June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh, Monday, Monday!

That was a song by the Mama and the Papa's. I know weird right, how do I know this because my kids love the Mama and the Papa's. My son and I were in the car and he wanted to put on his I Pod and I just laughed at the old music he likes. Queen, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane??? Gerry Rafferety. I just shake my head.

Our ash trees are doing this. I am glad this next storm is cold so maybe they will go back to sleep but I doubt it. I never knew this was how they looked until I took pictures of them. I can't see that when I look at them with just my eyes. The camera catches things I don't. Like that those little seed looking things are purple.

I was thinking the other day, I wish I could have a perfume that smelled as good as Hyacinth.
I don't wear perfume, but if I ever could find something with that scent I would. I like Lilac about as much too. It doesn't get cold enough though to have really beautiful ones like I have seen back east.

Well, time to get this Monday underway. I knew my husband over did it this weekend. He is really sick now.
He is wanting grapefruit to eat because that sounds good so I need to go pick some. Thankfully it isn't that terrible flu that we had first. This is the one where it hurts to live and even being in bed is painful. He never gets sick so this is so different for him. When he does get sick he gets really sick.

Oh and all of you who watched Downton Abbey last night, wasn't that just the total pits of a ending? 

Have a nice Monday though,


  1. Boo dad is sick. :( I'm so not ready to deal with this Monday. I just really want it to be Saturday again. I hate 12s. :( I am having a pity party for myself, can you tell?

    I don't want to hear about Downton! I haven't watched it yet!

  2. Honestly, I'm going to have to heal from lastnights Downtown Abbey before I can even think of watching it again. I'm trying to put it out of my head, it was so horrible!
    I love all of your blooms. I can't believe it's only February and you have buds on your trees already. It makes me do some 'California Dreamin'!
    I sure hope your hubby gets better fast.

  3. Hope the husband gets better soon. Also hope he's a better patient than mine who acts worse than a two year old. Your son is like three of the lovelies. They all adore the older music. DD2, however, prefers her own generation with a few exceptions. Have a great day!

  4. sorry your hubby is sick! terrible. i hope he gets better soon...

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that your hubby is not well ... praying that he'll be feeling much better SOON! I LOVE the scent of lilac. DD has one at the corner of her garage, and I love walking up the driveway to the door in May when I get to smell that intoxicating scent of a blooming lilac.

  6. Sorry to hear hubby is sick...this has just been a bad winter for flu's and viruses...yuck! Hope he feels better quickly. I to LOVE LOVE lilac. Can't get enough of it. My mom has one of those oil room scenters in lilac and I enjoy it too. As for Downton...oh my, that was just horrid...and I NEVER saw it coming. Oh well, wonder what they will do now. Enjoy your day!

  7. Yes, total pits of an ending. I saw Elizabeth McGovern on an interview and she said, "It's not real." Ha ha ha! That IS true, but I didn't like it anyway!
    I'm so sorry your wonder hubby is sick. Prayers for a quick recovery!
    Yay for Monday!
    Take care, dearest.

  8. I hope your husband feels better soon. Your flowers are lovely and I am jealous...but I noticed the other day that the jonquils are blooming, so spring is coming soon!

  9. Well gosh, think of all that cleaning you guys just did! I hope he gets lots of rest. All this rain we're supposed to get should be really nice. It's clear and warm right now, though. I'm trying to bask as much as possible. Also, all this negative hype doesn't make me want to watch Downton Abbey ever!

  10. I love that when you want fruit you can just go pick it. Kind of fascinating for an East Coast Girl ;)
    Yes you were right about Downton - worst ending ever!

  11. We don't watch Downton Abbey here.

    I remember when the Mamas and the Papas sang "Monday, Monday." Does that date me?:-) In fact, one time my husband and I were vacationing in Nashville, and Mama Cass came in to the restaurant! Very exciting!

    Sending wishes for recovery of good health to your husband!

    xo Nellie

  12. i hear a lot of fuss about downtown abbey, but i have never watched it.

    i hope the hubby isn't too sick....when i need grapefruit, i have to go to the store and buy it ;)

  13. I hope your hubby recovers quickly.
    Lovely pics of the blossoms!

  14. I hope R gets better fast! I had that flu and then a virus right after it. I am finally getting my energy back but cannot eat anything hardly. I am on a chex cereal and rice diet :). I was sitting here missing you and decided to read your posts so that I would feel closer to you. The flowers and blooms and grapefruits all sound amazing. I cannot grow citrus here and would do anything for limes and lemons to pick. I hope you don't get sick also. I love you.

  15. Your children have good taste in music -smile-. Boost your immune system and stay well and healthy!

  16. My Will loves classic rock too. I have listened to Ben's music from Megs's blog. You must be so proud to have raised such a talented son. The boys must enjoy watching their dad play for them. Two of my kids had the flu and it has taken 3 weeks for the cough to go away. My daughter was just in the emergency room Sunday getting a chest xray. Luckily no pneumonia just a lung infection. So a round of antibiotics. Your poor husband, I know you will take extra special care of him.

  17. Yes I hated it... gee whiz! Hope hubby feels better soon!


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