June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Today is it time to have a visit on the Farm House Porch.
Patrice always has the nicest questions to share.
I hope you can come along for a visit.


1. Are you afraid of heights or small places?

I was never afraid of heights or small places, until I had children. I wonder what is up with that? The first time I noticed I was afraid of heights we were in Holland, Michigan and I was at the top of a windmill. All of a sudden I couldn't stand up nor could I move.
It was during the Tulip Festival and there were tons of people, and I had to give the baby to my husband, and I had to crawl backwards down three flights of stairs, and I had to sit outside on a bench until my legs stopped shaking. I have to force myself now to just get on top of a ladder.

2. What was on top of your wedding cake? (If you're not married- What was on top of your favorite birthday cake?)

My Mom and I fought about this silly cake topper.

She planned the whole wedding and I was determined that this going to be the top of my cake. She was furious. It made me laugh and sometimes I do have such an odd sense of humor. I had to go to my Dad and he overruled her but it was a costly battle.

3. What was something you took for granted in school that you'd pay better attention to now if you could do it over?

Without a doubt I would have been a home EC major instead of an English one. I wish I had got a education in textiles. I also wish I had taken short hand. I loved typing and really thought I would be a secretary.

4. What's your favorite type of tea or coffee? (ie: Chai tea, green tea, English Breakfast tea)

I enjoy chamomile tea, but I do have this love for coffee. I can always have one more cup of coffee.

5. Would you rather drive the car, or be a passenger?

I would rather drive. I am a passenger most of the time though.

Thanks so much for reading along. I hope you are having a nice



  1. i don't mind climbing a ladder - just don't make me get off of it onto a roof and back again. terrifies me! :)

  2. I really regret not doing shorthand too. Nobody in school ever taught it, and I was saying to our own girls the other day that I reckon we ought to look for a course that does it. What a useful tool, and noone seems to do it! Go figure...

    A x

  3. I think the cake topper is adorable!

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  5. Your photos are great. I love the whole fall theme you have going with your blog. At one point, I regretted not having taken shorthand. However, I don't think about it now. Oh yes, I love your wedding topper!

    Check out some of my posts...
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    Have a good day!
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  6. That's funny about the cake topper. And now I want a cup of chai tea. I hope it rains all day so I can drink some! And maybe light candles. Somewhere the munchkins won't get them.

  7. I love the cake topper! I believe it's the same one my daughter almost chose. I liked it then too but her MIL didn't and she ended up going with something more traditional.

  8. I know what you mean about having kids and being afraid of heights. I'd completely forgotten about taking my 2 year-old on a chairlift. I was constantly afraid that she would somehow slip away. Maybe we become more protective?

  9. We have so much in common. I am in awe at how much each time I read your answers to questions. I always thought we are so different but we really aren't. I love your Wednesday posts.

  10. That's a scary story about the height issue. I have a terrible fear of heights and closed in places. The thing that affected me after having the lovelies was anything that goes in circles. I can't do it.

  11. I think the cake topper is great, also not good with heights

  12. Oh, heights and I are not friends. I just had an episode on a hike with my husband this summer. We hit a part of the trail and I just froze...trembling, crying, couldn't move...poor guy had to lead me down the rest of the path with me gripping his arm so tightly! I have many funny stories about the height thing! I love coffee too...lucky my son works for Starbucks!!

  13. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your visits to Wise Old Owl. I've decided to combine my blogs so you can find me now at Jeremiah 29:11. There's a page at the top called Wise Old Owl!!! If you get a chance, I would love for you to visit me there!!! HOPE you have a great week!

  14. Hi Kim, I got a kick from that fancy cake topper of yours. You were such a cute bride but what a warp sense of humor you had when you were young. Lol... I guess that your new husband only cared about you and not the cake topper. Me on the other hand, I was so serious when I was young. I must have been a pain to be with for my husband... Lol...

    That's quite a story about your fear of height on top of a wind mill.
    I love coffee but can't drink too much or I shake and feel very jittery afterward.

    Take care my friend and keep your feet on the ground. Hugs. JB

  15. I so enjoyed this chat, Kim, the wedding cake topper was so funny, .


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