Friday, November 12, 2010

Projects I Finished This Week

No, she isn't a finished project, she just looked like
to me the picture of patience. No eggs, no rooster,
and yet she still sits. I think she sits because she gets
bored with hanging around the chicken yard. She is my
favorite little hen. One of these days, I will have a
whole flock of Silkies. I may have to see if I can
order some in the spring from My Pet Chicken and
pay extra for hens. All colors. I haven't discussed
this with my husband so I am maybe talking out of the
top of my hat.
Okay, things I finished this week.

I made these pumpkins, yes, I know is late in the season
but I am slow. I have wanted to make some since last year.
I ordered a pattern from Country Stitches.

I made two because I can't ever seem to make one
of anything. I think it is from all those years when I made
stuffed animals I couldn't make just one, but six. I might
get a bunch more things made if I ever just made one thing.

This is my ta-da moment. I tried to be finished by
Halloween, but I knew I wouldn't get there because
that boot part took forever. Now what to do with it?
I don't know, pack it up until next year and take it
out and be blown away I kept at this for so long.
Making the letters was my favorite part. I tried
to memorize this part of Macbeth when I was a teenager because I loved
the way the words rang and when I saw
this I couldn't wait to sew it.

I also started making ornaments. Every thing on
our tree is hand made or something that if a baby
held it, bit it, played with it, it wouldn't hurt them.
Every year I make ornaments I could maybe fill up
two trees. I made this and it was kind of fun. I used
this stuff I found at Michaels called Pluffy. It is
like a softer version of Skulpy. I rolled it out and
used a stamp to make the design and baked it and
them spay painted it with my silver spray paint.
It took awhile to dry like a whole day but now it
is finished. I dropped it so many times trying to
take a picture of it so I know it is pretty indestructible.

Today I let my grand children play with Pluffy and I like it
better than play doh. They made snow men. That was
what I was looking for something they could make ornaments
out of I will use my cookie cutters next and see if they want
to make some for their trees. I am glad it is the weekend.
I have so many bushes to trim this weekend. I kept thinking
I would get to it this week but it rained and I never did
get back out there. It is supposed to be sunny this weekend
so I can get the small forest that is growing in my flowerbeds
taken care of, just before we put up the Christmas lights.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Oh thank you so much always for your kind comments.
I always feel like they are jewels I could put on a string and
each one is so beautiful as it glows from your heart to mine.
They mean so much to me. Thank you.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


mariel said...

love your silkie...she is just adorable! also...those pumpkins are GREAT!! If you ever feel you have too many, I would gladly take some off your hands :)

love your talents! :)

Kessie said...

The ornament looks really good with the white ribbon! Or is it silver? I can't tell in that picture. I still think a nice red ribbon would look pretty and Christmasy, too.

Also, I love the closeup of your silkie. She's just so tame, isn't she? She let you get that camera really close and doesn't even look bothered.

Verde Farm said...

Oh Kim, I LOVE the pumpkins. These are much prettier than any I saw at Country Living Fair. You should open an ETSY shop :) The cross stitch is so cute. Love it! Aren't silkies the best ever? They are really pets I think. I just ordered a few for us and they are set to arrive early next week. I will post pics soon :) I've missed you-been traveling with my job this week and no fun time.
Amy xo

TexWisGirl said...

Love the Little Hen of Patience! What a great mascot!

Just think - next Halloween you'll have new stuff to display! And that year will go by too quickly!

You are just too crafty, my dear!

Meg said...

Your Something Wicked looks wonderful! It turned out so nice! And those pumpkins are just adorable.

I've been thinking about making ornaments too. It's so funny how we're not even to Thanksgiving and we're already starting to make Christmas stuff.

Simple Home said...

I never knew a chicken could be so pretty! I love those little pumpkins you made, and the pluffy sounds like something my twins would love. Thanks for sharing :-)

Julia said...

Kim, you are a crafty woman and you surround yourselves with meaningful things like that cute Silky little hen, and a spectacular home made Christmas ornament, cute home made pumpkins and a Halloween cross stitch. I can see that you keep yourself very busy. I'd love to see more of your home made ornaments. Have a great weekend. JB

Patrice said...

The crafts look super. That little hen looks so sweet. Maybe she's waiting for the rest of the flock of silkies to appear. I think you should buy her some friends. You'll have to photograph all of her. I'm curious to see if she's all white.
Have a super weekend! said...

What inspirations...I love the I ask myself, "Janette, what did you do this week?"
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and giving me a nudge!

Kim said...

Gee, I can't decide which of your projects is my favorite. You will have a head-start on next Falls decor. At least you finished them. I have 3 rugs waiting to be bound. I just keep looking at them instead of doing it.
PS. Your last comment was very special to me. Thanks :)

Debbie said...

Oh I loved them all. I had a tree made of all homemade ornaments for years and years and years. Some of them I still use. But when my youngest started getting older I added others. Now it is a giant hodgepodge, but we love it. Now with all the grands I should go back to the soft ornaments, but I just put them near the bottom of the tree. All your work inspired me. I have at least one unfinished project I need to get on. Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

Miss Debbie said...

My, my you have been busy! I did cross stitch years ago. Now, these old eyes just can't see to do it. I admire your tenacity...that must have taken a LONG time. The "punkins"are cute and fat! I might try the ornament stuff with my grands. Our oldest has a very short attention span when it comes to that kind of thing. But if we could use stamps or cookie cutters...something quick.... maybe she would stick with it. Thanks for the idea!

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE that ornament!!!!! I want to make those! Do you think they sell it all here??

Your birdie is one pretty bird;)))

Hope your weekend is a lovely one!
hugs from Alberta,