June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Things You Should Not Do

You know how much blogging has changed your life, when
your husband has parts of the kitchen sink in his hand and asks
so very sweetly, " Do you want to get the camera and take a picture
for a blog post?" Of which I replied," this is never going to see the
light of a computer screen." Well, I changed my mind in
loo of needing a post.

The other night, I fixed spaghetti for dinner. I had lots of noodles left
over and I decided I didn't want to save it, or put it in the trash,
so I stuffed it in the garbage disposal. I must have packed that stuff
in because when I turned the water on and the garbage disposal
the water backed up. Now I am not sure of my thinking here but
I must have thought what the noodles needed was some sauce so I poured out
left over sauce into the backed up sink.

No problem, I just got the plunger and started plunging but
then the other sink got backed up. Then my husband came in
from outside who is much stronger than me started plunging
and water, red yukky water started coming out the drain part
of the dishwasher.

He said," I think I need to take the P trap off because it
is plugged up there." He left and got his tools.
He had just had a very long day, he was tired and he didn't
yell at me nor did he say, " What the heck, Kim!" Nope, he said,
" I'll get my tools." Which made me feel like such a crumb.

He came in and got under the kitchen sink, he had to lay kind of
funny with his head cocked to one side, with his arms outstretched
to reach the pipe. He had put a bucket there but when he took the pipe
off, the water, and spaghetti missed the bucket.

It ran on my floor and you know it was red and I grabbed towels to stop it from
running every where. I cleaned it up the best I could, but then. He had the
P Trap in his hand, and it was stuffed with spaghetti noodles, so I took it outside
and rinsed it out. Then he put it back together and it was still plugged.
He took it apart and the garbage disposal too. Every single pipe
I think there were three, was stuffed with noodles.

He never once got mad at me. He was so patient, and kind and I hoped
he would yell at me, I really did. He just put the thing back together and
I got the mess cleaned up and everything put back together. So that
is why you should never, put lots of spaghetti noodles in the drain. I knew
about potato peels but this had never happened before.

You know all of those chick movies I love to watch, always stop at the wedding.
I always want to shout at the screen, but lets see the best part, that part that
comes next. The part that makes life worth living. The part when you hold
your first baby, or the part where you are so sick you can stand up and he
holds you so you can be sick, or the time you just got a ticket and you call
crying and he just laughs and says, " Are you okay?"

Yep, those are the best parts, those parts that make my heart jump
every time his truck pulls into the driveway. You know that poem,
" Come grow old with me, for the best is yet to be." Well, it is true.

I told him when he was holding the garbage disposal, " Well this is
the worse part, in for better or worse." He just smiled.



  1. Oh Kim I don't what about this post I love the most. The part where someone (besides me) would stuff tuns of noodles down the drain, and then follow it up with a little sauce for good measure, or the part where it just kept getting worse until your hubby finally takes over with NEVER a negative word. What a wonderful guy. He really is your hero, and I LOVE it! I have had that thought soo many times about my man. Whatever in the world did I do to deserve him? Did I mention that I love this story? Have a good rest of your day! HUGS

  2. i could have written this kim...i really could have!! mine is just like yours!! AMAZING!!!

    ps....chuck always asks me, do you have something for the blog today?? or i take a picture and he shouts out a "could be title"!!

  3. Awww, this is sweet (and a little funny too). Ron definitely sounds like a keeper. You are very blessed.

  4. Hmmm...guess you'll never do that again! :) Hubby sound like a pretty wonderful guy!

  5. you just painted a portrait of love...

  6. You have a real sweet husband, but what no picture? BTW I have done the same thing with carrot peels (and there was that royal icing incident, also does not go down the drain well) Made me smile, have a wonderful day

  7. This is such a precious post Kim, and just the same way my dh would react,. I only thought things like this happened at my house, it really is funny, kind a like a Lucy episode. LOL How blessed we are to have such caring husbands.

