Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Days

I am so thankful for fall days. We can get so much more work
done around here when it isn't hot.
My husband had to run errands this morning and came home
with a chain saw. We have needed one and we got busy
right away trimming trees. We have 4 green trash cans
and we consider it a good weekend if we fill all four up.
We also filled up a brown one so we did get 5 trash cans.
Then we stop.

I thought I would show you a picture of my finished
Halloween rug. It is in front of the wood stove, but it
hasn't been cold enough for a fire yet.

My white hen died this morning. I am relieved.
I couldn't make her well and it is better now she isn't
suffering. Still, it always knocks wind out of my sails a bit.
Even a chicken.

I thought I would show you my next rug. I think it will be
pretty if I would just work on it. I sit and stare at it and I hook
very slowly. I love that pumpkin.

My kids are getting to dress up every day this weekend at work.
Yesterday all of the girls dressed up as 80s work out girls.
This is my daughter,

I told her that her hair needed to be bigger and I never even
owned one set of leg warmers so she had to wear socks. They looked
cute at work.

My son was Edward Cullen as in the vampire from Twilight.

Today he just wore a shirt that said, " It was his costume."
My daughter was a cowgirl. I forgot to take pictures.
They have enjoyed working this weekend just because
they have got to dress up.
This weekend they have been making pizza's in the shape
of pumpkins.

I hope you all have a nice weekend, and my friends in the middle
of snowstorms, stay warm.



Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm sorry about your chicken and understand; it's always difficult, even when it's the right thing.

Jill said...

Your fall picture is so pretty. I adore your rug! I can't wait to see the new one once it is done.

I'm sorry about your hen. Always very sad.

Your kids are darling.

Kim said...

Sorry about your hen, but I think it was inevitable. Still sad though. Your Halloween rug is perfect! And the new one is off to a great start too. The kids look great! It is a teeny bit sad that emilie is in a costume from the 80's in stuff we actually wore then. LOL.

Patrice said...

Sorry about your chicken. I'm glad it's fall too. We had snow today for about an hour, but it didn't accumulate on the ground at all. It's almost Snowvember!The weather is getting weirder each year.

Donna said...

So sorry about your little white chicken, I felt that way when my beta fish died. It was just a fish, but I enjoyed watching him.
It's too late now, but you could have use the sleeves of a old sweater for the leg warmers. Just a thought, if you every need one of the kids to dress in a 80's workout clothes again.
I'm hoping this comment works, last time I tried I couldn't post comments.
Donna from Morning Glory Craft Cottage.

Donna said...

Yea it worked!!!!! :)

camp and cottage living said...

I like the blue background you chose for your 1st pumpkin rug-it makes the Jack's really stand out. I'm looking forward to seeing your newest rug done. Do you make up your own patterns or buy them?
The kids look like they are ready for fun. For some reason the work atmosphere is always lighter during the holidays. And pumpkin pizzas-I want one! That's such a neat idea.

Alica said...

Fall days ARE great for getting lots done, aren't they! I think we've gone straight from summer to winter though...haven't even raked leaves yet, and there' snow on the ground! I don't remember ever having snow this early. But we're warm and cozy right far the power has stayed on. :) By the way, the rug is great!

Bonnie K said...

I am in love with that rug!!! I'm afraid the 80's costume brought back memories. I so enjoy fall. Sorry about white hen. Hope you have fun working on the rug.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh I Love your hooked rug! This is something I would love to try one day. Is it hard to do? I'm not one who has much patience with needlepoint, but possibly rug hooking doesn't go as slow?

You have cute kids. Looks like they had a ball dressing up this week.

Cindy said...

I'm so sorry about your hen. She had a wonderful life being one of your beloved chickens.
Your rug is so beautiful! Very good job Kim!

Anonymous said...

Love that sweet Halloween rug... you are talented! I'm so sorry about your 'chickie.' No life is insignificant...

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim!
Pumpkin shaped pizzas? What a great idea!
I'm sad about White Hen, too.

Debbie said...

I know how you feel about getting outside work done in the Fall. The weather is soo perfect here for that. We dug around in our shed rearranging things etc. yesterday and dug out the Christmas lights already and started sorting....good feeling. I am sorry about your little chicken...sad. I love your rugs. Years and years ago I hooked a couple of rugs that I used for wall hangings. They were sold then in kits...does it still work that way?? I haven't even seen any in years. Do you make your own up? Where do you get them? They are sooo good. Have a good Sunday! HUGS

Debbie said...

OH! I forgot....I 80's look has to have BIG BIG hair, haha....

Marti said...

Poor chicken, but its not good for anything to suffer. Your halloween rug is cute. The fall rug will be outstanding. I'm glad that fall is sort of here. It's 58 at 8:00. You have nice looking kids.

Debbie said...

oooohhhh kim, i love your rugs. i did some years ago, i am not even sure where they are.

i am sorry about your hen, ??silkie?? i loved seeing her pictures, she was really special!!

your kids are adorable, just like you!!

i printed all your pictures yesterday, i will be assembling today and tomorrow. i will let you know when i mail them!! xo

Kris said...

Wonderful picture of the tree leaves changing colors. Is that a sugar maple? Fall is one of my favorite times of year too.

Miss Debbie said...

Sorry about your hen. I know that made you sad. Speaking of dressing up...before we knew our baby was a girl, we called her blueberry. So, her aunt made her a blueberry costume. The hosp photographer took some pics of her in about adorable!

Empty Nester said...

I'm sorry about the hen, but I agree- it is better that she's not suffering anymore. I hate it when animals get sick.

I totally LOVE your rug! And the one you are working on is fantastic!

The kids are adorable! It's fun that they are able to dress up for work!

Jill said...

Kim: I am having problems with gmail but I want you to know how much I appreciate your comments on my blog. Your kindness means so much to me.