Thursday, October 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

It is Thursday again. I just can't believe how fast the days
seem to be flying by. My husband last night suggested that
we start our Christmas shopping this week.
I about fainted. The years when life was crazy, he took
over the Christmas shopping for me. He does a very nice job too.
He has spread sheets and charts that he fills out as we shop.
We have lots of family now so I think that is the only way that
works for us.
He told the kids he already has his list ready for them. It just makes
me laugh he is so ready for Christmas.

I took care of my grand sons this week so Momma could go to the
doctor. We had a nice time. When I married my husband, one of his traits
that drove me nuts, I mean nuts!! I would tell him something like we
were out of something in the pantry just for a illustration. He would jump
up and go check for himself. Then we had kids. All six are the same way.
All of them go check to see if what I said is the same for them. I have
learned through the years just to shut up and live with it. It is just the
way it is.
I was watching the boys and they were having hot chocolate and gold fish
crackers. One of them asked me if I had chips. You know the little bags of them?
I haven't bought them in a while and I said, " No, I ran out I will get some when
I go to the store again. The looked at me and said, " Can we go check?"

I shook my head yes, as they jumped up to go check. I laughed to myself, because
it is something in the genes and I am out numbered. :)

I picked a few gourds this week. I don't know if these guys will dry until
next year. This morning when I went outside I could see my breath.
It plays havoc on drying gourds. I had plans for these guys too, I may just have
to wait now.

I just have a few morning glories left now. I was glad to find this one.
It makes me so happy to find some flowers now.

The Pomegranates are finally getting ripe. I am so happy
that we have them. They are my husband's favorite.
I like them but I am warped about them. I was watching him
eat them one day. He asked me why I don't eat them and I told
him that when I was a kid my grandmother had a huge tree in
her yard. We would pick them and break them open on the road
and then eat them.
Always the next day I know it wasn't but it seemed like it was,
every time I had Pomegranates, The next day, they would call
all of the whole school outside in lines by classroom.
The principal would go kid by kid, classroom by classroom and look
at our hands. If our hands were dirty or we had stuff under our nails
we would be taken out of line and we had to go to the office, in front
of the whole school while everyone watched.

It was a nightmare for me as I stood there. I can eat them now with
no repercussions, but do you know I still can stand to get my hands dirty
or stained so I wear gloves.

I wonder if they knew then that they were making all kinds of kids
into little Monks.

Well just some odds and ends today. I hope you are having a
nice week so far.

Thanks for stopping by,


GardenOfDaisies said...

DH doesn't make spreadsheets, but he does get lists from the kids and then he does the majority of the Christmas present shopping. I take care of filling the stockings.
What a terrible school experience you had. I've never heard of a hand inspection before. I buy pomegranates for the kids every holiday season, I suppose because my mother did for me when I was little. It has become a tradition.

Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

A man that likes Christmas? And even shops? You are so lucky! All I get is Ba - Humbug!

Meg said...

Oh gosh did they really?!? They do it to me and it drives me crazy too. Well, at least they come by it honestly. Haha. I am starting to Christmas shop too. Actually, I started in Auguest. >.> I am so ready for Christmas!

You can break open a pomegranate in a bowl of water and they hardly make any mess at all. I learned it from Alton Brown and I did it yesterday and it was great!

Marti said...

Well, I just took a break from my sewing--I am making Christmas presents. Every year, I give homemade stuff, except for the little grandkids, they always want Walmart toys.

Debbie said...

we all have funy little habits, don't we?? we pass them on and history repeats itself. just yesterday my older son said "i'm getting like you mom" he was catching a disease!! then he tied to tell me it was a compliment ;)

Kim said...

LOL I must confess - I do that too. Maybe I am related somehow to your husband. My Christmas shopping is over half done (maybe a little more)

Stephanie V said...

It's so scary to suddenly see myself doing or saying something the way that my mother did. I always thought when I was a kid she would have been the only one ever to do it. Then there's my kids...they must be worried too when they see themselves turn into me - or their Dad.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Kim, how lucky for you that your husband is interested in Christmas shopping. I would so wish that my husband was interested in Christmas shopping and decorating. If it was left to him Christmas would be just like an ordinary day except for going to church and eating turkey of course.

It feels so good to have an identity and be able to post comments normally. I think that I was taking this blogging thing for granted.

I never bother with pomegranates either but my daughter buys them and her whole family loves them. JB

TexWisGirl said...

the 'checking to be sure' story was too funny! :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Christmas shopping so soon? LOL What a wondeful hubby you have. Well if I had six children and all those precious grandchildren I would need to begin shopping now too. It's not the shopping that I mind, but the wrapping. You know I have never eaten a pommegranate, hand inspection, I have never heard of such a thing. Hope you are enjoying the day, cold and rainy here in Maine with a chance of snow showers!

Debbie said...

WOW!! I can't even imagine my hubby thinking about Christmas presents let alone being on it by himself!! How wonderful that must have been (and still is I guess!) Now to be fair to my guy he will help out when I ask him too, shop with me if I want him too, and pays for it all without blinking an eye, but DO IT on his own?? No way!! lol Your hand inspection story is a weird one...What on earth was their point I wonder? To just see whose hands were dirty? How traumatizing that must have been... Wasn't the cool morning today just wonderful? Sooo chilly, I loved it! Hope you are having a good day! HUGS

Alica said... are so gracious about everyone checking up on you! I have a hard time learning that sometimes "that's just how it is"! :) It would be easier if I'd just learn!!

Kessie said...

I have stared at that picture of the leaves, with the colored ones on the gray. It looks doctored or posed. Like something in one of Pioneer Woman's contests.

That's funny about the boys wanting to check up on you! Maybe you have a dishonest face? :-D

Jill said...

That is really interesting about your husbands trait following down through the generations like that. I'm so glad you can laugh about it.

You are the only person I know that has their own pomegrante trees. That is so neat!

Your morning glory is so lovely. Enjoy it while you can. :)

Dawn said...

Ahhh Kim! The "apple doesn't fall far from the tree";) (Or nuts!)
I love your picture of the morning glory with the light shining through! How fitting!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

Pomegranates! I love them. I think it's cool that you can grow your own. When I eat them, I cut them and then try to turn the skins inside out so that the little jewel seeds pop out.


Yolanda said...

The pomegranates are beatiful. I always love comeing here. I always feel better. It is a calm and refreshing place.

Saun said...

Dawn's right her comment made me smile. Thanks for the story it had me laughing...Your leaf shot is awesome....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Im still trying to access my old email but am still given the run around.

If you want to follow me click on my second MORE PETALS AND WOOL blog. For some reason the server wasn't working efficiently and I clicked another time on the name to see if it was available and I got two blogs instead of one. The real one and the blank on. JB

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You guys are lucky to get a jump on your Christmas shopping. I love how the kids stilled checked for chips. Too funny.

Sue said...

So funny, Kim, I have been thinking about Christmas a lot lately, and have been playing Christmas carols too. Hey! we have less than 60 days. lol.
Something must have happened to me as a child, as I am called Monk around here a lot. And just for the record, I am doubled checked around here too. I guess it must be a man and child thing. LOL.