Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy Week

I always have this idea that one of these days, it will not be a busy week. I think I need to give up that thought all together. In History this week we started WW ll. I can't even talk about Pearl Harbor without crying. Or the Nazis or Stalin. My son just stares at me with this look of unbelief as I muddle my way through the book. My SIL to be, told me yesterday that his Dad used to have a small business in Hawaii where he would take people up in his restored WW ll airplanes and give people rides around Pearl Harbor and show them the path the Japanese took on that day December 7th, 1941.

I wish I wasn't racing the clock and trying to get as much school done as I can before full blown wedding stuff hits. We would  do a whole week and watch nothing but war movies. I have a ton of books I would love him to read. I asked him yesterday if he wouldn't like to put college off another year because I still have so much I want to teach him. Of course, you know he said, " No, Mom."

Well, I have been sewing this week. I thought I would show you some things. It has been dark this week so these pictures are dark too. I walked around the house trying to find light but it was tough.
So here are some things I have been working on this week:

 I know it it is dark but there really is a heart in the middle of that dark square. Not a good angle now that I am looking at it here.

I have been making hearts. Lots of hearts. I just can't seem to get enough of red and white.

I have been making more old signs. Which is always fun. My husband is going to hook up my saw this weekend. I can't wait. Though I always feel so bad as I am such a slob. I leave saw dust around and wood and I get so scatterbrained when I am doing wood. I apologized last night about the mess I know I will make and he always says, " Oh it's no big deal don't worry about it."

Of all of the things I have made this week, this is my hands down favorite. I just love the way this looks.
I even ran down and bought more fabric yesterday so I can make some more. I started a new rug last night.
It is a pattern by Polly Minick. For Christmas my family tracked down lots and lots of books with hooking patterns for me. Some of them were out of print.

I liked how this looked. It won't stay that way but it looked nice to me. My son as he was leaving for work this morning looked at the things I was taking pictures of and said, " It looks like you have been digging in a old wood pile." I told him thank you that was such a nice compliment because that was what I was going for as I sanded and all of the things I do to make it look that way.

It has been a busy week, but nice.

I hope your week has been as nice too.



Christine said...

Hi Kim! Your week was busy but mine has been painful!!! Yet more dental problems and still ongoing...
But your hearts and 'old wood pile' work have cheered me up! I am loving hearts at the moment!
God bless

TexWisGirl said...

i know you love your wood! very cute signage and hearts, too.

Beth said...

I love anything to do with hearts. You do beautiful work.

Unknown said...

Oh, I LOVE the hearts on the wood! Just awesome! All of your work is wonderful! I love the rug too! You are very talented!

I am praying for you dear!

Love, Heather

Alica said...

You must have so much fun making all of these nice things! I don't think you will ever be bored, will you? :)

As for the history husband would love that stuff. He's always been a history buff...makes me wish I'd have paid better attention when I was in school!

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Kim, oh I love hearts to...busy gal you are......Blessings Francine.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I just love all those hearts, especially the ones on the wood. So pretty.

I'm a former history major with the civil war and WWII my favorite periods to study. They both were such horrific times in history.

Hope the rest of your week is good as well.

Debbie said...

glad your enjoying your busy week! I am sure you treasure the time you spend with your son knowing you are coming to the end of it. What memories I know you have made with all of them. Love all the hearts! But then I love all your stuff. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week as well.

Gail said...

These are great pieces. Darkness is not a bad thing, it's just another color.

Dad served the entirety of World War II. I studied it much and knew many men and women who knew it first hand.

Julia said...

Wow, Kim, you've been super smart to have made all those beautiful decorative things made in time for Valentine. Love everything you do. Your red hearts are very special.

Oh, I'm afraid that I never like war history. I was born in 1946 and World War II ended in 1945. I remember after the war as a little girl hearing the grownup talking a lot about the hard time during the war and the shortage of ration and food stamps, etc.... Every time an airplane flew overhead, I was afraid that they would bomb me and I would hide down in the tall grass so they wouldn't see me. Funny how a child sees the world. I thought that some didn't know that the war had ended and were still bombing people. Oh my...

Have a great weekend.

Empty Nester said...

You have GOT to open an Etsy shop. You'll make money and you'll also make people so happy! I love your creations and I know they're made with love. That makes them extra special. I saw the heart, BTW. :) Put off college another year? Surely you jest. LOL I've had a nice week too and I'm glad you did!

Patrice said...

I always think that there will be a time soon when things aren't as busy. Funny that you think that too. Me thinkith that we're both dreamers! :)

Kessie said...

I just love all those hearts! Especially the ones on the board.

I enjoyed learning about WWII so much. There was so much going on, and so much of it still affects our lives today--it was light all these lightbulbs kept coming on. "So THAT'S why they had the Berlin Wall!"

camp and cottage living said...

You get so much done in your week! And you home-school to boot. I'm good for a project a week, if I'm lucky!
I like all your hearts and your sweet sign.
My Dad was on one of the ships sent to clean up after Pearl Harbor. He had so many great sories to tell. He was 21 and one of the oldest men on his ship.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, you have made lovely treasures!
I really liked that old mini-series, War and Remembrance or was it called the Winds of War? I'll have to think on that!

Nellie said...

I love your hearts, Kim! Pearl Harbor and WWII was such a sad time - as all times of war are.

Try to take some time to relax.:-)

xo Nellie

Miss Debbie said...

You HAVE been busy!! I am working on "repurposing" a small dining table to be a coffee table. You have to wait 24 hours between each coat of primer and paint and sealer. So, it has taken all week. About to put the finish on it now. Perhaps it will get assembled and put in place tomorrow. Then, I will start on another piece. Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

You are a busy all your projects!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It bothers me that people today aren't bothered by the past, the destruction of 11 million people. We're doomed to relive the past because we've forgotten it.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim,There is so much history that is written about world War 2 that is left out. A good book to read is Ghost soldiers by Hampton Sides.It tells the story of what was happening to the Pow's taken by the Japanese at the end of world war 2.I love history but sometimes not all sacrifice of
the military is known My Uncle Joe Uballe was one of the ghost soldiers that died on Palawan.On a lighter side I love your work.Cheri