May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, July 25, 2011

Washing Windows and Other Thoughts

I thought I would show you the lighting that I have around my house.
I really like the lights I got to pick out when we built the house. I am not
a decorator, at all. I don't like it, I can't pick paint and so when the builder
told me to go down and pick out lights for the whole house I about died.
But now 10 years later, I really like them as I have spent hours on
decorating blogs now. So this is some of the outside lights. I will show you
the other kind as I make my way around the house.

This is the light in my bathroom. I really love it and
I wonder why I didn't put it somewhere where people could see
it. The more I look at it the more I like it.

Since I was in the bathroom with my camera, I thought
you might like to see my bathroom. Today I noticed how
pretty it is and how big that bathtub is. The only people
who use it is my grand kids who think it is a" fun pool".
When we built I of course did not want to live here and I
was thinking of resale, not living here forever. My husband
promised that all I had to do was live here three years.(Its been ten.)
I really did not settle down here until three years ago.
Now I would hate to leave.

This is Hobo. She is my cat. She has walked into our hearts.
She is like this where ever I am in the house. If I am in my office,
she is outside the door or if I am folding clothes she is outside the window.
She is the best Mom so even my husband who was totally against Hobo has
decided she can stay and even the other cats are getting better.

The chickens do the same thing. They were outside in
the yard while I was washing windows. I had to finally
put them back in the pen because I would get the patio
all sprayed off and they would get in the flowerbed and
throw the damp earth up on the porch.

When I started to clean the bathroom, it was like trying to clean
Shelob's lair. I knew that some spiders had been trying to live
in the bathroom, but I didn't know they meant permanent residence.
I could see these spots on the ceiling and I thought, " Oh, no, is that
mold?" I got up on the ladder and it was tiny little spiders living on the ceiling.
No more, I washed the ceiling.

Well, time to get back to work. My daughter and niece went to give blood today.
My daughter almost passed out twice so they kept her there. They finally came
dragging themselves in the door. My son Elliot, brings pizza home from work and
puts it in the freezer and he looked at them and fixed them something to eat.
I put off vacuuming while they were eating.
Now I can get back at it.



  1. Crazy E. I don't know why she does that...

  2. Could you come and clean my bathrooms please. I HATE cleaning my bathrooms. I always feel like its everybody's dirt but mine. Doesn't anyone but me ever see the tooth paste globs in the sink. LOL!! Enough complaining for one night. Have a great week.

  3. I love your lights, too. And your bathroom is pretty and BIG! I'm glad you are happy in your home! I think we will be calling the realtor next week to start the selling/buying process.Pray for's kind of scary to think about!

  4. Love your lights and bathroom. Cat seems nice. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

  5. i wish you had loved your home sooner. i know you and your hubby picked the same house plan (separately) and that's how you ended up finally agreeing to move there. just the short time i've 'known' you, i just can't imagine you not loving that piece of land...

  6. Kim
    So glad you got those windows washed. I been eyeing the spiders in the corner of my bathroom for about a week now. I keep using the excuse I don't have time to clean until I get my etsy shop going. It's working so far. DH hasn't complained a bit.
    I had a garden tub in a previous house and my kids loved it for a mini pool too. This was 23 years ago so they were quite popular with the neighborhood kids!
    I'd love to hear the story someday about why you didn't want to live in a brand spankin newly built home!!
    Oh I do know how to spell streak. Do you ever have those times when you wonder where your mind went? Well today mines been missing in action! Not the 1st time, of course.
    Take care now.

  7. what's up with these spiders....i have them everywhere!! they work while i sleep.

    that's a pretty bathroom you have there, is it always that neat??

  8. I love those light fixtures, too! Your bathroom looks wonderful, Kim! Chickens are funny, aren't they? They get attached to their people. Sounds like you are enjoying peaceful days.

  9. Love your photo stories!!! And, your new header, too! Having a good summer, are you?

  10. Good morning Kim, I have to ask what did you make with that beautiful eggplant of yours? I love your light fixtures, and the bathroom is one to die for spiders and all! Hope you are staying cool, finally, a bit of rain here today! Blessings, Julie.

  11. Your bathroom is gorgeous! Love the light fixtures, too.

  12. Hobo is a beautiful kitty! Some kitties wrap themselves around our hearts before we know it! I have one like that. His name is Kenai and he likes to be kissed on his nose! lol!!! I love your light fixtures.

  13. Just found your blog, all of the sunflowers are beautiful-are you a Kansas girl?
    I really like the metal light fixtures. Your home looks lovely.

  14. oh 'shelob' horrors! so sorry. i have spiders, too, and
    hate them. they bite me and give me night terrors. i
    would keep an iguana if i thought he would eat my

    your lights are wonderful . . . so farmhouse chic. i
    think it's funny that blogland has misproven your
    theory: you ARE a great decorator.

  15. Love the lights...isn't it great to still enjoy things years later...decorator...we all are, we do what like

    Have fun with the spiders...ugh!

    Oh miss, miss my bathroom, but I am being reminded each day that water cleans you no matter the source it comes from...but I won't be showing my bathroom.

  16. I really like the light fixtures but that bathroom is WOW. I have always wanted a glass brick wall in a bathroom.
    I hope your daughter is feeling better.

  17. Your bathroom is nicer than my whole house. I'll be right over! ;)


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