Friday, September 2, 2011

Lovely Fridays

Don't ya just love Fridays? I think they are just the best.
I got up this morning and took the camera to take some pictures
of the last of my flowers. I am sick of weeds. So I expect, to just
tell my husband when he gets on the tractor, " Just Go For It."
It will be hard to say though. They do look pretty. I don't sew
fast enough but to do a sewing blog about once a month.

I left the flash on because you can see the colors better
I haven't seen my grand children in a while and I had finished school and
I was feeling very lonesome so I sent Meg a text and she came
over and she knitted and I hooked and we had a very pleasant afternoon
with the kids and then Kessie came over with her kids the next
day so I am a very happy Grama going into this labor day weekend. Those
of you that have grand children, does your grandma love tank get empty
like mine? I just get so lonesome for them as well as my kids I don't know
what I would do if I didn't see them on a regular basis.

I have had a thing about crows this year. I just love the way
they look and so I bought some patterns that had crows in them
because I thought they would be easy.

Maybe for normal people this would be easy. Can you see what
I did? I cut the fabric too small so It isn't centered. I even thought
about just cutting off the crow and using it as a patch. I am so challenged
when it comes to Counted Cross stitch. I have to do it in a room that
is quiet, has good light and I have to wear my head gear I got so I can
see. Then of course there is that whole counting thing. I can't count.
If I had to count things to cook dinner my family would starve.
But like the line from Galaxy Quest, "Never give up, never surrender," that is how I feel.
I know that someday if I keep doing it, someday I will be able to count. Then I will tackle linen.
Then the other day I got this:

It is a lovely magazine with some of my favorite patterns by
my favorite designers. I really have enjoyed looking at it.
I will make something out of it pretty soon. I just am tired
in my mind and counted cross stitch I need to be in top mental
form. I was in top mental form when I started the crow. Look how
it turned out. Rug hooking is so much easier because for one thing
I can see.

I love Labor Day weekend, because it is the push to start getting the hatches
battened down and get things cleaned up around here.
Here is my favorite verse for Labor Day weekend:
"There is nothing, better for a man than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot."
(Ecclesiastes 3:22)

So we will be enjoying our work.

Have a lovely weekend,


TexWisGirl said...

you're certainly ready for fall to hit! plowing under sunflowers; halloween cross-stitch. :) hope we get the cooler temps by monday!

Sue said...

I love your photos, I love to read your thoughts, about life. Oh! yes my tank runs on empty a lot, I am so glad for phones, as it will have to do for now.~smile~ I could just picture you girls sitting and doing handiwork,with the grandchildren around and think it would make for a great photo.
I too like Labor day weekend, as I don't feel so guilty about clearing the flower, and garden beds and making way to bed them for winter. Ours are looking pretty run down, right now, it has been a loooong hot summer.
Enjoy your time with your sweet family.

Kim said...

I love that line about the tank getting empty. That is so sweet. I'm happy you got to spend a nice day with all your little ones. I bet they enjoyed it even more than you did. There is nothing better than time with grandma.

Pom Pom said...

The raven is spunky! Counted cross stitch IS hard to see, I agree!
I do miss my grands when I don't see them often. Weekends are good for granny hugs!

Julia said...

What a blessing it is to be a grandma. My grandma tank hardly ever runs on empty as I'm so darn busy and I see my grand kids often except my little James of course but my daughter was here for almost a month with him
and they just went back home this morning.

How sad to have to plow your flowers under. So far I'm still enjoying plenty of colors but we have been blessed with lots of rain ( that we complained about) and everything is still green which is unusual for August, though we really are in September.

Your crow looks happy that she took most of the material to herself for her quote. I assume that she's a female crow. You may want to sew a nice cloth border to finish it off and sometimes creativity comes from trying to fix mistakes. Next time I'm sure that you will be more generous with the size and like you said, don't give up and keep on trying... Eventually you will get it perfect with practice.

I hope that you will have a very nice Labor Day weekend. Hugs. JB

Maryann said...

My Grandma tanks gets empty real quick. I just love when they come over and are excited to see us, fills my grandma tank in a hurry

Meg said...

I still can't believe I got so much knitting done that I finished that scarf. It was great!

Bonnie K said...

Great photos. Your rug is lovely. I love pumpkins. Thanks for sharing.