June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Morning

 We woke up late this morning. I do not like waking up late but waking up late on a Monday just seems like I am behind all week. I decided before I tackled every thing on my list, I would just go for a walk. Taking a walk always puts my life in perspective. No matter how agitated I might feel, once I get out into the cold crisp air, the smell of the spring on the air and listen to the birds singing in the tree it always improves my state of mind. This weekend we were busy. When we had the first wedding here, Meg's grandma planted all of these planter boxes with flowers. They added so much to the wedding. We went over to Ben and Meg's house to get them yesterday.

 Aren't they nice? We got them filled with potting soil, but we are still having frost so it is too early to put our seedlings we have growing into them right now.
While we were there, one of my grandsons asked me to pick him up. I did and as I was holding him he said,
" Grandma, are you short?" I said yes, I am why?" He said, " Because when you picked me up I didn't go up very high." I laughed about it all day.

 I know you can't see very well but my hubby's planted his ninth row of trees for Bonsai yesterday.
We were talking about it and I asked, " have you thought about how hard it is going to be to dig out
those trees when you want to re-pot them for Bonsai." I felt like I had just told a little kid there was no Santa Clause. He looked at me sort of stunned. I felt really bad about it. He has been so excited about how big the bases get when you plant them in the ground, we both were because he has some that are getting really nice shape to them. He grafted 5  trees this weekend too.

 He got my garden plowed for me. This is it. I know it looks big in the picture but it really is tiny.
He dug two holes so I can have big trees in the middle of each one. He hit hard pan so we have to
keep filling the holes with water until he can break through. Each plot is about 12x12 which isn't very
big but considering I wasn't going to have one at all it will be nice.

This is the biggest section, which I may just put my sunflowers and my pumpkins. I haven't sat and
 drew out a plan yet. All our berries are doing very well this year.

 I thought I would show you today's project. When it gets warmer this afternoon, I am going to clean this all up. I can't believe all of the weeds but if I get it cleaned today it won't be so hard.Later.

I just had to take a picture of this tree, it has the prettiest, twistiest branches. I think it is so pretty and I have no clue what it is called. It gets the nicest pink blooms on it and it blooms all summer.

The almond tree is starting to bloom. The almonds always bloom first. In our old house we lived by almond orchards. They were the most gorgeous things in the spring. I need to remember to go back and take a picture when they are blooming.

Well that is my Monday, after school, after laundry, after vacuuming, I get to chop weeds, just before I fix dinner. One thing this time of year, I don't have trouble sleeping.

I ran across this picture today. This was Emilie when she was small. I was walking in the pasture crying about it. I can't look at anymore old pictures for awhile. Just like don't watch movies like Toy Story 3 while your daughter is having a baby in the hospital with your other grand babies on your lap.. Don't watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green.
I cried the whole dang movie. I think until after the wedding I have to watch things like violent action movies. movies with guns and nothing like I normally watch.

I still have that stuffed rabbit out in the toy boxes in my shed. Life happens too fast. Her birthday is next week.
I wish I could still get her stuffed animals. :) Okay, stopping now,
Have a great week!!


  1. you're feeling melancholy today! the weed chopping should help. :)

    like the 'short' comment from your grandson.

  2. You are ready to enjoy your garden, it is easy to tell.:) Our ground is much too wet from our rainy days to do any plowing.

    Love that picture - so cute! The years pass much too quickly. Hard to understand when some of the days seem endless.:-)

    xo Nellie

  3. Good morning! I am still laughing about your grandson's remark...haha I LOVE the things the little ones say. WOW! Your day sound sounds soo busy! I don't know if I could get through the first part, let alone finish up with weeding. Enjoy your day, but don't work TOO hard! HUGS

  4. Your Grandson is funny! I hope you write all the funny things down that they say! :) Hope you enjoy your day! It feels like spring here today...loving this weather!

