Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Chickens and Farm Friend Friday

I haven't linked to a Farm Girl Friday in a long time.
I guess I don't really feel like I am a farm girl anymore.
Oh I have chickens, but that is about it now.
My bees flew away. The garden was not good at all this summer.
I only canned a tiny bit this year and when I tried to make
soap, it was a flop.

My husband is turning the garden area into a place to grow
Bonsai trees. I guess I am feeling a bit like Lisa Douglas in Green Acres.
At least you can drink my coffee.

Do you see that white hen in that picture. She is the only one
I have like that. She is a Bantam Silkie. She is I think my favorite
chicken. Her little face is not in the center of her head. If you look at her
straight in her face, her beak is a bit off from her eyes.

I wanted to get some more Silkies so she wouldn't be an only
one but when I tried that I got all silkie roosters. I just hated
to see what was going to happen to her when they got a bit bigger,
so I took them back to the feed store.

She is the gentlest hen most of the time. Except for today.
I looked out in the back yard and she was in her pen.
She was trying to fight the big hens next door. All day.
She jumped and jumped and fought the fence trying to get
at someone on the other side.

I was watching her and I thought, darn she needs a husband.
I should have kept one rooster. So in the spring I might get her
a husband.

She is a nice hen. She has had many narrow escapes.
The hawk thinks she is his. I have seen the hawk walking
up and down outside of her pen reading recipes to her.

You know the other day when the hawk tried to get my sick hen?
The next day, the white silkie was yelling for me and running for
her pen. I was looking out the window to see where the hawk was,
I was yelling for the dog and running for the door. When I saw
the hawk swoop down and try to get my cat.
I wish I had the camera. The cat is very fat even her tail is fat.
She only eats when the dryer buzzer goes off so I must do lots of
laundry. She had the most disgusted look on her face, her
ears were flat. The hawk flew off and scolded me and I stood and
laughed at the cat.

Even in the hawk's wildest dreams he could never lift that cat.
But I thought, well I might have a story or two for a Farm Friend Friday.
So I am linking with Verde Farms today, just because sometimes
I do feel like a farm-girl.

Have a wonderful Weekend!


Jill said...

Your silkie hen is beautiful.

I laughed out loud at the fact that your cat will only eat when the dryer buzzes. I just love cats!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

She even looks silky!! Kim, you're to funny. I loved how you described your cats look and its eating habits.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love hearing about your hens. What menace that hawk is! My husband thinks our cat Sophie should go outside...but she's still so little I'm afraid a hawk really will take off with her.

Buttons Thoughts said...

I think you are still a farm girl at heart. I love your chickens sorry about your bees. B

Miss Debbie said...

What a funny sight to imagine...the hawk trying to lift the cat! Headed to hosp soon...daughter is in labor. Pray for us, please! :-)

TexWisGirl said...

you are just so endearing. the way you tell your stories is just so sweet! :)

Debbie said...

HAHA...the poor cat (even though the picture you painted is quite funny)...that Hawk has just got to go! Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

Marti said...

Your animals are a hoot, and I'm sure the farm girl will resurface. I'm a city girl, but still think country. You could always plant veggies around the bonsai trees. said...

I love your animal stories. The hawk reading recipes to the hen is too funny! Your hens and hawks are story book characters and I love them! :)

Pom Pom said...

Oh, you definitely ARE a farm girl, Kim! Can't those hawks survive on field mice? Why do they have to bother the chickens (and the FAT cat!)?
Don't cinnamon rolls sound yummy? Let's make some. Farm girls are good cinnamon roll makers.
Sending lots of LOVE to lovable YOU!

Meg said...

LOL! Gosh, apparently the hawk needs to go on a lean-meat diet if he wants a chance at food. ;)

Kim said...

I started laughing right at the beginning. "My bees flew away" - it sounds funny, like "I'm so bad even the bees left me". Your cat will only eat when the buzzer goes off? And I thought Millie was odd - she refuses to eat food from her dish. She lays in front of it and barks until I take some out and put it on the blankie.

Debbie said...

you are just a wonderful girl...period!!

have a happy weekend!!

Vintage Gal said...

You are still a farm girl...and DEFINITELY a farm girl at heart. In Ontario, our gardens did not do very well. There is always next year. My hens are wonderful and they give me eggs every day. My Rosie is adorable (Rhode Island Red). she loves to be petted. ;-)

Sue said...

Oh Kim, I have so missed your stories!! this sounds like me chasing the hawks around here! lol. You are a "Real Farm Girl", and have so much knowledge about farming. I always glean so much from you.
I have been wanting to get me some Silkies, maybe next spring.
Oh! by the way, I want that wheel barrel in the header, ~smiling~.
Enjoy your day.

Sue said...

Kim, I didn't comment on all the previous post, because I didn't know if you are like me, and very seldom go back and check. I have done some catching up and enjoyed all of your posts, I am so sorry about what happened to your brother and his family, we truly are living in perilous times, and like you if I found someone trying to break in ,.... they have had a bad day.
I was glad to find out what type of camera you use, because your photos are absolutely beautiful, all the time. Well,dear friend I must go, I have a lot of catching up to do.,enjoy your day.