June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh February

Guess what woke me up this morning? Birds. Happily singing in the naked trees in my back yard. They were singing the songs of spring. Guess what was singing in the front yard? Meadow Larks. Guess what the air smells like this morning? Spring. Then I noticed that the silly ground hog said it was going to be an early spring.

February is such a fickle month. We might even hit 70 degrees today. It is trying to lure me into to thinking that I could dream of gardens, and seeds and dream of flowers growing in the pasture. I won't fall for it this year. Nope, I have learned. As soon as my guard is down, boom, cold, icy weather, wind blowing, sideways rain, not the mention the bane of my life, tumbleweeds.

This was last February. There are more tumbleweeds out across the field just waiting for the chance to blow over here.

These things were huge, I know they don't look that big but some of them were as big as cars. It took me so long to drag them away.

We have these winds called Santa Ana winds. It is winds that blow from the east. In Bleak House Mr. Jarndice will say when something is bad that the wind is blowing from the east. Well around here when the winds blow from the east this is what we get.

So I won't fall for it this year. I will ignore the birds singing, the wonderful feel of the sunshine on my face, the lure of the soft soil that keeps calling my name.

I hope you have a lovely day,


  1. Good Saturday morning, Kim. There was no shadow seen here today. In fact, we have had unexpected snow showers that have left our driveway and street snow-covered! No bird sounds around here!

    Have a good week-end! xo Nellie

  2. that's it. stand firm, kim. :)

    i get such a kick out of your tumbleweeds. and your hula-hoing, too.

  3. oh kim, your weather sure has been all over the place. we are cold today, 26 but i love it. an inside day and i have 2 inside projects planed!!

    beautiful roses and i love what you did with your blog for sweethearts day!!

  4. I was carrying barfed-on linen to the laundry room today (the girls seemed to barf according to who had eaten the most cupcakes), and the birds were singing, and it smelled SO good! The finches are singing in all the trees. I hope this stomach bug goes away quick so we can go outside more often.

  5. Kim, we still have 6 weeks of winter left because Mr. Groundhog has seen his shadow today. We woke up to sunshine and it's very cold and windy outside and I wish he would had waited until tomorrow to come out because it will be an overcast day tomorrow.

    I'm so yearning for warm sunny days.

    You have learned your lesson well.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi there, I know exactly how you felt with the warm spring like weather-we had some in Jan. and then got hit with a tad bit of snow. I am anxious for spring this year-not sure why but we don't plant here until Mother's Day(still a threat of snow and frost). Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Even if it's too early to plant, hopefully you're enjoying the signs of spring. It's still cold here, but at least the sun is shining, so as I curl up in my recliner, trying to fight this bug, I can enjoy the sunshine streaming in the windows.

  8. Ahhh sounds idyllic until you see the tumble weed!
    Patience is hard when soft spring woos you!
    Best wishes

  9. We better NOT have an early spring. We haven't even had a decent winter yet! LOL I am still hoping for the remaining days of my second favorite season to hold true to it's name and winter us like crazy with cold temps and some SNOW! The last time we did get some snow, it was in February...fingers crossed and saying prayers. :)

  10. I wondered if any one else has a local "groundhog" to predict the coming of spring...and then I read Julia's comment. It's six more weeks of winter here too...and boy does it feel like it today! I'll take your 70* please! Please?

  11. Dad used to talk of tumbleweeds and how they would spook the horses. He also spoke of the direction of wind as a foreboding.

  12. I love the roses. It is snowing here and I can't wait for spring.

  13. Spring is on it's way, I'm sure of it!

  14. One time my mom insisted we stop in the middle of eastern Washington to get ourselves a tumble weed! I can't remember what we did with it. Spray painted it, maybe! Funny!
    It's so nice here today! Doors and windows wide open!

    I'm puppy sitting and trying to get ready for Miss Bug's birthday party. Yikes! Time is running out!

  15. Call me crazy, but I have always wanted to see a tumbleweed! I even like the way the word sounds! We have no snow and the grass is green. It felt like a great day to till the garden, however, the temperature was 10 degrees. I can't wait to see all the beautiful floweers you will be growing for your lovely daughter's wedding, it will be magical! I love my hearts so much, did you receive my e-mail? Thinking of you, Julie.

  16. I say, "just go with it." Even if it's temporary there are those of us who can't even imagine a February day above 50 degrees and would love to pretend that it's summer, even if it could turn around and snow tomorrow. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. You know, I love the word 'tumbleweed'! I could say it over and over!
    Loved your weather update. We've had a fairly good January. We have one gale - last week - and the winds at our house reached 112mph, but apart from that, we've had a lovely month (for us!). I have to be honest, though, ... I haven't even *thought* of seeds yet. After last summer, we kind of said we were going to take a year off our vegetable plot, but today, when I was peeling the last of our own carrots, I was saying to dh that, considering last year was such a bad harvest, we didn't do too badly. So watch this space! We'll probably do some planing right enough ;)
    Anne x

  18. I long for spring but we got 4-5 inches of snow today :( I am not a winter person.
    Those are some big tumbleweeds! I had no idea.
    Hugs :)

  19. I love seeing your tumbleweeds. It makes me think of the Wild West. You in your cowboy boots and spurs out fighting the weeds LOL

  20. Ahhh... Spring! I can hardly wait! Those tumbleweeds look HUGE! And, so many of them too!

  21. When you live in New England it doesn't feel like spring until late April. We have had light flurries all day long. Not enough to cause any driving problems, but enough to make everything look pretty and clean. You are lucky with your warm temperatures. I could use a 70 degree day!!!!

  22. I wish it was that warm here. We have cold and snow. Thanks for sharing the warmth.

  23. you can do it, keep your guard up. don't let those
    sweet little chirpers fool you.

  24. Kim, those things look as if they are lounging around your fence like cowboys in an old western movie spread across the bar telling tall tales of old roundups. I think they moved and shifted as I looked at the photos, they seem to have a surreal life to them. gives me the willies thinking about them
    rolling across your farm!


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