  5. Oh my, you have given me my chuckle for the day. Some of the things children say are just so darned cute. Enjoy your day ~ it feels like Spring here today, but we are watching another round of snow come in maybe tomorrow ~

  6. G'day~I love my walks as well and they always get me really motivated for the day!
    The garden area looks great I wish we had more property for fruit and nut trees.Love the idea of Bonsai trees I use to buy them and loved the lil mini one's.
    I hear ya my girls are getting older and moving on it's so hard to let go.I want to bottle them up.
    I have a young grandson too and he is a hoot! I love what comes out of their mouths.Simply Precious!

    Have a great week! ~Blessings Kim

  7. Oh, but you can still give her stuffed animals. It's okay.

    Love what your grandson said.

    Workaholic! You make me look bad.

  8. LOL! Oh I didn't know he said that! That is so cute. Haha. I thought you said you were getting a 10x10 garden... that's way more than a 10x10. ;) What kind of trees are you going to put in?

  9. LOL on what your grandson said. So cute!

  10. I just love hearing you 'talk' about your farm. It just seems to be one of the loveliest places on earth! Almond trees? Wow. And 12 x 12 is SMALL? Ha! Not here! That's my yard! LOL Not really, but it does seem big to me. I'm right there with you about the pictures and the movies. And I still have the stuffed animals in the attic in HUGE boxes. I have hundreds of them. And I might not be exaggerating. The husband wants to get rid of them but I just can't. I might have grands one day who will love them, right? :) Hugs to you my sweet friend.

  11. Doesn't it seem like you blinked and they were grown. I don't know what happened. It seems like yesterday I was driving all over creation to hockey practice, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, softball, field hockey. We were always together in the car going somewhere. Very busy, but so happy to be about and active. Boy, do I miss that. What a lovely photo of your precious girl.

  12. Love the picture of the tilled earth...a sign of good things to come!!

  13. It's just waking up late that's thrown off your whole day. Your grandson did make me smile.

  14. Good evening Kim, I so enjoy hearing about your husband and his bonsai trees, I find growing, trimming and pruning bonsai's quite fascinating. What a sweet photo of Emilie as a little girl, how quickly those childhood years passed. I miss them. Tomorrow Travis and I are creating our first snowman together. No trail walking for me, we have four feet of snow in the backyard, with another snowstorm brewing. How wonderful to witness the promise of spring, trees budding, birds singing, and wedding preperations in the works. May 18th will be here before we know it. You will have a married daughter and I a one year old grandson! Blessings, Julie.

  15. Just love the question from your little one... they make us laugh out loud all the time don't they?

    I know those bins are going to be bloomin beautiful and can't wait to see them, and also your garden. Those pumpkin vines will be all over the place in no time at all.

    Keep working that soil Kim... It reads like a good story to this city girl! :)

  16. Hi Kim, what an observant little boy to say something like that about your height. lol.

    Your husband has a lot of trees to look after and I wish him good luck. I'm sure that he will have a lot of nice bonsai trees to shape. He's a hard worker too.

    I like how you start your day by walking outside in the cool air. I think that getting up late this Monday was probably because you've worked so hard and your body really needed that extra rest. So don't feel bad. Rest is as important as accomplishing things.
    Have a great week.

  17. this is one of my favorite posts. you manage to accomplish more
    on a sleep in day than i do all weeek.

    before my first daughter got married, i cried all the time. it is
    just so emotional.

    i love you twisty tree. :)

  18. Your gardens will be a source of great joy for you! Have a great week Kim!

  19. Oh my, you are just so busy. I feel so guilty to think about how little I'm accomplishing. ;-)

    Don't beat yourself up over sleeping late ... your body knows how much rest it needs ... and as busy as you are, you don't want to shortchange yourself. I do understand, however, hating getting up so late. I do, too, but there are nights where I just need more sleep (most likely because I couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning which seems to be a more common occurrence any more).

  20. Out of the mouth's of babes. I can't wait to quote my grand! Of course, I've been lamenting much on my blog over the loss of youth. But I don't get grands if they don't grow up!! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. hehe, that short comment had me laughing out loud!! you are a busy bee!!

  22. I REALLY understand what you wrote about Emilie. I miss them being little. Even my little on is getting big now! Yikes...


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