Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold Weather

I am in California. We get on a wet year about 10 inches of a year. We don't get that much cold weather. I have to tell you some funny things about people who are not used to cold. This morning it was 23 so you know it is very cold for us. At 23 things start to break. This morning, the garage door wouldn't open or close. We had to lift it like a normal garage door. Gosh, I feel like such a looser even writing this. I went out to water my chickens, and the brass thing that the hose hooks to had broken and the brass snapped clean off. The automatic sprinklers came on sometime during the night so the sidewalk was one giant sheet of ice. I was pouring hot water on the kids windshields so they could go on their journeys and it froze as fast as I poured. It makes me laugh at myself because I am so ill equipped for cold weather. I have to really think to problem solve. I go out and water my chickens last thing at night and give them cracked corn. The hose will be frozen until at least noon.

I just can't stay in the house. I have to walk around and look at the patterns the frost makes on the ground, and on the leaves that are on the ground and the frozen weeds wearing the light coating of ice. Even the trash cans will have frozen ice on top of them. I find myself laughing at how frozen the ground is and how different it is to me. I am enjoying it so much. I like how when I go outside the air is so fresh and cold. I was sitting in the sun the other day, and I watched as a whirl-wind came racing toward me with it's leaves and grass twisting into a small tornado. I had been sewing so I reached over to hold onto my pattern as the whirl wind reached me all of the leaves and grass just stopped and fell at my feet. My husband was on the tractor watching it as it was going across the pasture toward me and he thought it looked so cool to see the thing just stop right at my feet. I was glad he saw it because I don't think anyone would have believed it.

I am very happy to be having winter. Each day has within it a new experience. I am also very happy to be living in this house and not the one before this one. In our bedroom in the other house there was no heat. So every winter we froze to death. The house was built funny so that the heating never made it to our bedroom.
In the summer it was the opposite there was never any cold air from the air conditioner. I was thinking as I was listening to our heat come on and I thought,"Oh those poor people, I bet they are freezing to death with this cold." Unless they were smarter than us and bought a heating system that worked better than the one we had. Which might be the case.

It is bright and full of sun today. The sky is blue and I am so happy to be here right now.
Have a great week,


TexWisGirl said...

we're cold here, too, but warming up w/ the sun. snow pellets on the ground this morning.

i like your whirlwind delivered to your feet!

Debbie said...

I too am really enjoying the cold though we are no where near 23....We got down to 36 last night and that seemed pretty cold to me! The highs have been in the high 40's and low 50's! I am sure I wouldn't function well at all if I had to deal with REAL cold and snow, haha. I have actually been forced to wear a sweater. : ) ENJOY your day!

Kim said...

I'm sorry (I was laughing just a little). It has been kind of nice here the last 2 days - like 42 degrees or something like that. Lots of snow melting. I pictured you out working on the car windshields (I think thats when I started to laugh). We have big ice scrapers for the below zero mornings.

Julia said...

So sorry about all the frozen broken things at your place with the cold weather. I usually get frozen water pipes and hoses at the barn when it gets very cold. We're having some spring like weather today. The sun is shining and the snow is melting everywhere.

I like that the wind deposited the leaves at your feet. How cool indeed.

Maryann said...

Real cold weather is foreign to us as well, so we are ill prepared when it happens. I don't mind a taste of it every now and then but in general I am happiest when the temps are mild (40 is about as cold as I like, I'm a real wimp when it comes to the cold)

Beth said...

I am trying very hard to be sympathetic. It is rather hard though as we had 1/2 inch of ice dumped on us Saturday night. :-) I hate winter and I am longing for spring.
I hope it warms up for you!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kim, I spent 55 yrs of my life in Ca. so totally understand your point of view. However, the cold in Ca. is definitely different than here-we have dry cold and whether it is 10, 0 or -10 it is just cold. In Ca. if it were 35-40, the cold would chill you to the bone. The dampness makes such a difference. Hope you are having a glorious day!

Kerin said...

What a wonderful treat the wind left for you... beautiful.

Sorry about having difficulties in the colder weather.
Cold weather can really wreak havoc on things.

In our area last night we were anywhere between -18 & -25.
With temperatures like that, cars don't like to start, and woodstoves and furnaces are working overtime.

News reports are that we haven't had a cold snap like this in 20 years.
I believe it.

Stay warm.

Alica said...

It sounds like our weathers are switched around! We're having 40's and 50's here, which is unusual for January. Stay warm out there! :)

Nellie said...

We are having rain here, Kim. Lots of it! We had two inches in the rain gauge overnight, and the rain is to continue through Tuesday!

I'm trying to become familiar with this new computer. Not too sure when I will be posting on the blog again, but hopefully soon!

xo Nellie

Empty Nester said...

Kim, you know how much I love you. But I am JEALOUS! So very jealous! We're having temps in the 70s still and I am miserable. I love winter so. And it has gone away. Maybe it'll snow in February or March. Ha! I wish! Please send some of your wonderful cold weather my way. PLEASE!!!

Christine said...

We're having a cold spell too but I'm not so taken with it as you! I am glad you are enjoying it as I remember how long you had to endure the scorching heat of summer!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, it's so good to have a warm safe home. I worry about our homeless people here in Denver because it is SO cold right now. I hate it that kids have to walk home in this chill.

camp and cottage living said...

It's so wonderful to hear how you are experiencing your cold snap with such joy and wonder!
You are still young at heart.

Sue said...

A very thankful post, Kim, I enjoy early mornings when I take Jack for a walk, sometimes I stop and just breath that fresh crisp air too, though this week it has been so warm,I didn't even need a jacket, we have been having unusually warm temps.
I especially love at how you are dealing with your unusual cold temps. We had some very cold weather a few weeks ago, and when I went outside one of the faucets had come off at the potting shed and was spurting water everywhere.
How awesome that you and your dh were able to savor that special whirlwind, I love it when my dh and I see happenings here on the farm.Shared moments are so special!!
Enjoy your day.