Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Collections

I wanted to show you a collection that I was going to start
and then I thought it sent a message I was a thought maybe
wasn't a good one.

I was going to start a collection of all of Disney's evil queens.
If you go back and look at them except for Ursula in
The Little Mermaid they were all beautiful in a cold kind of way.

This is how it all came about. When the girls were going
to get married and our house was filled with the chatter of
dresses, love, dreaming and flowers and music and all of the things
that go with planning wedding. I had spent all of my time
looking at all of these young, beautiful women when one
morning I was getting ready to go someplace and looking
in the mirror, I saw not the Snow White nor the Sleeping Beauty,
No, I had been replaced by the evil queen. I stood there,
wondering what had happened when did I turn into her.

When did the princess grow up? So I started thinking about
the queens. What I thought of was that they were put into places
they had not wanted. The king had died at some point and suddenly
the queen was in a leadership position she didn't want but she
had to become what people expected. She had to run the kingdom.

Her only friend was her magic mirror. In my case it is the scale. My son
made up a poem for me. " Scale, Scale on the floor, please tell me I don't weigh more."
At least the silly thing doesn't talk to me.

So as I stood there that morning and suddenly I saw what I had missed.
In order for me not to be a evil queen, I must keep working on my heart.
On that gentle and quiet spirit which is precious to God. I need to not
stare at that reflection that only shows my outward, not the inward that
is being renewed day by day.

We have been watching a old series I bought a long time ago when I was on
a Dorthy Sayers kick. So each night we have been watching the Lord Peter Wimsy
As I watched it I kept noticing Bunter. He is Lord Peter Wimsy's man servant.
As I watched him do his job. I was reminded that as a girl I dreamed of being
the perfect wife seeing to my husband's needs before my own. When I got
married I rushed to take care of him.
Then the years go by, and I become more of the evil queen and watching Bunter,
I was reminded of that girl.
I know deep in there, she is there.
So now you know why I didn't finish the collection. Every time I look at the thing,
I question myself if I am perhaps turning into her again.

So this is just some things I was pondering yesterday. Thought I needed to share.
Does your brain work like that? When you get something on your mind it keeps
talking until it gets it's day in the sun?

Have a great Thursday!

6 comments: said...

Oh my brain works like yours, however, I don't have your talent in writing it down. Recently I have turned into those queens looking at all my son's possible mother-in-laws and the one mother-in-law one has...well lets just say, I make up two of them!!! Yes, they are all beautiful and small. The girls are also...all could be models.

So I have told my boys before they get married they need to give me a year to work on my shape...haha!

But as you said, the inside is what is important...our heart, and that is what shines above our figure.

Great mind thinking post

Kessie said...

Veggietales adapted Snow White, and they were very sympathetic to the evil stepmother. It made me laugh.

It's funny that Bunter (or Jeeves) is the model of the perfect wife. XD

Meg said...

I remember when you got that queen! Gosh, I'm so glad the scales don't actually talk. That would be horrible!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh I LOVE Sayers and her Lord Peter Wimsey; so veddy British and wonderful.

Julia said...

Oh Kim, somehow I can't see you as an evil queen. You remind me of Anne of Green Gable, sweet and charming and full of imagination. You are so funny dear friend. JB

Sue said...

No way could you ever be a wicked Queen, Kim. You are more like a fairy godmother, making wishes come true for all. Enjoy your weekend.