June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning

How is your Monday so far?
We have a few more days of perfect weather before the
heat returns on Wednesday.
I was snooping around and I found my Picassa pictures.
I thought I would just use them today. Not to mention I always
use the old editor and it won't let me down load pictures and I
have"t learned how to use  the new one so this is it for today.

Have a lovely Monday.


  1. Oh love your pictures...the sunflowers are wonderful. I haven't changed to the new set up on blogger...I am sure I would get lost.
    Have a great week...oh every fence I see reminds me of your, it has been come your trade mark for me.

  2. Monday? So far so good. But I have to work late tonight (again), so stay tuned -- things could change! Lol

  3. well, i'm having major picassa web album issues - whatever you do, don't delete albums or your blog may go 'poof'... :)

  4. Kim- what kind of flower is the one in the second picture? I love that!

  5. beautiful pictures, perfect colors for fall and your new background.

    i know zero about picassa....i really know zero about a lot of picture stuff!!

  6. So far so good here too. I worked at the farm, went to town did some banking and now I'm mowing the lawn and got the front and half the back done and Im taking an ice cream break before finishing the rest. Then I guess it's back to the barn for a little while.

    The weather is warm with a nice breeze from the river. It's a gorgeous day.
    I hope that you have a nice week Kim. JB

  7. With everything "dead" on the ND prairie now I am loving these fresh photos. Happy Monday!

  8. I love sunflowers! Since we've become friends, I associate them with you. I guess you have so many on your blog that you have become my unofficial "sunflower lady". Think about it- that's a pleasant thing to be. I don't know anyone who doesn't like sunflowers! Keep looking to the sun Miss Kim :)

  9. Kim
    I'm so impressed with your fall leaves background and the fence photo in the foreground. I haven't gotten to where I'm brave enough to fool around with my banner yet!
    So glad you Monday's good!

  10. Loving your new blog look and all the sunflower pics. My Monday was actually good. I've become very firm with myself that my day job is not me!! I spent some time spinning this afternoon and just didn't take on all the trauma/drama in the classroom today! I love checking in with your blog...it centers me!!

  11. Hi Kim! Oh, your speckled hen is very pretty!
    I hope your week is fantastic! Mondays are good, I think.

  12. Your sunflower pictures are lovely

  13. You grow so many different types of sunflowers. All of them beautiful too. Have a wonderful week.


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