Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold Weather Blast

The wind is blowing and the temperature is dropping. We might even get down this weekend to the 20s. We were thinking of going out of town this weekend, but we decided that maybe we should postpone our trip. So I won't be taking pictures of things like this.

It is okay, I really wouldn't want to be out of town when the weather will be totally lovely here. There is the slightest chance of snow.

I watched these guys yesterday. I also watched their two brothers. This was when they were little and the first time they got to dress up like pirates. They are still fans of being pirates. In fact, I read them pirate stories yesterday and they were quite happy. I had this conversation when it was nap time. They wanted me to stay and talk. The youngest was happily crawling around them so I sat down and we talked.

T." When I grow up, I am going to be a man, and my voice will change."
Me. " Yes, that is true, you will have a deeper voice than you do now."
T. " My Dad's voice isn't very deep, so he must not be grown up.You are his Mom."
Me. " Oh his voice changed a whole lot, in fact he used to sound a lot like you do now."
T. " He did?"
Me " Yep, in fact he was little just like you."
T. " When I grow up I am going to be a Daddy, with a wife like my Mom and I want lots of babies." *Smiling at baby brother crawling across his feet.*
Me " That's good I know you will be a good Daddy."
T. " I need to get a job though."
Me " I said I think you have a bit of time to work that out,( trying not to smile)."
T. My Daddy's voice and Grandpa's Ron's voice sound the same, will my voice be like that? "
Me. Yes, I bet your voice will be like that. "

T. is very musical. My husband as well as our son's all have these ears that can hear perfect pitch. I of course am sadly challenged in this area. I think our grandson's might have this gift as well from this conversion yesterday. I also found out that if I sing songs to the baby while rocking him he fell right to sleep, I don't think it's  from it being peaceful, but to escape the noise. I was very glad no one walked in while I was singing. The baby isn't old enough like the others to pat my mouth and say, " Don't sing Mom," Like mine did. 

I am out of shape. Mom's work harder than anyone I know. By the time I got in bed last night, I was so sore and tired. I can chop weeds all day clean my house and mop floors and never be as tired as taking care of babies. My girls are incredible because they do it all and even cook from scratch. I fixed macaroni and cheese from a box. One of the boys said, " Oh, Grandma you fix this kind, we don't get this kind at home."

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. :) I have become such a slacker.
 I know that there would be no way to blog, have chickens or sew. It is good to see and be reminded of just how hard Mommies work. I have no idea how on earth I ever did what I did with six.

Life is very good though and I am very happy and content and very, very thankful that I get to have my grand children close by.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to get caught up today and visit you all.



TexWisGirl said...

those little ones are so cute! loved the 'future' t saw. :)

Julia said...

Aww... what a cute post today. I love the conversation with the little pirate. they look so cute dresses up as pirates.

When we were young we had youth on our side but now that we are grandmothers we lost our youth and are... well... grandmothers. lol

I've watched video of James running all around the house and I'm wondering if I'm up to it. lol I'll soon find out.

You little man is already full of aspiration. How sweet.

You are getting some cold weather but to us at this time of year, it considered mild weather. I mean it's still cold but not very cold.
Have a great day.


Dawn said... adorably sweet. You have precious people there!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Adorable kiddos- such fun!

Alica said...

I guess there's a reason that we have our kids when we're young! :) Such a sweet conversation! :)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kim, Great post-what cute grandsons! Our youngest grandchild, now three and a half mos., is a boy-yippee. Our oldest daughter is pregnant with number six-we are hoping it will be a boy so he can play with his cousin. I had two and they kept me busy; my girls also put me to shame. Have a great day, stay in and stay warm. Cold temps are coming to Colorado tomorrow.
Hugs, Noreen

Christine said...

Oh that was great - I loved being able to eavesdrop on the conversation with your grandson! He must have the best role models something to be very thankful for!
Enjoy the cooler temps - we are having frosty days at the moment also.

Beth said...

Those little guys are adorable!

Nellie said...

Precious little boys! Love the conversation you had with them.:-) xo Nellie

Patrice said...

I smiled as I read this post and laughed when I got to the part that the baby fell asleep to escape... :)lol

Meg said...

LOL! Yes, we've been talking a lot about their future "mommies" and how many kids they will have (J says two girls and one boy) and how they have to get jobs, and they will have houses and everything. They remind me so much of Ben and those kinds of conversations make me so proud. I'm sure Munchie wasn't trying to escape, he was probably very soothed. :)

I'm sorry they wore you out so much yesterday. :(

Primitive Stars said...

Sweet little cute, Blessings Francine.

Debbie said...

awwww they are so sweet and you are a good grandma!! i hope you fed them chips while you read to them (i think you will know what i am talking about).....

i would stay home to, time to bunker down!!

Pom Pom said...

It IS tiring, isn't it? I do remember having very tired feet at the end of the day! Isn't it cute that they like to talk?
Stay cozy, Kim!

no spring chicken said...

Trust me, you are no slacker. I know a slacker or two.. I do know what you mean about the energy level it takes with kids though. Just yesterday a friend and I grabbed a coffee and headed up to the viewpoint (couldn't do that when the biggles were littles) to catch up on the deep things of our hearts. I shared how I don't have the same energy even for teens. When my older kids were still at home it was constant activity with MANY kids here all the time... I loved it. Now it exhausts me. Hmm. Seasons. Maybe we get tired to slow us down so that we can be wise, thoughtful grandmas. I love the story you shared about the conversation with your grandson. So, I'm going to embrace mac and cheese in a box AND enjoy this season. At least you have the comfort of knowing the grands are eating well at home. ;)

Blessings, Debbie said...

This post just filled my heart with joy..and you are the one I continue to say makes me need a vitamin B-12 shot, I never accomplish what you can!! Girl you have energy!

Oh going to be cold here also..but today it is 70 so I am out the door to walk.

Enjoy your trip to the beach when you relaxing!

The pictures are just precious!

Sue said...

A very sweet post, Kim, I so enjoyed the conversation between you and T. And you my dear friend always amaze me with your gifts, talents and energy.
We are having exceptionally warm weather, it might hit 78 by Sunday.
I am just still so busy , I have finally all the boxes unpacked.
Enjoy your day.

Empty Nester said...

I often say, these days, that's there is a reason God gives babies to us while we're young. It's exhausting being back at school even. Every day I come home and want to go straight to bed...I get home at 2:30. This is sad. :) We're having temps in the 70s. I'm not happy. I'm praying every day for some winter weather. Though I'd better be careful...we might get a blizzard. LOL