  8. Spaghetti noodles and potato peels - been there done that and Chris (my hubs) always unplugs the drain for me without yelling!
    We are blessed!


  9. Honey, your hubby is a real KEEPA as we say here in Maine. Okay, I just have one question, why did you not give the left over noodles to your little garbage disposals who reside in the coop? Oh...was it because of the red sauce? Sending cool breezes to you from Maine, hugs, Julie.

  10. Awww, how dear and sweet, Kim! I've thought a lot about the "wedding" part of love and wondered if the bride has any idea of what's ahead. My husband just walked by and patted me on the head. I just returned from a walk and he said, "Did you get some good pictures?" They know, don't they?

  11. I love your post today. You make me laugh. I can picture it but you should have taken some pictures.

    You are a very lucky woman to have such a patient husband but I never would put spaghetti down the drain as I almost never trow away good food. I would have put some Extra Virgin oil on the noodles and mix it in so they don't stick together and then refrigerate it for another meal. The sauce keeps well too.

    It comes from my up bringing to not waste food as we were poor when I was growing up and my mother would say that it was sinful to waste food when some were going to bed hungry. It stayed with me and my husband is the same way. We often eat leftovers. JB

  12. It's not just spaghetti noodles that can amke this kind of problem. We've had this little accident twice and both times on Christmas Eve. I'm so glad you have help close to home. He sounds lovely!

  13. oh Kim, I have tears in my eyes and a smile on my face...what a wonderful story. See...the best things happen so you can write about them. The love....{sigh}.

  14. This is great Kim! I did the same exact thing, but since my husband doesn't do plumbing (he can paint a beautiful icon, though), I called a plumber. He gave me the rules: no noodles, no tea leaves, no potato peels, no grease.

    Not that my husband isn't handy around the house, he just doesn't do plumbing!

  15. There is nothing so amazing as a kind husband..and appreciation of a kind husband :)

  16. You're right- our husbands must be related because I have that exact story- no lie! I put the spaghetti noodles in the disposal and he, without getting one bit upset, got it all out and fixed right back! Are we just the luckiest or what?!

  17. Oh girl I could just give you a hug...now also give that man of your a great hug. Guess who has to take it all apart in my household...oh, yes, this mother of five boys owns the tools and usually pulls one of those boys beside me to learn as I take it all apart. My husband is a creative guy...just hear him on the piano...but tools, well can you say "Home Improvements...Tim"

    So I have learned what goes and doesn't go down that drain the hard way....LOL

    My husband's saying is, "hey, if this is the worst of it then I have it made"

    Blessings on your day...and too funny about asking if you wanted to take pictures.

  18. You are so right! I think if more movies depicted this part of married life we would have a lower divorce rate. When young married couples move past the romance, honeymoon stage they think it's over. They haven't been programmed to appreciate and look forward to the steady, deeper stage. The stage when 'for worst' comes and it's still good because you realize that the one you are married to makes it better...

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. I reading on someones blog and she said she fed her chickens the left over spaghetti. Your husbands sounds like a wonderful man.

  20. You are a beautiful gal! And as wonderful as you've shown us your husband can be...you are equally a blessing to him. I just love this whole post! It took me so many years to find this kind of marriage...and like you, I just am so thankful to have found a great guy! Blessings to you both!

  21. Sweet, sweet post, Kim. It sounds like you've got quite a keeper there :) I am always nervous about telling my husband when something around the house is in need of fixing, and he is always so cheerful about it, just like yours. Just goes and gets his tools and fixes it right up. Sigh. Lovely, lovely men. We are blessed.

  22. So adorably sweet; he's such a keeper, that man of yours. God gave you a great gift when He gave you that man.

  23. I agree with you and no spring chicken. TV and the movies don't have a clue. They always show the drama bad things. It is the good things that make life worth it. I love blogging because we celebrate the little good thngs that make life worth it. I too am married to a great man. Thanks for the good story.


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