June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Pretties!

I am linking again to Joyce at I love pretty things.
I had thought up a post and I was going to get out
my antique dishes and show you some of the dishes
I collect.
My daughter had to go to the doctor for her pre-natal
visit and I kept the kids. I did find out she is due
on April 9th which is awesome.
I found out watching a 18 month old and a 3 year old
is a bunch of work. Good work, but lots of running.
They helped me unload the dishwasher, and gather
eggs. They made a fort and ate lots of gold fish crackers.

Then at dinner they kept us laughing with their chatter.
Our oldest grandson told stories on his self at dinner and we
tired so hard not to laugh. I looked up and once again I had
six around my dinner table.

After dinner we watched Rescuers Down Under because it is
Gran-pa's or P aqua favorite Disney movie.

Now they are asleep. So I could get on the computer. I am once reminded
again how much work being a full time, on the call day or night
mommy is and how fast it goes by and you know I never noticed
until now with babies in my lap, why did I never sit and hold
my own and watch movies with them, was all the stuff I did so

One of my sons made my grandson a small sword out of foil. My grandson was
so happy you would have thought it was made of silver. I wish that
I could keep all of the snapshots I took today that are in my brain
in the forefront so I would never forget.
The smell of sleepy babies, and the feel of their little warm bodies
as they relax and get ready for bed. I found out something
I don't need to be skinny, yep, it dawned on me. Round
and soft is a much better shape for a grandma. :) Just
thought you should know.

I keep trying to get pictures of the water on flowers.
So that is why I keep showing these kinds of pictures.
I am obsessed with moisture so that is what I keep trying
to get.
Have a lovely Friday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. oh, Kim. I am like you...I LOVE to have the grandchildren around. Doesn't happen as much as I would like, of course. Love the photos of the flowers with the moisture on them.

  2. What a sweet post! Sounds like your grandkids had a great day (and were most helpful too!)

    Love the pink flower in the middle. Gorgeous shot! Keep it up! :)

  3. Hi Kim......lovely friday pretties post !!! wishing you a lovely weekend ! warm hugs from me Ria....

  4. Love the pics! Have a great weekend.

  5. What a sweet post! There is something so special about snuggling with a little one...especially in the winter when they have on their warm pjs. I remember those blanket sleepers...now that was some serious cuddling! :-) So glad you had a fun day!

  6. Not only are the pictures on this post Pretty- But, the words and the images are Beautiful! I could just smell those sleepy babies and feel the cuddles. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day and evening with us. Perfect!!!

  7. Oh I couldn't agree more. There is nothing like a day with the grands. I saw mine yesterday for a couple of hours too. And the six year old curled up on my lap (plenty round here, haha) and showed off how well he is reading now. He was soo excited to "show me"...Time does go soo fast as it seems like just yesterday he was a baby with a rattle. I watched these 3 last year while their mama was working for a while and I VERY QUICKLY remembered just what was involved with all of that. This grandma over here is glad to stick to "grandmaing" haha...Have a wonderful week-end. BLESSINGS

  8. Hi Kim:
    I know what you mean about grand-kids...I love to just sit and talk to mine they come up with the funniest things....Jaxon is sitting with me right know and loves the picture of your chicken...My neighbor has chickens and every day he wants to gather the eggs...Thanks so much for all the nice comments you have left on my blog...You make me feel great....Have fun with the grand-kids, Nancy

  9. Kim, what you said about having the grand kids around is true. When my twin grand sons were just learning to walk they were standing in front of my just cleaned patio glass door. They both put their little hands on the glass to steady themselves as they were looking out and left four perfect hand prints on the glass. Then they went home with their mom and little sister. I looked at those little finger prints on my door and felt that they were too precious to remove and left them there for a long time. It's was the only thing they could give me or leave me of themselves and I cherished it so much. It's in the little things like that, that I could see how precious we are in the eyes of God. I love your post. JB

  10. Kim, you were wondering how to post photos that were on their side to show up the right way on your blog. If you check my post yesterday about In Flanders Fields, I got a mini tutorial from an Anonymous reader and I turned my photos the right way. JB

  11. Oh I just love this, my heart just jumps for joy..even the comment on your size for a grandmother. My daughter-in-law text the other night was well..."get ready because God has promised me a lot of children!" I can't wait!
    Congratulations on grand baby in April...out the eight of us we have three in April.
    Look forward to your dishes, but enjoyed this post!

  12. Sweet! PW is kind of what I was going for (only I don't want it to look just like hers, I need my own style...) Yeah, I've been playing around with coding for the past few days. It's still not what I want exactly, but it's getting closer.

  13. what a precious time with your sweet grands. i love
    how you tell a story, so straight forward but with a
    little lyrical note, here and there.

    i can remember my kids saying, "mom please watch
    this with us." sometimes i did but always had so
    much to do. what was so important about the work?


  14. Thanks for watching them! It was an overly-long doctor's visit, too.

    So, I'm curious. What sorts of stories did my son tell on himself? :-)

  15. being a grandparent is grand beyond words, huh? our children rolled their eyes at what fascinates our grands. lol.

    sweet post all the way!


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