May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today on Tuesday

I thought I should show you a few things I will be putting
into the giveaway, so you don't think I will be putting old
sweat socks and used rubber bands. I have been making pumpkins
this week. Last year I got the bright idea to save stems from my real
pumpkins and dry them to use them this year, I love how they look.

Here is a closer look so you can see the stem. I have always
had a thing about texture. Smooth and rough, new and old.
You know.

I don't know what I was thinking when I said in my giveaway post
I would pick someone on the 29th what I meant was the 22.
I guess I am trying to rush July. So I will pick someone on Thursday
night and post on Friday.

Well onto other things. I am supposed to be taking care of my SIL place
while they are gone. I don't know why she asks me because every time
they leave and I take care of things something dies. I mean freak accidents,
like one year her rooster got his spur caught in the fence and when I went that
night to feed, he was dead, hanging upside down.

It doesn't matter either because I am a jinx. She had seen the fox around and
I had seen its tracks but I figured it had moved on. Yesterday afternoon, I let the
chickens out into their little yard for some outside time.
Her rooster always jumps the fence and comes over to my yard, he always has
one hen that comes over with him.
I saw them out taking in the sights yesterday afternoon, and it was pretty quiet
all day, I sat in my office and sewed with the door open so I never heard him squawk
or anything but last night when I went to check them for the night, his
hen was gone. You know foxes like short, plump hens the best right?

So now when she gets back, I have to tell her she is one hen short. Gosh, it makes me
sick. So now no outside time for her hens. They will be in solitary confinement, locked up
with Mr. Rooster who well lets say, he likes to beat the hens up all of the time.
He is a Rhode Island Red who is very big, he is as tall as my knees.

So life around here at its finest. So let me know who else wants to be in a giveaway.
Now you know it isn't sweat socks and used rubber bands. :)
I hope you have a lovely Tuesday,


  1. Hi Kim! The pumpkins are beautiful! What a great idea to put real steams on them. I'm at our daughter's taking care of the girls, the dogs, the cats, the house. I'm tired. VERY tired. I could not possibly keep chickens alive.

  2. I think I would have given up chicken-sitting a long time ago. That's terrible. =\

    I like your stems! The twisty ones are especially nice. :)

  3. I love your pumpkins Kim! I would definitely want to be in the draw... :)

    So sorry about the whole 'everything dies' thing. What's with that anyway. I've been visiting you here for quite some time now and nobody at your house seems to be afraid of you!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Maybe the rooster put a contract out on the hen and hired the fox as a hit man. Or maybe I just watch too many movies!

    Love the sweat socks and rubber bands comment!

  5. sweat socks and used rubber bands!!! ha ha!

  6. LOL Paula... Now that's some funny stuff there! (to much Larry the Cable Guy here)
    Please add me to your contest

  7. What?? No dirty sweat socks or used rubber bands?????? Gosh, now I'm so disappointed. Hahahahahaha You crack me up!
    Well, those darling little pumpkins will make up for it.
    Sorry about the chicken. I don't think I've ever killed anything while people were away but I have broken stuff.

  8. My greatest sympathy for you on the loss of that dera chickens! You have the same luck I do caring for families chickens. But I won't bore you with that long...story.
    I love your pumpkins but I can't remember if you are in the states or here in Canada. I don't enter US drawings because the posting is too expensive!
    I wanted to ask you if it would be OK to refer to your blog tomorrow in my post about old books. Please let me know before evening, if possible.
    I enjoyed visiting, as always!

  9. Cute pumpkins! Although, I'm always on the lookout for used rubber bands. LOL

  10. Loving those pumpkins! I want to have chickens, but it sounds like they perish more than thrive! Maybe hubby, Gus, and I need to get through a winter first before I drag any more creatures into our little world! LOL

  11. The pumpkins are the idea of the real stems!

  12. Just saw at no spring chicken that you found the hen...good for you! I know you were relieved!

  13. LOVE those have creativity overload!!!

  14. The pumpkin stems were a great idea!

  15. Nothing wrong with socks and rubber bands...
    What a giving person you are to come up with your creative pumpkin stems. No wonder your SIL wants you to watch after her place.


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