Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts Today

Today is a beautiful fall Sunday. Last night was a wake-
up-at 2:30 A.M. migraine morning for me. I should
have known it was coming but didn't pay attention to it.
You know why I am thankful now? Well, now that it is gone,
I use it as a trigger to pray for the people God will bring to
my mind. I find that in order to get through the pain, by lifting
others up I forget about me. When they first started years
ago, I knew that I wanted to redeem the time so that was
when I started using it as my prayer time. I have always
read stories about people who had great faith, and I found
the one common thread they had was to be able to see
God in the midst of the pain.
As the saying goes, I can see God clearer when my room is most

I also wanted to share today one of the things that shook my world
as a young woman and I wanted so badly to be a godly woman
but didn't have a clue just exactly what a godly woman
looked like, or what a godly wife did that made her godly.
I am not nor ever will be a shrinking violet kind of person.
I could never be a door mat. You step on me and I will bite
your leg off. So as a young wife and mother I read about
a gentle and quiet spirit and I was not one. (I am still working
on that too.)

One of the things God taught me was, "Do nothing out of selfish
ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others
better than yourselves."
(Philippians 2:3)

This was really hard for me as I grew up in a house hold that
had a housekeeper 5 days a week, we even had a live in cook.
I just assumed everyone lived like I did. So when I got married
it was sort of a culture shock. I remember the morning I had
to call my mom and ask " Just how do you clean a toilet." I was
not in the habit of thinking of others better than myself. I really
believed in Snow White, and all of the fairy tales, I would get carried
away and live in a castle and everything would be happily ever after.

It doesn't work that way and all of a sudden I was at the
end of the wrong side of a curve. At the rate I was going
I would have destroyed my life, my kids lives and my
One of the first things I learned from my hero Elisabeth
Elliot was, " How do you lay down your life for your spouse?
Not usually in anything heroic but in the willingness to say
no to yourself, in the willingness to give up the right to be right."
(From Making your Marriage work.)

Three little sentences brought me to the total edge in my thinking.
It didn't jell with the world's teaching and it certainly didn't
with my thinking. I wanted though to be a woman after God's own
heart. So like a baby, I would try, fall down and get up again. It has
always helped to me married to a man who pretty much never

These were just thoughts I was thinking about today.
Another thing I have been thinking about too is my what
I have written in every Bible I own and at the top of
every note book and I am starting to think maybe
I need to put it at the top of my blog.
"Lord, deliver me from the urge to open my mouth when I
should shut it. Give me the wisdom to keep silence where
silence is wise. Remind me that not everything needs to be
said and that there are very few things that need to be said
by me." (Even typing.)
(A Lamp for My Feet, p.42)
" A man of understanding holds his peace."
(Proverbs 11:12)

Just a few things I was thinking about today. Have
a wonderful day today.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Dawn said...

Oh Kim.
Thank you for sharing what you were thinking.
There are so many things you put down here that I need and need to go write down!!!!!

One of the main ones keep my mouth shut!

You are a wonderful person...I can tell by where your thoughts lie.
It's so hard not to get discouraged when I feel like everything I desire myself to be seems to be too hard to attain. Glad that God knows we aren't perfect, and we won't be until we are with Him!!!
Thank you:)))

Miss Debbie said...

Sorry about your headache. My mom had them so I know how debilitating they can be. Wise of you to use that time to pray for others. I think most people would be praying for themselves instead! You are so sweet, I can't imagine you biting anyone! :-)
Part of the message at church this morning was about serving and giving sacrificially so that God's glory would be known in every nation. I believe that starts at home...loving unconditionally, serving without reward, putting others first. In that way, we are making God's glory known to our family. And who knows where God will take our children so that they can make His glory ever widening circle of influence. Exciting to think about, isn't it?
I love coming to visit you.... you always bless my day!

Patrice said...

You're pretty cool, lady!

myletterstoemily said...

the reason you are such an excellent blogger is that you
express yourself so easily. words tumble out of your
heart like jewels from that fairy tale about the two
sisters. remember them? one had frogs and snakes
come out and the other rubies and diamonds.

i am amazed at your story of growing up with a full
time housekeeper AND a cook. and look at your so
full of grace and humility.


Gail said...

Beautifully written

Karen said...

A loaded post of knowledge. Learning to be quiet, think first, speak second is a virtue that I still desire to have.

TexWisGirl said...

I echo myletterstoemily on her amazement that, coming from a more privileged childhood, you are such a warm, open, and down-to-earth soul. :)

Verde Farm said...

Kim, you always inspire me. Thanks for sharing this. It sure seems to me that you are that woman you have always wanted to be and although still human, the words from your mouth inspire many and help many. I need to heed your quote. It's good advice for me and one I am going to think of.
Amy xo

Dog Trot Farm said...

Kim, you wear your heart on your sleeve, I so enjoy reading your wonderful heartfelt posts. I have decided someday we are to meet. I chuckled when you mentioned the "toilet". When my cousin moved out on her own, she called her mother one day and complained "my toilet is not working properly, it will not become clean". She had no clue that you actually had to use a brush and cleaner, truly believed toilets were self cleaning! Thank you so much for your kinds words regarding my Winslow Homer, you are a love.

Kim said...

I love how you are able to express yourself. To think of others while you are in pain is a rare gift. Your posts uplift me with your clarity and faith.
Hugs, Kim

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Bless you. We're so similar and that's not as good a thing as it could be -smile-. I'm defensive and tend to stand up for myself even when it's ill advised or the best thing to do. Elisabeth Elliott is a wonderful, wise woman after God's own heart. Probably the best thing that can be said about me as a wife is, Dave knows I've always got his back.
Try grating ginger and making a strong tea for your headaches; it might just help.

Simple Home said...

What a wonderful post Kim. Elisabeth Elliot was very inspiring to me too, especially when I was a young wife and mother. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I know you are right. I've found the same thing, that it's the best time for prayer for others.
I hope you're feeling better.

Julia said...

Kim, I'm sorry about you migraine head ache. You are truly a special person to think of praying for others while you are in pain yourself. I hope that your pain will soon be gone. Someone must have raised you well because of being raised in such a privilege up bringing could have had a more selfish ending.

I always love to read your posts because they are always positive and filed with goodness. I love your funny stories too. JB

Debbie said...

Good morning! First of all I am sorry to hear about your headache and hope you are completely over it this morning. Secondly, what a wonderful way to cope with the pain by praying for others. To look beyond ourselves really is one of the best ways I know of as well to "forget" (in a small way anyway) our own present circumstances. When I was waiting in doc's offices during my journey with cancer I would focus on the others in the room one by one and pray for them even though I didn't know their specific needs. Made the time paas quickly and kept me from focusing on my own fears. This was such a post from your heart and how I appreciate it. You will encourage many with your words. Have a wonderful day. BLESSINGS,