May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, July 22, 2011

July, I will be glad to see you go.

I was looking at the calendar today. It dawned on me,
we have a full week left until August. I really yelled,
Eek!!! August is crunch time for me. My first day of school
is the 22 of August. I have a whole list of things I haven't done.

1. Sat and read out by the swimming pool with a book. ( You know it is hot when
it is to hot to swim.)

2. Went swimming everyday. See above.

3. Made soap. It is so hot I can't face the stove.

4. Washed windows, cleaned blinds, deep cleaned the house.

5. Spent a day watching Gilmore Girls. ( I thought about this early in the summer but
I always gain about 10 pounds because they eat so much.) I am a social eater.

6. Got out all of my school books and decided just how much War of Northern Aggression
I want to study. ( My daughter's history teacher was from that south and that is what
she always called it.)

7. Clean the doom closet. ( Where all my books are stored.)

8. Did a 80 day walking challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day. ( Mostly sat this summer.)

9. Went on vacation. ( Soon very soon.)

10. Make blueberry jam and blueberry lime jam.

I am limiting it to 10 things as I can't stand not doing a really huge list. I will have
to get myself in gear. Maybe tomorrow I can start with number one after I weed
the garden.

Have a lovely Saturday,



  1. you've got a week to squeeze all that in, huh?! :)

  2. Dear Kim, where does the time goes. It sure doesn't linger around here very long either. My list is quite long and I chisel at it a little at a time. No matter how much I weed it's always on the list. lol.... Have a great weekend JB

  3. It's OK! I haven't washed my windows or blinds this summer either!

  4. I know I've been watching the calender in shock. Almost to August! Although frankly, I can really do without the summer heat. Too bad we'll be sweltering well into September.

  5. OK, the War of N. Agression? That I would really love to have explained!!Ha
    If you're a school girl you deserve your summer break. So don't sweat the to do list. Well, at least the work part of it.
    Relax and enjoy your summer!

  6. Good luck with your goals. I'm rooting for you.

  7. oh Kim...just take each day as it comes. Enjoy and relax!

  8. Oh, I hear you about the approaching school year. I'm starting a new teaching job in a new school. My stuff isn't even there yet! I am already having "school" dreams and it isn't even August. My major to do list is to get the ton of school stuff to the classroom. Oh, and try to enjoy the last of the summer days!
    Your list sounds much more fun than mine! I hope you can do a few of those...the fun ones anyway!

  9. Yeah, I was sure this would be The Summer of the Long Walk. It has been a sitting summer for me, too. I have wallpaper to pick off our bedroom walls and I so wish the Wallpaper Picking Fairy would do it for me. I'm hanging on to July though. Once August hits, I have to think about completely different things. You are so cute - Gilmore Girls. Love that!

  10. I hate that feeling when you look at the calendar and panic sets in. Laughed about Gilmore Girls - sometimes when it would rain all weekend at the cottage I would watch an entire season at a time.

  11. I have to admit summer has flown by. Much I haven't done as well (blueberry picking and pool would be on my list but it is so hot out here that you have to limit yourself to indoor activities.) Guess I could clean those blinds and windows...not a chance!

  12. I got the chairs re-covered. But neither of the two rooms have been painted yet. It's just too dang hot to move!

  13. (Big Sigh) My "to do" list for this summer only has one project marked off! Well, one out of 30 isn't bad.....right?

  14. Kim you made me laugh especially with your remarks about social eating!! Im the same even with characters feasting in books! Hope you get to
    #1 and #2 at least!

  15. I haven't accomplished much this summer myself. Maybe I should shorten my list too. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  16. I think I would just stay out in the garden and procrastinate on what I need to do. Social eating is a huge issue with me too. I feel your pain. Fun post, thanks.

  17. I am so looking forward saying good by to July. And I am a Gilmore Girls fan too, I hated to see that show finish.
    My list of undone is longer.
    maybe August I can, no scratch that I am having family here, and that will be more fun.


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