June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Confession Day

I was standing in the kitchen, thinking, I really need
to confess. Yes, to tell you the secrets I harbor in my
secret life. We are told that confession is good for the soul.
Well, here is my confession.

I use Stove Top stuffing mix. Yep, I don't make real
stuffing. I have tried and tried to come up with the perfect
stuffing for years. One year, I just made a couple of boxes
of Stove Top and everyone was very happy. So now,
Stove Top all the way, and since
I am confessing here, I also use packaged gravy mix.
I know I can hear the shock and dis belief out there
hitting me like waves in the ocean. Yep, packaged
mix of turkey gravy. It is never lumpy and perfect every time.

While I am at it, I might as well tell you I also buy the store brand
pie crusts. Gosh, I can't believe I am confessing all of this today.
But it is true, I have to cook so much food that I just started taking
these short cuts.

I still use real ingredients like real butter, real potatoes, sweet potatoes
and of course real turkey. I do make all of my pie filling from scratch.
I make my cranberry sauce out of real cranberries too.

Since I am confessing, I thought I would tell you what I had for lunch.
I had a Strawberry pop tart. I don't know what came over me but
I was looking in the pantry, and there on the shelf there was these
Pop Tarts. I took out a package in it's pretty silvery package and ate
them both. I put them into the toaster to knock off the chill and ate them
I even shared a bit with the dog. She liked Pop tarts too.

Then I got out two pieces of Swiss cheese, you know the kind that I think
is called Alpine lace, really pretty, got out some old tortilla chips and ate them
with ranch dressing.
I did drink water to wash them all down.

Nothing has looked good or tasted good and so now I will maybe get well,
with a bit of junk food in my system.

Well, now that I have confessed, and my son has finished vacuuming the
house for me. Wow, when I fall hard, I really fall. ( He wanted money for
Christmas, I was happy to oblige.)

Now you know my secret life. :) I wanted to let you know the real me.
Have a great day.



  1. LOL! Oh my goodness. You crack me up. I have to tell you, I am very grateful that you did Stove Top, because it means that's what we have in our house too and I'm so glad that's all I have to do for stuffing. Plus it's just evilly delicious.

    And now I want pop tarts. You must be feeling better!

  2. well, i have to say that i . . . shocked! :)
    do you feel better? i sure do, because i
    should have confessed all the same

    now i'm craving lacy swiss cheese and
    pop tarts.

    you are too cute!!!!

  3. I knew I was feeling better when junk food sounded good. Until that point, nothing much did.

    Also, Stovetop for the win! It doesn't have huge chunks of celery in it. Or oysters. Ryan tells me oysters are traditional. That sounds to me like the stuffing would have huge wads of snot in it.

  4. Also ... I know your secrets, Phantom. :-)

  5. That was hilarious! I hope your soul is cleansed now as we, your readers, have absolved you of all sin! Just one confession tumbled out after the other! :) You cracked me up!

  6. Ok, I am beyond shocked and so disenchanted I may have to stop reading. You've broken all my Beaver Cleaver Mom dreams of you....gravy mix? Really Kim? Hahahahahahaha. Kim--I wasnt' going to tell anyone this but part of my Thanksgiving dinner is coming from a well known place called Bob Evans. You go girl--I love Stove Top--much better than homemade.
    Hugs, Amy

  7. Oh. I think I am about to faint! hahahaha...oh, for pete's sake, Kim. Here I thought you were going to confess to something really big! Turns out that you're human...just like those of us who love to come here and read your blog. You crack me up, girlfriend! I do hope you feel cleansed, now. Hope you're feeling better, physically, too! I am a bit worried.

  8. HAHA Now that was funny and after standing in long lines and fighting the crowds at the grocery store with my hobbling knees I needed one. Here are my confessions....store bought crust for sure...(I do make my own fillings, but those crusts just can't be beat) gravy in a jar (I got tired of lumps years ago) I do make my own stuffing only because it is my favorite part of the meal, BUT this year I am not going to peel and then cut a bajillion potatoes and then cook them and mash them etc., only to have them usually be a little cold and not that great. I am going to make this wonderful new kind of instant garlic mashed potatoes, haha...I am all about not only what is easier, but what is best. OH, and paying your kid to do chores? Did that for years..worked beautifully. Have a good rest of your day. = )

  9. Now there dear friend, you blew your cover but I hope that it makes you feel better. All this time I had you pegged as a Martha Stewart type. lol. I'm a from scratch type but I have a confession to make too. The first time I used Stove Top was last year when I had to feed a crew of volunteers men who were working on building our new barn to replace our old collapsed barn. For two months I fed them in my home. Since I never knew how many volunteers would come to eat on a given day I had to find ways to stretch the menu. Now I make my own dressing but add a box of Stove Top to perk it up. Now I feel better too. JB

  10. I'm shocked! An Elinor using Stove Top? That's okay. I still like you and want to be friends!;)

    With my family's food allergies I couldn't possibly do what you are doing. Everything-everyday- from scratch. 365 x3 a year!That's just at home.
    There are 4 who couldn't have any of those things.

    I'm glad I absolutely love to cook. My last employer hired me for my experience with food allergies. This one has none, but likes French food( they used to live there.) Can I do it? Oui!It has been so long since I opened a package of food that I bet I don't remember how! Would you believe that my mother-in-law could screw up Stove Top?

    The point of the whole day on Thursday isn't what we eat, how we eat, or what we wear while we're doing so. It's about who we share the meal with. Even more than that, it's about who we will share eternity with and our ability to thank Him! Let's hear it for our Lord, our families and the fact that we have a dinner in front of us.

    You go, girl! Fix a feast and love your family to pieces! Bless you and yours!

  11. Hahahaha, Kim I totally had you pegged for a "pastry-from-scratch" gal! I love my stove-top stuffing and frozen pie crust. But my gravy is sacred - always from scratch! Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I strain out the lumps with a tea leave strainer.

  12. HAhhhahahhhahhhahh! (gasp)!
    Hilarious! Wish I could be so honest and confess...but my lunch was worse than yours;))

    Glad to see you are "real":))))

  13. Too, too funny!!! And from the amount of comments you have, we all needed this. You must be a riot!

    Well I am going to brine my turkey for the first time...I don't know anyone who has every done it and no one can help me or tell me it is good...but I did see you post that you do brine your turkey...so here is a first for this girl...I still can learn some new tricks.

    Oh, well since we are confessing...I don't serve, nor have ever made stuffing!!! Cranberry comes out of the can the way my mother-in-law serves it and I only put it on the table when she comes... straight out of the can...to all of our horror, but we have survived. LOL

    Looks like you are feeling better.

    Have the Best Thanksgiving!!!!

  14. Goodness, do tell you're human after all?! I don't keep Pop Tarts around here because 1. they wouldn't last and 2. I'd eat them all. BTW, I'm pretty sure drinking water canceled out all the "bad" of high calorie carb snacks. And, if it didn't, it should have!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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