Monday, September 26, 2011

More Pictures

I was going through Picassa and I found more pictures.
This is almost as fun as going through Google looking for
images but these are mine so it makes it so much more fun.
An early sunflower earlier in the spring.
Standing out on the pier looking at the water.
Looking up into the tree last fall.

This shot was taken when I left the flash on.

Today while I was collecting eggs something made me laugh. I was getting the eggs
out of the nest box, and I always just pull up my shirt and make a bag because
it s faster and I was in a hurry as I was making dinner and I needed two eggs.
As I picked each one up and put in in the bottom of my shirt I was thinking of 
how happy I was that the hens have started laying again and I was going to have
14 eggs, that meant I was going to get to fill up an egg carton and have two
for my recipe. When all of a sudden I dropped the egg and before I could grab
it it hit the edge of the nest box and broke. As I stood there watching the egg
 run and all of a sudden I was the girl in the Aesop's fable who tossed her head.
and spilled her milk before she could buy her chicks. 
The moral of the story, Don't count your eggs before they hatch. 
I just laughed to myself as I came in the house with only 13 eggs. That was always
one of my favorite parables. 

I am getting better with the new post editor. I might even get  to like it. I got a whole story
written. With only a tiny bit of help.

Have a great Tuesday!



Kim said...

Lol. That is cute. You probably made the same face I make when I'm making fried eggs and I break the yolk. Arrgh, then I have to start over. I hope your egg wasn't a double yoker - I would have cried. :)

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful pics. and at least you could laugh at your counting ahead! :)

Debbie said...

hahaha....lucky 13, i bet they are amazing!!

Simple Home said...

Great photos! That lost one was amazing :) Your story was a good reminder too :)
Marcia said...

Great story, we have been reading Aesop fables around here lately

Miss Debbie said...

Sorry about the egg...but it is great that you could laugh about it! :-)

Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

Great pictures and I loved the story.

Kessie said...

I just love going through my Picassa album and pulling out old disused pics. I'm sure you have lots more than I do!

Empty Nester said...

I love it when little occurrences bring us fond memories. Especially when it evokes a laugh or two! Lucky you going to your yard for eggs!

Julia said...

That is such a cute story Kim, I'm glad that it made you laugh. Sasha would have quickly licked up the broken egg I'm sure. I don't like my egg runny so I always break the yolk. JB

Jacque. said...

hahaha....don't count your eggs...which begs the questions...which came first, the chicken or the egg? You crack me up. that cracked me up!

Sue said...

I always love your photos, Kim. I was smiling while reading your egg story, it sounded so familiar, you would think by now that us chicken farmers would have the egg gathering perfected. ~lol~
I just wanted to stop by this morning before I went to pick beans to say Hi, and day soon I will have your garlic in the mail. ~lol~ I have become the queen of procrastination.