Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Day

I told you I would be waiting today. So instead of sitting around
I decided I would put my energy to good use.
If you want to know what Meg is having go here.

I started this little quilt last year. I got about half way
through making it and realized I hated the material.
So I just shoved the thing into my box with all of my bits
and pieces of material. I was looking for some wool and
I ran across it again, I still hate the material but it made
a good table topper so I finished it up today. I ironed it but
between taking the picture and the ironing board a kitty
found it and decided it was theirs.

I really do have this thing about pumpkins. I bought this pattern
from With Thy Needle and Thread and so I made these.

She had a nice little pin keep that went with the pattern,
and I just loved it so I stitched it up too.

It was supposed to have antique buttons on it and I did
get out the buttons.
I have my grandmother's old treadle sewing machine. Every thing was just
as she had left it when she put it out in her garage. There were
things like my grandpa's WWll things that went on his uniform.
There was old stamps to use for flour and sugar during the war.
The thing that scared me was it also had old bullets lots of different
But she also had her button box. This is it, isn't it great, a Max Factor
cold cream can.

The buttons feel like they are made of ivory and they have
a nice sound when you hold them in your hand and bounce
them up and down.

My Mom was a Campfire Girl and there are old
buttons from her uniform. Lots and lots of buttons.
I knew I needed to sew some on my pin-keep, and I did
even get one sewed on then I took it off.
I put them all back in the box.
Silly, I know, but I just couldn't. Maybe some other time.

So that is what I did today. It was a nice day.
I hope you have a very nice weekend too.



Kessie said...

Oh wow, those buttons are a treasure. I didn't know all that stuff was still in that sewing machine. Your projects all came out so cute! They're much cuter in person. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on a new grandson-to-be! :)

my mother's old treadle sewing machine had a button drawer full of old buttons and snaps. one of my favorite things to play in as a little girl...

Jacque. said...

Lovin' all your projects!

Meg said...

I'm the same way about buttons. I love my little plastic paint can full of them and I never want to use them (even though mine are plastic from Beverly's). Your little pin keep is so cute! I really should start embroidering and sewing more.

camp and cottage living said...

How special that you have all these tangible treasures to connect you to your family that has passed on.
I understand completely about the buttons. My sis passed away 28 yrs. ago and I inherited the diary she kept from her years of dealing with cancer. I still can't look at it. It is still in the bottom of the cedar chest...waiting.

Sue said...

Lovely treasures you have Kim, I too enjoy saving buttons. Last week I ran across a site that is all about buttons, don't know why I didn't book mark it.
I am amazed at your beautiful handiwork, and I thank you for encouraging me to start back to cross stitching.
Hope you are feeling better.

Kim said...

Another Grandson - congratulations!! I was thinking it was going to be another boy. What is it about old buttons? I love them too, in old jars or bowls. I'm not sure where you get the time to finish all these crafts but they are sweet.
Happy weekend

Julia said...

Congratulations Kim,I'm so happy for you. Meg is a talented knitter and I love all her beautiful patterns. With 4 boys she'll be busy mother for a while.

You are quite the crafter miss Kim, The kitty quickly approved of the cute little quilt, and the fabric was just to his liking. lol...

Buttons are a universal attraction. I too saved buttons for years. I never inherited my grandmother's but I gave a whole bottle to my daughter and she chose the colorful ones, some big , some small and sewed them really good and sturdy on a small pillow for her little one year old girl and she played with those colorful buttons for a long time. That little girl will be 17 years old next month.

Have a great weekend. hugs, JB

Pom Pom said...

Yahoo about the baby! Your daughter's blog is cute.

Gumbo Lily said...

Wahoo! Another boy! We have four sons (and one daughter).

Great fall projects. I especially like the needlepoint. So many, many hours.

Jody said...

I am always inspired by your projects....mine today is painting a floor cloth, after the game.

Oh I am hoping Lea has to post her picture...but at this time Goliath is 24 points...she knew she was in the clear and David hasn't risen up to defeat Goliath.

Yea!!! on the baby...I know you wanted her to have a girl....but this mom of five boys and one girl can relate to her life. Congratulations to you got to go and yell some more to get those Longhorns going

myletterstoemily said...

hey kim,

i'm a tiny bit jealous about your grandmother's
button box. what a treasure! you can keep
the bullets.

oh, and i am not holding a grudge that you
wanted my team to lose, because i admire your
principles. :)

last, you are the reigning pumpkin queen.

Empty Nester said...

I keep a box of buttons too. Because my grandmother did and my mother. I hardly ever use them but I keep them! Love all your pumpkins! And congratulations on the new addition! 4 boys! We had the opposite- 4 girls. LOL Hubs' cousin just had her second daughter two days ago. I wish they didn't live all the way up in NYC!

Debbie said...

you sure do keep busy, i see lot's of wonderful projects!!

congrat's to you....i did peak, that was a very fun reveal!!

Gail said...

In a town not far from here along White River, they had a button factory. They made buttons from the mother of pearl from the river mussels. Beautiful buttons.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Please fill me in on how you manage to accomplish so many wonderful projects and home school? The weather here in Maine was in the mid eighties today. The coop got a good cleaning and their yard tilled, gardens got put to bed and I finished painting the front of the house, but did I work on any crafts? No. Congratulations, how wonderful for you another grandson, you are blessed!

Miss Debbie said...

Amazes me how much you get done!! I can relate to the pretty pregnant daughter statement. I, too, looked like a barn, but my girl looks like a pregnant Barbie! So, it's a boy...that's wonderful! Your daughter will someday have four men who adore her..what a special gift! :-)

Miss Debbie said...

Oh, and I was happy to have your sister, Tracy, visit me! :-)

Artful Gathering said...

Such nice handiwork...myou do keep busy. Thanks for the inspiring photos.