June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Things Break

This has been a week of things breaking. Well not
out and out breaking where you have to call the repair
man, but just a week where it feels like there is a small
burr under the saddle and everything is rubbing.

Saturday my husband needed to re-caulk the upstairs
shower, what I thought was just grab a tube of the stuff and
run a line around the shower and you are done. Well, it wasn't.
My husband ended up taking all of the glass and metal and everything
off and drying it and caulking it and then putting it all back together.
It took him hours, it was a mess and it was yukky. I couldn't
really help but after his last trip up the stairs I was starting
to get really worried about him.

The next day we went to do our grocery shopping.
Why is it when all you want is a nice basket that goes
straight, all of them have a broken kind of wheel and the
basket goes one direction and you go another? As we
filled the basket, the basket got more and more contrary,
so I kept pushing it with my hip to get it to go in the right
direction. Now I know where I got that bruise.

We got up to the checkout and the normally nice,
friendly checker wasn't. She threw groceries and was
just really grumpy, most of the time I can talk and
get them to laugh, but well I was grumpy too and didn't
feel like making her laugh. The box boy bagged the groceries
and balanced them way higher than the basket.
My husband started out to the parking lot trying to juggle
the groceries and man handle the cart. We get out to the
parking lot where there is a slight incline and the basket starts
to go down a different way from our car and my husband grabs
it to make it go the right way, which makes the case of bottled
water go flying out on the ground. I picked up the case of water
thinking I will just carry it to the car.

About that time a man whom we are blocking in the middle of
the road starts honking madly at my husband, and we both
look up and he is pointing at our bag of potatoes laying
in the middle of the street. My husband lets go
of the basket which starts tearing down the incline, while
the paper towels on the bottom goes flying too.
I have the water I am juggling trying to catch the runaway
basket and grab the paper towels and my husband is motioning
thank you to the people who have just leaned on the horn at us.
The lady in the passenger seat is sadly shaking her head at us like
which asylum have you escaped from today.

We walked to the car and began putting the groceries in the car,
I looked at my husband, and said, " You didn't see anyone filming us
did you?" He said no but all this week I was afraid of winding up on some
website called " Stupid shoppers or something.

Then today I needed to clean my coffee pot, I poured the water and turned
on the button. I left. I came back little bit later and it looked like all of
the water poured out the bottom. I grabbed some towels and cleaned it up.
I thought, maybe I broke it so I put more water in it and ran it like I was making
coffee. The cleaning part must have been full of water because water started
pouring out from the bottom and the side. I grabbed more towels put the coffee
pot over the sink and let it drain. I was soaking wet so I changed clothes. I put
them in the washing machine. Then thinking I did something wrong, I repeated
the process. I don't know if I had dumb pills this morning for breakfast but,
I tried the cleaning thing again with the same results, water poured out the bottom,
I grabbed towels, I got soaking wet, I changed clothes and put them in the washing machine.
Then poured water in again to see if I had broke it and had to put it over the sink to see
if it worked as water poured out. I ended up with two loads of wet towels.

So this has been my week. I have had sick kids and upstairs sounds like I am
running a tuberculosis ward. We are in round two of what ever it is that
they have had. No wonder I couldn't think of anything to write about.

On the bright side, it is Thursday. We have a nice lovely storm coming
in this weekend. With snow. I can't wait.
Not to mention the whole blog deal for two days,
I can't blame blogger, it was me.
I hope you have a lovely day.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!


  1. Awww, I'm sorry you're having a crappy week. :( I would say it's only Thursday, but instead I'll say : It's only Thursday! You still have two days of week left to make it awesome! :D

    Hey, you still wanna come over on Friday or is everyone just too sick to leave?

  2. ohhhh, Kim. I'll pray for you to have a better ending to this week. YIKES, woman! Not a fun time for you.

  3. i liked, look on the bright side...bless your heart. it was one of those weeks, huh?

    last week i broke one of two large, thick glass globes that cannot be replaced. UGH. i have to remind myself: as good as this life can be it still ain't heaven yet. :)

  4. Awww!!! I HATE those kinds of weeks!!! Would love to see that YouTube video of you and hubby chasing down groceries!!! :)

  5. So sorry your week has been so crappy. Sadly we all get them every once in awhile. Seems like when it rains, it pours eh! I am sure that Thankful Thursday will turn the week around for you and that nasty weather will take a different direction.
    P.S. I just checked U-tube and there is no grocery parking lot video!
    Hang in there - better days ahead

  6. So sorry everything seems to have gone wrong this week. But, if it makes you feel any better....you made me laugh! Picturing you and your hubby in that parking lot was very funny. One day, you'll tell that story and laugh, too! Hope the children get well soon and you'll find some "pearls" in all these muddy circumstances! I'm praying for you!

  7. My poor friend! I have days like that. Heck! I have weeks like that. Just to cheer you up, I found a pick-me-up on YouTube. Good news-it's not you and your husband shopping! My hubby hates grocery shopping. I'm still amazed that yours goes with you!

    Here is my little cheer up for you:

    (If you can't direct click this, you could probably cut and paste it into your browser.)

    Tomorrow WILL be better. It usually is!

  8. Oh dear....I hope things are going better! :)

    Hope you can stop by and say hi. Also read about my up and coming Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Recipe swap. I would love to have you participate and share some of your family recipes, crafts or traditions. :)

  9. Oh HUGS to you!!!!!
    I saw that entire shopping trip play out in my head.It's too bad people spent time honking but not helping!
    I hear you when these weeks hit- no fun.
    Big Hug!!

    (I had to laugh because as I scrolled down to comment your verse there caught my eye..."Give thanks for His goodness....":)))))
    The flower shots you put up are GOOD!:))))))

  10. Poor Kim, you are ready for a small vacation like me I think. I love reading your blog even when you are having a bad week.

    Although it's not funny right now, you will read this later on after things gets better and you will laugh. It would make a great comedy episode for I love Lucy don't you think?

    Please take care of yourself and let the dust settle and the cobwebs go for a while until it all comes to past. Hugs, Julia

  11. oh you had an i love luci trip to the grocery store!
    poor thing. you and i should just stay away from
    those terrible places!

    i didn't laugh, not even once, but am having a
    hard time not smiling.


  12. It's just been one of those weeks for everybody, hasn't it?

    You could always post an account of that terrible Thanksgiving week when the ceiling caved in and the toilets backed up. That's always a good story. I don't think any of us have ever had a week as bad as that one. :-)

  13. haha Sorry, but that parking lot scene was just downright funny. Why does it seem like some weeks EVERYTHING happens? One of my all type pet peeves is grocery carts with wobbly wheels that you just can't steer right...soo annoying, haha..It's wonderful you have kept your sense of humor in the midst of a crummy week. Snow coming? I LOVE IT...ENJOY this week-end...you deserve it. HUGS

  14. Well Lea didn't laugh...I did! I could just see it...because I have been there so many times!! If I don't laugh then I cry....and I have cried enough this week.
    I am so sorry everyone is sick...I pray for healing for everyone...for your week to calm down, for you to see His hand all over you...and to just enjoy the blessings that nothing major was broken!!
    Thanks for letting me see into your week.
    We are heading to a Thanksgiving Festival where our four year old is going to be an Indian...what wonderful joy and smiles!!

  15. oh I laughed too Kim, in fact I hooted at the last few paragraphs!!

    I have HAD that basket, more than I would like to think about. It never gets right... it just makes noise when you roll it and leans the way it wants to! I think next time I will just go back and get another one...

    I hope that everyone is starting to feel better and the coughing goes away soon.

    I know it's been a hard week, but you sure made me smile! :)


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