain designs. They came with
punch needle patterns already inside so I can't
wait to start those now that I finally no how to do
My next project is Rug Hooking.

I bought this kit too, and even though I had been
trying on my own, it makes it so much easier to see
how wide the strips need to be and what the backing
fabric should look like. I have looked for classes in
my town for a long, long time so this helps and the place
I bought my kit from has step by step directions. I bought
this one from Yankee Peddler rug hooking kits.
I have this favorite place I visit all of the time because
I love every thing on this website and it is called Colonial
So I am excited about learning all of this stuff, I am still
working on that button, 10 minute hooker or what ever
it is called. :)
Have a great Wednesday.


  1. How cute! Did you find your little tool thing, or did you have to get a new one? How are you feeling today?

  2. Hi Meg, I am feeling much better. I found the tool thing, E.and P had found it upstairs and put it on the book shelf, they didn't know that was what I was looking for, they thought it was trash but they kept it anyway. :) How is T.J.and B.? Did you get your kitchen painted?

  3. They are all fine. No one else got whatever T had. He was running around yesterday with all kinds of energy. Now I just have the problem of him being used to the extra attention and kind of being a brat.

    No, the kitchen isn't painted. I've been lazy. Knitting and reading. :P

  4. I like how your punch needle things look. And I like your latte one. That cracks me up. :-)

    Maybe someday I'll get back into sewing. I remember how much I enjoyed it. And while I'm wishing, I wish I could have time to resume basket-weaving, too. Sigh.

  5. Poor Kess, It will come, it is hard being in the small apartment. You still get to draw sometimes. It is hard when you are burned out. I know I am so burned out on reading books.

  6. "I know I am so burned out on reading books."

    WHAT?!? Did hell just freeze over? :P

  7. You make me laugh, I know it is hard to believe. You should have seen the shocked look on Will and Dad's face when I asked how I could set up a Amazon account to sell books. I said something like " I am not into reading that much anymore." They both looked at me like I was speaking in french. It is true, in 2008 when I kept track I had read 40 since Jan by this time. This year it is only 18 so see burned out. :0

  8. If you started selling your books on Amazon you could make SO MUCH money. o.O So then you could buy more fabric! Hehe

  9. you seem to have a lot of talent and patience! lovely work!!!


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